Then, power off the BaoFeng radio. I would recommend you put those in the first three channels. Step 5: (important tip) Delete the channel to be added. Additionally, all Baofeng radios, such as the UV-5R V2+ / BF-F9 V2+, will be distributed in ‘restrict’ mode. This was done so that one radio will only open the squelch when the other radio transmits, avoiding all the static of manually trying to adjusting the squelch. That’s because they are not technically made for being used as a Ham radio. RT-B6 (use Baofeng UV-B5) Rugged Radios. BaoFeng BF-F8HP Review: Communication on a Shoestring. Despite its low price, the company does not skimp out on any of the features and functions on any of the BaoFeng models. Next, since this is a dual band radio, we will need to import all the UHF channels. MENU > 25 > MENU >enter 1 for positive shift or 2 for negative shift > MENU > EXIT. In my case it showed the following screen: Note that it sees the cable, but does not know what to do with it.

To enter the CTCSS code, press menu > 13 > enter code XXXX > menu > Exit, To enter the DCS code: Press MENU > 12 > menu > choose code XXXX > Menu > Exit, To do this; press MENU > 27 (Memory channel) > MENU > enter channel number XXXX > Menu > Exit, Step 1: Press VFO/MR to enter the frequency mode, Step 2: Press A/B or Axit/B and choose the A display, Step 3: Press BAND for the frequency band and select 136MHz (VHF) or 470 MHz (UHF). Or you can press it for the second time which will bring up the ‘ENG’ option.

Subscribe to our Email Newsletter Logout. BaoFeng radios can either be manually programmed, or computer programmed, both of which I’d discuss in this article. Before moving on, click on File -> Save and give the configuration a name so you have the original working configuration should you need it as it can be used as a BaoFeng UV-5R reset. The easiest way to fix this is once you have done the upload and it gives you the error seen above, turn off the radio, close the current radio configuration tab, open a new configuration tab and download the radio’s configuration into that. On the CHIRP left side toolbar, select settings. However, that cable is usually included in the box. Your email address will not be published. Here are some tips and resources I've found to help me use them. Some similar/cheaper things didn't work. The BaoFeng UV-5R can be programmed both by the keys that are on the radio, and by using software. The three most common frequencies I have seen for simplex operation (what you do when one handheld talks directly to another handheld) are 446.00, 446.50, and 447.00. Press MENU > 27 > MENU > enter the same memory channel in step 27 > MENU >EXIT, Another way you can program your BaoFeng radio is by using the CHIRP software. Afterward, select the upward facing arrow button to turn it off completely.

Date dernière mise à jour des fichiers : 17 juillet 2018. Now, before we go any further, we need to remove any previously programmed in memory channels by resetting its factory settings. To dial in your required frequency repeater, press the orange colored VFO/MR button which will return you to the frequency mode. Programming a BaoFeng Radio: Step By Step Guide. Before we program the BaoFeng UV-5R we want to see what is already in the programming, click on the menu at the top and select Radio -> Download From Radio as shown here: Now you will see a box pop up like the one below: Here is where we need to use that information I told you that you would need in a second, the COM port number. Location, will be your state, Distance, will be the county you are in, and Band will be the band of your radio which in this case, since we are locating VHF frequencies 2 meters (144MHz) will be what we are searching. There are several warnings when go to use this software with this radio because of the huge number of different firmware versions (and they are not upgradable). Pro tip: When using TSQL you could very well transmit on a frequency that is already in use and never know it. Select RADIO > Upload to RadioCHIRP will copy this to your BaoFeng’s memory. Get a copy of the existing configuration from your radio. The vast majority of complaints I see about not being able to program the BaoFeng UV-5R is because of either the connection problem or volume being too low. The operation will be canceled if an incorrect frequency band is chosen. You will notice two options, please click on “RepeaterBook proximity query” to download the appropriate VHF/UHF channels for your area. Mac OSX and Linux users are recommended to use a Virtual Machine to run the BTECH programming software. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! First, we will start with the VHF frequencies.

I find this a lot easier to remember and in my case the name stands for Huntsville 186.270 repeater. Once you plug the cable into the computer it will either automatically find and install a driver for it, or it will not. Now, press MENU again. Step 11: Enter the repeater output frequency. In the off chance that you do not fully grasp the instructions, this article will detail the entire method and ensure that there is no confusion left in your mind. You can now set the frequency you prefer with the VFO/MR labeled button, often highlighted in orange. You can check your device manager to see which happened.

This is to say that the device may no longer be able to transmit. You might for example just program the radio using the keys if you need to enter just a few memories or you are out in the field with no access to programming software or cables. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Once you have that settled, use your cable to connect both the PC and your radio to a 3.0 USB port. RH5R, RH5R-V2 (use Baofeng UV-5R) RH5X (Variant of Baofeng BF-A58) Sainsonic. PowerPC is not supported. Assuming you have the right cable for the job, we can move on to the following step. CTCSS – MENU >13 > MENU > enter/choose code XXXX > MENU > EXIT, DCS – MENU >12 > MENU > choose code XXXXX > MENU > EXIT. Use your keypad to enter the frequency, Step 7: delete the CTCSS/DCS codes entered previously or if programming for the first time, put off the CTCS codes, Step 8: type in the repeater frequency offset by pressing, MENU > 26 > MENU > enter the offset for 2 meter or 70 cm repeater > MENU > EXIT. MacOS users must install the KK7DS Python runtime before the application will execute. The click. Step 10: Enter the transmit CTCSS/DCS code. Next, confirm the setting by clicking the MENU button again. However, if you are connecting the UV5RV2+, or other models, they are listed in the drop down menu. To deactivate, press the menu button, key 7, and the menu button again. WARNING: Operating this radio on one of the following restricted frequencies without a license or authorization by the FCC can result in a variety of enforcement actions, including seizure of equipment, fines and other criminal penalties: 136 MHz – 137 MHz (Aviation Services, Part 87); 137 MHz – 138 MHz (Satellite Communications, Part 25); 138 MHz – 144 MHz (not available to any FCC licensee – Federal use only); 156.7625 MHz – 157.0375 MHz (Maritime Services, Part 80 and Aviation Services, Part 87). EDIT > PASTE into your radio’s configuration. The BaoFeng UV-5R can be programmed both by the keys that are on the radio, and by using software. Import the desired frequencies into remaining open channels in your radio. Open the CHIRP software on your computer, then plug your BaoFeng with the USB cable and connect the cable to the computer USB port. You will still need need to download the programming software needed for your radio. Since my wife and I only use these in small confined areas where we are not too far from each other and typically on low power, I do not believe it is an issue. You can unlock/unrestrict these frequencies using the CHIRP software. Remember to confirm this setting by pressing the MENU button again before exiting. OS X support is limited to Intel architecture. This will enable your radio to communicate with your computer. It’s inexpensive, feature-packed, and compact. Your radio is now set to its original settings.

The programming cable for these radios are sold separately.

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