Here’s a collection of ten of the best Crusader Kings II mods (CK2) that will enhance your experience whether it’s by making things prettier, adding unique scenarios, or making your life easier while waiting for the next game from Paradox Interactive.

The main aim of the mod is to modify aspects of the game to make everything resemble actual historical events and characters more closely. This mod is created according to the description of history by Slavic scientists and historiographers. It’s also very well-made, where lots of research went into the historical accuracy of the events that take place. It’s one of the most well-known and popular book/TV series of all time. Instead of just waiting around for the heir to mature, the mod adds 52 events that will allow you to shape the personality of your young king before they take over the throne. The mod has received mostly praise as it has been stated to be very well researched giving a complete immersive Game of Thrones experience within CK2. I really enjoy mods like Rich Childhood because they take an element of the game that could be more interesting, and make it feel like an integral part. How you use it is up to you.

Factions, dynasties, and religions are all represented by crests displayed on banners – proudly presenting their traits and achievements. (, 20 Best Free Armor Mods For Skyrim (Our Top Picks), Best Xenosaga Music: Our Top 10 OST Song Picks From All Games, Best GTA V Graphics Mods: Our Top 15 Picks You Have to Try, Best Sims 4 Towns & Worlds To Move Into (Our Top Picks), 20 Best War Axes in Skyrim (Our Top Picks Ranked), 14 Best Dead or Alive Games Ever Made (Our Top Picks), Best Long Swords in MHW (Ranking Our Top 15 Picks), Best Faction Leaders in Total War: Three Kingdoms, Best Factions in Total War: Shogun 2 (Ranked). Nicknames+++ makes it a bit easier, giving each character a special nickname based on their traits.

Paradox Interactive made a name for themselves within the grand strategy genre with titles like Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and Victoria. Rich Childhood expands the gameplay for when a king dies and a young heir is left to takeover the throne. What it does is open up a cheat command that will allow you to do… pretty much anything you want. You can download Rich Childhood by Slothinator right here. This in turn adds focus towards technology as well, as you’ll be needing to research some of them to be able to build most of the new structures. Patrum Scuta improves on this by replacing these templates to make them more historically accurate. You can name them after your friends or family if that makes it easier for you. The mod features 34 completely new textures that give the map much more life. After the End is probably one of the most popular CK2 mods, and one of the most imaginative as well. Rather than wait the books to complete, or for new spin-off shows to make you forget about Season 8 of Game of Thrones, go play out your own Westeros scenario instead. Basically you can do anything and everything. Music is unique to different time periods, and the Middle Ages had its own unique flavor as well. And the CK2 fanbase has only grown stronger over time – making way for some great community content. This Game of Thrones mod takes you to Westeros, where the varying houses vie for the Iron Throne. The first of the overhaul mods here is the Historical Immersion Project. Based on another popular video game world, this time taking you to the universe of Elder Scrolls. You’ll also encounter popular playable characters from the series such as Abnur Tharn, Jorunn the Skald-King, and High Queen Ayrenn.

Land of our Dreams GW2 Total conversion mod for CK2 Jun 22 2020 TBD Grand Strategy This is a total conversion for CK2 to put it in the world Guild Wars 2's Tyria during the events of Guilds wars 2's storyline. Here’s our top picks! Aimed to add Celestial beings from every myth and religion. Music played will be appropriate to your characters traits, making the game all the more immersive audio-wise. You can download Abdication by BlacK and Cactusman right here. Another small quality of life mod here, we’ve got the Orange Wikipedia Icon. This mod adds Naruto traits , tailed beasts , decisions and more. And guess what, the mod is called Rename Anyone. No mods were found matching the criteria specified.

You can use the mod to get more money, create children, or modify your traits – basically anything under the sun. For example, you can choose to build a Personal Study.

Now is the time for greatness. If you thought you were a powerful ruler before, now you can force people to marry you, have your baby, owe you a favor, do mind control, upgrade buildings, add gold and more. The mod is still in development as this writing, so there’s probably still much more to look forward to here. Faces, clothing, hair, and even facial hair have been cleverly swapped around to create new combinations. The Witcher video game series is damn popular, as well as the recent Netflix TV series.

Modder In heaven has become popular for this particular map mod. Overall it’s an interesting mod that adds a whole new depth to this particular mechanic of CK2. Obviously, total conversion mods are an ambitious and time-consuming undertaking, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that there are only a few that are feature-complete already. Well, the Shattered World Crusader Kings 2 mod explores that alternate reality. Another common mod theme for strategy games is an enhanced vanilla version, where the community tends to dump all possible improvements without changing much of the base game’s mechanics. Compatible with Crusader Kings II 3.3.3. CKII: Wizarding World is a modification for Paradox Interactive's game: Crusader Kings II. It’s pretty common for fans to find little ways to improve on a game’s visuals here and there. Basically, it generates a completely new world from scratch – with a completely different history along with random cultures and religions. To download Elder Kings by EtienneTheMonkeyman, visit its Steam Workshop page here. There is a gameplay element to this where you can gain stat increases, make decisions and respond to random events. Files to make Melius' AGOT submod Faces Modification compatible with AGOT 2.2 and More Bloodlines 2.2. The Elder Kings Enhancement Suite adds new quality of life features to the Elder Kings (SVN) Mod. It includes dynamic atmospheres and water effects along with new borders and fonts for a completely different look.

Finally we end on another excellent scenario mod to check out, especially if you’re a big fan of The Elder Scrolls, which I imagine a lot of people reading this are. Don't ask for my liege, please. All it does is changes the look of the map to an old school cartographic style. Best Crusader Kings 2 Mods (CK2) Finally we end on another excellent scenario mod to check out, especially if you’re a big fan of The Elder Scrolls, which I imagine a … What did you think of our six best Skyrim total conversion picks here, and … You can upgrade your castle to have features such as Garden, Wine Cellar, Chapel and Observatory, each with their own perks. Not only does the mod add era-appropriate music, it makes music cues more dynamic at the same time. It makes the water a more richer blue, adds more clearly defined borders, and overhauls the terrain to be more visually appealing.

As an added bonus, some keyboard shortcuts have been integrated as well, making it easier to navigate between the different menu screens. They’ve created their own space within the genre, choosing to prioritize political and diplomatic simulations over typical warfare-focused games. This is a submod (or mod mod) for Geheimnisnacht, the Warhammer Fantasy conversion mod of Crusader Kings II. The small alpine regions of modern day Switzerland in the late medieval Period: A low level count gets to be Emperor and lays the foundation of one of... "Gesta Principum Polonorum" (latin for "Deeds of the Princes of the Poles") is a total revamp of the CK2 bookmarks, focusing entirely on the history of... Crusader Finns is a total conversion mod set in a post-apocalyptic world in 2517 AD. Isn’t that what most people want after years of hard work? This isn’t The Sims, though, as building on your castle will trigger new events associated with each extension, giving you different bonuses to enjoy. This doesn’t just make it easier to remember characters you come by; it also makes them feel more alive in a sense – as they’re actual people that you’ve interacted with somewhere before. You can play from year 1 to year 750. In this mod, our team is... Buenas. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms mod brings focus to China during a turbulent period of the Han Dynasty. Of course, you might find yourself on the other end of the spectrum.

The events of the time period are already interesting on their own, so it’s no surprise this mod is considered a must-have by most fans. As you play through your reign as king, you’ll inevitably grow old and be forced to hand the crown down to your heir. With so many relationships to manage between yourself and the characters you’ll come across, it may get quite overwhelming. It is set in the antiquity, start year is 612BC/145AUC. The mod already has 5 playable scenarios and will be easily recognizable to fans of the series. Being focused on interpersonal political relationships, you’ll be getting to know most of the characters in the game pretty well – so why not make them look their best while you’re at it? Of course, our journey through CK2 fantasy worlds wouldn’t be complete without making a stop at Middle Earth. There are hundreds of new events to explore, more than 2000 new buildings, units, and systems in place to make for a completely unique playthrough.

There is some added material as well, taking cultural accuracy into account. Elder Kings takes place throughout all of Nirn, where you’ll be able to rule as leaders from Tamriel, Yokuda, Atmora and Akavir.

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