Searched online and found this thread. But they had a RA-434 for 109.32 USD, and a Magpul armor's wrench for 55.58 USD, so I am willing to wait. Yeah, no email received on 6/28 in my Inbox or SPAM. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kinda disappointing because I've had nothing but bad experiences with other gun industry drop shippers before(looking at you, FWT Guns). Battlehawk is absolutely horrible to deal with. Pretty sure they are a drop shipper but I just wanted some reassurance. Website inventory is accurate, we are working hard to resolve any issues we had in the past, but online inventory should be live and accurate. ALL orders are currently taking up to 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS possibly longer to process and ship. I received the item yesterday (5/21) and it was in pristine shape. Went out of my way to get this order expedited and to you, this buyer received his firearm. They have nothing but excuses why my order isn't being filled and no solutions. However after reading reviews stating you all taking money when the actual product is not in stock or taking months to ship orders have me skeptical about placing my order. I received an automated UPS shipping notification that would be updated when they received the package.

Even Amazon is struggling in this pandemic. If people have had other experiences, including more good ones, please post! Order placed May 14th. Super impressed given how everything is so crazy right now.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I apologize, unfortunately we needed to put some better business practices into ensuring inventory and/or communication it inventory becomes unavailable. Adam, the owner of Battlehawk Armory sent me an email apologizing for the delays that occurred with processing and shipping. I wasn't in a hurry....figured it'd show up sooner or later.

Order was still showing current as last night on your website but shows canceled/refunded today so my conclusion is these jokers fixed things after the fact. And now I'm left with a CC protest to get my money back after a 30 day interest free loan. 103 talking about this. Press J to jump to the feed. Press J to jump to the feed. If this isn't the correct place to ask this question I apologize. The owner posts every now and then. Ordered a ddm4 pdw. Thanks for your business! Tracking still not updated as of this post and only by quoting u/BATTLEHAWK-ARMORY here do I get any comms in return. Perhaps you should stick to your day job and not do this as a side hustle if you can't do it well. I'm ready to purchase from this site on a cheap p365 they have, but haven't found any posts about them or if they are gtg? This item came back from distributor as out of stock and you were also sent an email explaining this on 6/28. Not impressed I had a problem with the order and asked for it to bee canceled with inn 2 days pf placing the ordered, He replied back that there would be a 8% restocking fee. TL;DR. Luckily they will issue a refund in full, so I’ll wait for that. No reply. They’re decent. Knowing and experiencing this, they likely won't get my business again because time is money and I would have gladly spent the roughly 6% difference in price for the now almost industry standard same week delivery elsewhere. Only comms were here on a public reddit post after I tagged them: Thank You If you want to know anything specific please us contact us, thank you! Update number two: Shortly after providing the first update, the owner asked me to delete the post entirely to get back in the good graces of reddit, I guess he is banned on r/gundeals or something. I reached out to them yesterday to check the status. I purchased a can from them on 4/15/2020. A month of me not saying anything foul for work that roughly takes a week is pretty patient. Thank You. The message on their website says "up to 15 BUSINESS DAYS, and possibly longer to ship orders". It is still 'under processing'. Battlehawk Armory Coupon Code - 10/2020. It took them over a week to to process my order to be submitted to distributor for shipping which is ridiculous. This was my first time purchasing from them, but unfortunately this happened and I will not do any other business with them. 04/24/2020: Ordered the new Zastava M70 (chrome lined barrel) from battle hawk armory at $794 (shipped). We seek to expand general understanding of the laws collectively referred to as the National Firearms Act and their implications for gun owners and citizens of today. Seven days go by still no refund, I email him again no response, I file a complaint with credit card company and he ships the first order and cancels the second order he asked me to place. I have a tracking number but no actual shipment. Still learning and doing the best we can. Minor update for people following this thread.

All the products were fine but you will have to wait. Battlehawk-Armory you guys have a particular firearm in stock that I've been searching the web for all day. Tracking still not updated as of this post and only by quoting u/BATTLEHAWK-ARMORY here do I get any comms in return. Everything seems shady and unprofessional. No updates at all. I know this is late but I submitted an order through them last week.

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