Herrera and his biker gang showed up to the party, where Herrera bought Salazar a bottle of wine as a "peace offering". “Pacho” had decided to change his life. The associate he told Carillo about was Salazar, and he’d held a grudge against him for his homophobic remarks ever since, making sure to flaunt his sexuality whenever he got the chance. By: Amanda Cabral - Published: September 7, 2017 at 3:59 pm. Jaime Carrera - Tricked by Pablo into detonating a bomb planted inside a recording device while he was on-board a plane, killing all 110 people on-board. He was one of the leaders of the Cali Cartel along with brothers Miguel and Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela and José Santacruz Londoño, AKA Chepe. “The manager” became the most wanted man in Colombia after the capture of his three loyal partners. Claudio Salazar’s age is unknown, though we suspect he’s in his mid-thirties to forties since he’s married and has a son. It began an intense persecution that left a trail of explosions, shots and deaths. Among the audience waiting to enter, there was a guy named Rafael Angel Uribe, dressed in impeccable English cloth suit, elegant classic style briefcase with central strap, 100% black leather in hand. He initially showed interest in Gallardo's activities when DFS Commander "El-Azul" informed him about the young Sinaloan ex-cop who looked to unify all drug traffickers into one organized network.

Placido Villegas - Shot in the back of the head by Carlos Castano with a pistol. The drug lord was killed by more than ninety bullet wounds. This, in addition to the refusal of Herrera in representation of the Cali Cartel to collaborate with Escobar in his war against the Colombian state, it would cause that the leader of the Medellin Cartel declared to Pacho and the rest of the drug lords, military objective. He was an enemy of a state that had put a price of 1,000 million pesos at his head. Due to the war that maintained the Medellín Cartel against the Cali Cartel, they decide to call him “Pacho” to protect his identity, since Escobar would use all type of methods like intelligence, telephone interventions and others, to end his lifetime. One of the most intimidating and lethal sicarios around, Navegante was loyal to the Cali Cartel, but also infiltrated the Medellin Cartel in 1989 as a result of Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha's attempts to expand their drug trade into New York City, a territory already claimed by Cali.

He would get a job there, in a company that was in charge of manufacturing parts for warplanes, performing as an industrial mechanic and earning a salary of US $ 7 an hour, well above the wage that was paid at that time. Jaime Rodriguez – Killed by Medellin Cartel assassins.

Pablo Escobar and Steve Murphy may be gone, but Narcos lives on. So far is Nava's reach that he not only organized the assassination of Gallardo's boss Pedro Aviles but also gifted Gallardo the role of the former, for which he became universally notorious. The guards acted with the urgency of the case and they managed to save the murderer.

Jorge Alberto Rodriguez: Everything to Know about Gilberto Rodriguez’s Son, William Rodriguez-Abadia: Everything to Know about Miguel Rodriguez’s Son, Franklin Jurado Wiki: 5 Facts to Know about the Cali Cartel’s Money Laundering Guy, Christina Jurado: Everything to Know about Franklin Jurado’s Wife in “Narcos”, “Narcos'” Chepe Santacruz Wiki & Death: Everything to Know about the Cali Cartel Member, Cali Cartel’s Gilberto Rodriguez Wiki: Net Worth, Wives, Son, Arrest, & Facts to Know. This revenge included the annihilation of the entire Salazar clan, thus fracturing the North Valley Cartel. Related: Narcos Series Premiere Review: A Legend Buried In Exposition. Before Gilberto gets to announce it to his partners, viewers see Salazar express his worry about seeing Pacho at the soiree. However, Gilberto had planned for it to be a civil, celebratory night for all, so he refused to have Pacho commit murder—that night, at least. Kevin Brady - Shot in the head by La Quica with a machine pistol on Pablo's orders. Juliano Rascon - Shot in the chest by Carrillo with a pistol. Eventually Cali kingpin Miguel Rodriguez breaks the news that her husband has met a grisly end, leaving her devastated and in a mess of tears. He was incredibly ruthless towards any and all who stood in the way of his goal to take down Escobar, and he was known to get information out of numerous Narcos through questionable means. The game was stopped, everyone went to the gunman, they took him among several to beat him up. While we don’t support hate speech, being quartered is a pretty heavy price to pay. Lili - Shot in the head by Pablo Acosta's henchman for betraying him. If you are the ones that love watching videos, you can enjoy my video about the life of Pacho Herrera from my youtube channel, otherwise just skip it and go and read. Jaime Mendoza - Shot in the head by Pablo Escobar with a pistol.

In the various declarations, he unveiled the entire distribution network, as well as details of the operations that served the purpose of putting in the noses of anxious consumers the pulverized product of the coca leaf.

All this gave rise to a war between Pacho Herrera’s relatives and the north valley drug lords. What Happened to Wil Willis? In March 1995, an order against him for drug trafficking and illicit enrichment would be issued. Juliana - Shot in the head off-screen by Los Pepes.

Edgar Prisco - Shot in the chest by Trujillo with a rifle. Another day in the prison where several enemies of the state were being punished. The Director-General of the DFS, Nava is technically on the right side of the law, even if his chilling presence suggests otherwise. Related: Escaping Pablo Escobar Makes For An Improved Narcos In Season 3. He murdered business partner Mateo "The Cockroach" Moreno soon after entering into business with him, beat Gerardo Moncada to death with a pool cue, and even managed to foil the fearsome Colonel Carrillo's plan to stop him, eliminating the leader of the Search Bloc in the process. For now, though, the Cali Cartel's biggest issue is dealing with the North Valley cartel, who are asking where their buddy, Claudio Salazar, is. Guillermo Cano – Shot in the chest by Medellin Cartel assassins. newspaper archive.

Victor Molina - Shot in the head by a DPS soldier with a pistol on Nava's orders.

Her character traits are not simply that she ‘needs a tissue and a better man’ (she didn't leave her husband, he was killed). He’s a member of the North Valley Cartel, and we find out pretty early in episode one that he has some beef with the Cali Cartel’s head of distribution and security, Pacho Herrera.

Thank you. Narcos. In episode three, Maria moves into an apartment gifted to her by Miguel.

Druglords. Guadalupe Leija Serrano - Shot in the head by Clavel on the orders of Félix as a warning for Hector Palma for his betrayal. There is not much information about his early life. Londo explained Maria’s actions, writing: “It was Colombia in the 1990s not present day USA (roughly 25-30 year gap). She asks the druglord if he will help him to get her son back, and when he obliges, undresses as a thank you. Colonel Carrillo was the first head of the Search Bloc police unit, tasked with hunting down the most notorious drug traffickers in Columbia. The cartel CEO, Gilberto Rodriguez plans to bring the all his allies and associates together to make an announcement­. https://listofdeaths.fandom.com/wiki/Narcos?oldid=52163. Maria Salazar is the wife of Claudio Salazar in Netflix series Narcos, who was a a high-ranking member of the Norte del Valle cartel. However, when Claudio disappears, Maria runs …

Claudio Salazar was a member of the Norte del Valle Cartel of Colombia, and he did business with the Cali Cartel; he became rivals with Helmer Herrera due to having a bad history with him. List of Deaths Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. With financial success not being enough to fulfill her craving for revenge, she soon banded together with other dangerous figures such as the Castano brothers and Diego Murillo in order to form Los Pepes, the vigilante group who were instrumental in the downfall of Escobar and the destruction of his cartel.

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