All ATMs listed on our official Allpoint, No, you will not be charged. The Paper Statement Fee will be assessed in the following statement cycle. View the map below to see all locations of Allpoint ATMs around you now. Finding an Allpoint ATM is easy! All ATMs listed on our official Allpoint ATM locator are surcharge-free for Allpoint cardholders to use. * An APR of 21% applies to the Overdraft Protection Line of Credit. Learn more. *Though not every retail location has an Allpoint® ATM inside, there's probably one very close. Allpoint is a network of over 55,000 ATMs through which German American Bank customers get fee-free (also known as surcharge-free) access to their accounts.

Is there a limit on ATM withdrawals? Personal credit cards include VISA® Platinum and VISA® Gold. +ATM and/or service fees charged by other banks and ATM owners still may also apply. Use the ATM locator to find the Allpoint ATM closest to you. This is your hub for Personal and Business logins, Insurance and Wealth Management Resources, and even handy links to download our mobile apps. You don't have to look far to find an office or ATM close to you. If your account supports Allpoint+ deposits, your deposit options will be displayed when you start an ATM transaction. If you believe you received a surcharge in error, please contact the German American Bank Customer Care Center at. Allpoint ATM is the automated teller machine of Allpoint Bank, they have cash machines available all over the USA, here you can find Allpoint ATMs nearby your location. A special statement may include, but not be exclusive to the following: daily statements, duplicate statements, hold statements and statement printouts. Having an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit does not guarantee you against paying NSF fees; your line of credit may not be sufficient to cover all transactions. Check with your financial institution to be sure. An additional $23 Extended Overdraft Service Charge will be assessed for every seven consecutive calendar days that your account remains overdrawn by more than $1.00. This disclosure applies to your account if your address is in a state other than Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, New Mexico or Texas. A: If your financial institution participates in Allpoint, then you will not be charged a surcharge fee for using an Allpoint ATM. No monthly Service Charge for this account. Search our knowledge base for answers to common questions. We process and post transactions - both credits (including deposits) and debits - throughout the day. Just remember that your own bank may still separately assess an out-of-network fee. You will not be assessed an Extended Overdraft Service Charge if the overdraft is solely attributable to ATM and everyday debit card transactions and you are opted out of our Courtesy Overdraft Option, meaning you do not want BBVA USA to authorize and pay overdrafts on these types of transactions.

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