Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in UAE St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai Affiliated to Delhi Diocese. View More . It is also a time of meditating on the salviļ¬c act of our God Almighty through His son Jesus. Enthennaal Avan Viruddhaththinte Kaniyil NinnumVyarththa Samsaaraththil Ninnum Ninne Vituvikkum, Avan Thante Thoovalukal Kontu Ninne RakshikkumAvante Chirakukalute Keezhil Nee MaraykkappetumAvante Sathyam Ninte Chuttum Aayudhamaayirikkum, Nee Raathriyile Bhayaththil NinnumPakal Parakkunna Asthraththil NinnumIruttil Sancharikkunna Vachanaththil NinnumUchchayil Oothunna Kaattil Ninnum Bhayappetenta, Ninte Oru Bhaagaththu AayirangngalumNinte Valaththu Bhaagaththu Pathinaayirangngalum VeezhumEnkilum Avar Ninkalekku Atukkukayilla, Ninte Kannukal Kontu Nee Nokki DushtanmarkkullaPrathiphalaththe Kaanum, Enthennaal Thante Vaasasthalam Uyarangngalil AakkiyaEnte Sharanamaaya Karththaavu Neeyaakunnu, Dosham NinnotatukkukayillaShiksha Ninte Vaasasthalaththinu Sameepikkukayumilla, Enthennaal Avan Ninne Ninte Sakala VazhikalilumKaakkentathinnu Ninnekkurichchu ThanteMaalaakhamaarotu Kalpikkum, Ninte Kaalil Ninakku ItarchchayuntaakaathirippaanAvar Thangngalute Bhujangngalinmel Ninne Vahikkum, Simhaththeyum, Analiyeyum Nee ChavittumSimhaththeyum Perumpaampineyum Nee Methikkum, Avan Enne Anweshichchathu Kontu Njaan Avane RakshikkumAvan Ente Naamam Arinjnjathu Kontu Njaan Avane Balappetuththum, Avan Enne Vilikkum Njaan Avanot Uththaram ParayumNjerukkaththil Njaan Avanotu Koote IrunnAvane Balappetuththi Bahumaanikkum, Deerghaayussu Kontu Njaan Avane ThrhupthippetuththumEnte Raksha Avane Njaan Kaanikkayum Cheyyum, Njaan Parvvathangngalilekk Ente Kannukal UyarththumEnte Sahaayakkaaran Evite Ninnu Varum, Ente Sahaayam Aakaashavum Bhoomiyum SrhushtichchaKarththaavinte Sannidhiyil Ninn Aakunnu, Ninte Kaal Ilakuvaan Avan SammathikkayillaNinte Kaavalkkaaran Urakkam Thoongngukayilla, Enthennaal Israayelinte KaavalkkaaranUrakkam Thoongngunnilla, Urangngunnumilla, Ninte Kaavalkkaaran KarththaavaakunnuKarththaav Thante Valaththu Kai Kontu Ninakku Nizhalitum, Pakal Aadithyanenkilum, Raathri ChandranenkilumNinne Upadravikkukayilla, Karththaav Sakala Doshangngalil Ninnum Ninne KaaththukollumAvan Ninte Aathmaavine Kaaththu Kollum, Karththaav Ninte Gamanaththeyum, Ninte AagamanaththeyumIthu Muthal Ennekkum Kaaththukollum, Daivame Sthuthi Ninakku Yogyamaakunnu, Baarekmor, Uyarappettavante Maravil Irikkunnavanaaya KarththaaveNinte Karunayute Chirakin Keezhil Njangngale MarachchuNjangngalotu Karuna Cheyyaname, Sakalavum Kelkkunnavane Ninte Karunayaal NinteAtiyaarute Apeksha Nee Kelkkaname, Mahathwamulla Raajaavaayi NjangngaluteRakshakanaaya Mashihaa, Samaadhaanam NiranjnjirikkunnaSandhyayum, Punyamulla Raavum Njangngalkku Nee Tharename, Njangngalute Kannukal Ninkalekku NokkikkontirikkunnuNjangngalute Katangngalum Paapangngalum Nee PoruththuPunyamaakki Ee Lokaththilum Para LokaththilumNjangngalotu Karuna Cheyyaname, Karththaave Ninte Karuna Njangngale MarachchuNinte Krhupa Njangngalute Mukhangngalil NilkkumaaraakenameNinte Sleebaa Dushtanil Ninnum Avante Sainyangngalil NinnumNjangngale Kaaththu Kollaname, Njangngalute Aayussinte Divasangngal OkkeyumNinte Nirappu Njangngalute Itayil VaazhumaaraakenameNinnotapekshikkunna Aathmaakkalkku Sharanavum, Rakshayum Nee Untaakkename, Ninne Prasavichcha AmmayuteyumShuddhamaakkappettavarokkeyuteyum NamaskkaaraththaalKarththaave Njangngalute Katangngalkku Nee ParihaaramuntaakkiNjangngalute Mel Anugraham Cheyyename, Ennekkum Thante Itaththil NinnuKarththaavinte Bahumaanam Vaazhththappettathaakunnu, Ennennekkum Thante Itaththil NinnuKarththaavinte Bahumaanam Vaazhththappettathaakunnu, Vishuddhiyum Mahathwavumulla ThrithwameNjangngalute Mel Anugraham Cheyyaname, Vishuddhiyum Mahathwavumulla ThrithwameKrhupayuntaayi Njangngalute Mel Anugraham Cheyyaname, Nee Ennekkum Vishuddhiyum, MahathwavumullavanaakunnuNee Ennekkum Vishuddhiyum, MahathwavumullavanaakunnuNee Ennekkum Vishuddhiyum, MahathwavumullavanumNinte Thirunaamam Ennekkum Vaazhththappettathumaakunnu, Njangngalute Karththaave Ninakku SthuthiNjangngalute Karththaave Ninakku SthuthiEnnekkum Njangngalkkulla Sharanavume Ninakku Sthuthi, Baarekmor, Sarvvashakthiyulla PithaavaayiAakaashaththinteyum, BhoomiyuteyumKaanappetunnavayum, KaanappetaaththavayumaayaSakalaththinteyum SrashtaavaayaSathyeka Daivaththil Njangngal Vishwasikkunnu, Daivaththinte Eka PuthranumSarvva Lokangngalkkum MumpilPithaavil Ninnu JanichchavanumPrakaashaththil Ninnulla PrakaashavumSathya Daivaththil Ninnulla Sathya DaivavumJanichchavanum SrhushtiyallaaththavanumSaaraamshaththil Pithaavinotu SamathwamullavanumSakalavum Thaan Mukhaanthiramaayi NirmmichchavanumManushyaraaya Namukkum Nammute Rakshaykkum VentiThirumanassaaya Prakaaram Swarggaththil NinnirangngiVishuddha Roohaayaal, Daivamaathaavaaya VishuddhaKanyaka Mariyaamil Ninnu ShareeriyaayiththeernnuManushyanaayi Ponthiyos Peelaaththossinte DivasangngalilNamukku Venti Kurishil TharakkappettuKashtathayanubhavichchu, Marichchu, AtakkappettuMoonnaam Divasam Uyirththezhunnettu Swarggaththilekku KareriThante Pithaavinte Valaththu BhaagaththirunnavanumJeevanullavareyum, Marichchupoyavareyum VidhippaanThante Valiya Mahathwaththote Iniyum VaruvaanirikkunnavanumThante Raajyaththinu AvasaanamillaaththavanumaayaYeshu Mashiha Aaya Eka Karththaavilum Njangngal Vishwasikkunnu, Pattaangngappetta Daivam ThampuraaneNjangngale Nee Rakshichchu Kollaname, Thinmakalokkeyil Ninnum, Doshangngal Okkeyil NinnumThinmappetta Manassokkeyil NinnumVeshyaa Dosha Chinthayil NinnumShathrukkal Okkeyil NinnumChathivinute Snehakaarikalil NinnumPishaachukkalute Pareekshakalil NinnumDushta Manushyarute Thinmakalil NinnumAshuddhappetta Vichaarangngalil NinnumMlechcchatha Petta Mohangngalil NinnumSaaththaanatuththa Vichaarangngalil NinnumThinmappetta Swapnangngalil NinnumOlikkappetta Kenikalil NinnumMinakkitappetta Vachanangngalil NinnumVan Chathivukalil NinnumThinmappetta Uththarappil NinnumEe Lokaththinatuththa Sakala Pareekshakalil NinnumNjangngale Nee Rakshichchu Kollaname, Arishaththinte Vatiyil NinnumPettennulla Maranaththil NinnumKopaththil Ninnum, Dweshathayil NinnumMinnalukalil Ninnum, Itikalil NinnumVasanthakalil Ninnum, Thee Narakaththil NinnumKatumappetta Dushkkarmmangngal Okkeyil NinnumChaakaaththa Puzhuvil Ninnum, Ketaaththa Theeyil NinnumPallu Katiyil Ninnum, Karachchilil NinnumKatthinangngalaaya Sambhavangngalil NinnumThinmappetta Naazhikayil NinnumUpadravikkunnathaaya Sakala Mushkkarathwaththil NinnumPanjnjaththil Ninnum Petiyil NinnumIlakkaththil NinnumSahippaan Vayyaaththa Sakala Shikshakalil NinnumPokuvin Ningngale Njaan Ariyunnilla Ennulla Thiruvachanaththil NinnumNinnil Ninnu Njangngale Akattunnathaaya Sakalaththil NinnumKarththaave Njangngale Nee Rakshichchu Kollaname, Shuddhamulla Baavaa Shuddhamulla Ninte Thiru NaamaththaalNjangngale Kaaththu KollanameRakshithaavaaya Puthraa Jayamulla Ninte +SleebaayaalNjangngale Marachchu KollanameShuddhamulla Roohaa Shuddhamulla Ninte KutiyiruppinteBhavanangngalaayi Njangngale ChamaykkanameDaivamaaya Karththaave Kaalamokkeyilum, NeramokkeyilumElla Samayaththum Ninte Daivathwaththinte Chirakin KeezhilNjangngale Marachchu Kollaname, Aammeen, Source from St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, House Prayer Meetings/Transformer's Ministry, Martha Mariam Samajam (Women's Fellowship). (In Pdf).

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