You can complete the challenge in 50-60 seconds, earning you 675 medals. It also seems as though No Heart takes more damage from it because it's a light attack. Using Shotlock depletes your Focus Gauge, after using Shotlock 2 or 3 times, you'll have to use a Mega-Ether to refill it. However, an entry unlocks for each of the secret bosses after you beat them. Most of the time, it'll make it in, sometimes it'll get blocked. From there, you can perform Break Time. It's pretty risky though. Especially if you use Experiment 626 while maxed, as you earn double the cp. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is a Kingdom Hearts prequel published and developed by Square Enix for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). To get Ventus' super glide command, you need to go to Disney Town and go underground, through the tunnels and up the pinball machine. You can leave your 8th slot empty to make navigation between your healing and attack commands quicker, or you can throw in an extra surge or Curaga command. Afterwards, swim/glide to his tongue and unleash 6 Mine Squares to inflict massive damage. It's recommended that you use the shotlock method, because it's the easiest, and it does a lot of damage. The second fight is similar to another boss that Aqua has already fought a few times in her story mode. After fighting the boss, the trophy is yours.

Then head to  Collector for sticker locations for all three. As the trophy describes, you simply have to finish 1st in all 4 Rumble Racing courses.Unfortunately, there aren't any quick tips that can make this easier. Also, every time you kill it, it splits in two, until there's 8 tiny Blobmobs. The added star means that these missions are a little tougher, so if you're having trouble, you may want to do some leveling up and come back to the arema later.

You'll need to complete all of these minigames/battle missions with the highest rank (3 stars) for this trophy. You can use this shop to buy commands you need quickly. This is a surprisingly easy fight, considering you need to reach Arena level 30 in order to unlock it.The fight consists of two stages. Here you will only have to find all of Xehanort’s Reports. Once you complete the story with all three characters, the credits will roll and then the game will ask you to make a new save file for the Final Episode on the "end game" screen, to which it is recommended that you don't overwrite an existing save file and make the final episode as a new save file.Once you make the save file, you'll be pushed back to the title screen. Just try to make sure you've got as many as possible. At a certain point in the fight, he'll charge up like he's about to use a spell, but then will turn invisible. It's recommended to use Light Salvo because it locks on quickly and has a long invincibility period. With lots of luck, it's possible though. No changing that to make it go faster.

Use Thunder Surge when the boss attacks with Dark Volley and when he heals, as that will temporarily stagger him and you can use another surge command.

You'll need to attack the Cluster with its current element to earn points. Clear the Mysterious Tower episode of Ventus's story. If the trophy doesn't pop, then try doing the command successfully without failing any button prompts and then it should pop. After defeating the boss, do not forget to open the chests in Land of Departure. If you revert before picking up the D-Link orbs on the ground, then you can just immediately go back into the D-Link, and always have the double cp. When you hit its belly, the gas gauge will refill. After getting on the wooden platforms, quickly attack 2 explosive barrels to throw them to Monstro. (: I’m almost there with the final ending. Using double rolls and stuns are far more helpful than placing commands and hoping the computer lands on them. Simply complete all two-star missions, and this trophy will pop. The Villains' Vendetta battle is unlocked once you reach arena rank 25. You'll need to play through both versions of every stage with all of the characters to complete the reports, but only need a Fantastic rating on all of them once.Abilities - During the command collection step, you'll want to work on getting all of the abilities as well. 8 command slots, it's important that you organize it in a way that you can access both types of commands as quickly as possible, so arrange it the best way you see fit. When he shows up, you can get the D-Link. Complete all one-star missions in the Mirage Arena. Some chests you may miss is in Disney Town in the pinball machine room, use the bumpers to shoot to the top of the room and get to a ledge on the right side. Doing other matches will net you more EXP, if you want to level up as well. Using Surge commands and shotlocks are recommended. The command goes into a QTE sequence once you start it, however you don't even have to successfully do the entire command for the trophy, so long as you just initiate it. After finishing the story, you can travel over to The Land of Departure to fight him.You have to dodge a lot for most of his moves, and will spend most of the fight dodging around in circles. That being said, a much better strategy would be to load up with something like 4 Curagas and 4 more slots of Mega-Ethers (12 total, and these refill your Focus Gauge).

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