—Talula’s in Asbury Park is doing $40 at-home kits of its Infante cocktail, featuring tequila, orgeat, nutmeg and lime.

Choose from a margarita or a Moscow Mule from the “Locked and Loaded” menu ($15 for 16 oz. Don't miss the latest buzz in Bergen County and Beyond! Englewood’s best Italian steakhouse has done a great job pivoting after the pandemic shuttered its doors to diners (only temporarily, we hope! “It will help to increase their sales and revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.”, Visit The Philadelphia Inquirer at www.inquirer.com. "Despite their own struggles, distilleries have come to our aid and established themselves as selfless partners in this fight by shifting some of their production to hand sanitizer,” said Roy Freiman, a Democrat who represents Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset Counties, in a statement.“Giving them some financial leeway is how we thank them for their role in helping keep us all safe.”.

Court Street {61 6th Street, Hoboken} Hoboken’s Court Street is offering to-go cocktails, including discounted wines.

It offers a chance to create more sustainable cash flow, so we can see the industry rebuild as we come out of this COVID-19 pandemic.”, “During my communications with our restaurant owners, they repeatedly asked for us to get this done,” said Serena DiMaso, a Republican from Monmouth County. Corgi Spirits is a New Jersey-based, small-batch, craft distillery, now open for to-go-cocktails. The kits are $15, but it’s enough for two drinks. Now you can, thanks to recently passed legislation that allows New Jersey restaurants to sell mixed drinks for delivery or pickup! There’s the Blue Jersey Mule (Claremont Blueberry Vodka, ginger beer and lime juice), the Rutgers Sour (Silk City Bourbon, fresh lemo, and simple syrup), and the Jungle Bird (rum, Campari, lime and pineapple). New Jersey distilleries also can sell cocktails and mixed-drink kits for alcohol they manufacture. In Pennsylvania, Gov. Now they’ve come up with a genius “2-for-1 Happy Hour at Home” deal, which gets you two of their yummy specialty cocktails for $16 weekdays from 4 pm to 6 pm ($12 each after happy hour).

It’s an idea that’s not only got cooped-up customers in need of a drink cheering but also struggling restaurants, which could use some good news these days.

They also have cocktail kits available, so you can make a Manhattan, old-fashioned, daiquiri, margarita or negroni yourself.

By Michael Klein, The Philadelphia Inquirer, New Jersey allows cocktails to go in a bid to help bars idled by coronavirus, © TYGER WILLIAMS/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS. They’re also doing their Gin & Jam cocktail, which is fruity and sharp and summer-perfect as it sounds, though that one seems to sell out fast. The menu includes four cocktails, with complete kit cocktail options like the Mexican Daisy, the Summit House version of a margarita with Avion Tequila and a lime hibiscus cordial and something called “daisy salt” for the rim. or $30 for a 32 oz. New Jersey now allows most bars and restaurants to sell mixed drinks, cocktail kits, and other alcoholic beverages in sealed containers no larger than a pint that can be taken out or delivered.

The Newark location will be adding cocktails to its to-go menu this week. ), a selection of IPA, lager and pilsners ($7 each) from the “Road Soda” menu, or—our favorite!—a DIY “Just Stir” cocktail kit ($30), which gives you all the ingredients (including ice!) or $30 for a 32 oz.

Their margarita gets a hibiscus treatment with the addition of a tart, fresh, lemon-lime hibiscus simple syrup and they’ve got a strawberry mojito made with strawberry-mint simple syrup, fresh strawberries and mint. Craving a cocktail to compliment your takeout dinner during quarantine? Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Prices range from $45 for daiquiris to $100 for a week’s worth of negronis. to make two Old Fashioned, Negroni, or Manhattan drinks. Gov. Tom Wolf was given a cocktails-to-go bill Monday afternoon. Cocktails-to-go bill is approved by Senate, and is on way to Gov. 1208 White Horse Pike • Oaklyn, NJ, 08107 856.854.3799 info@mulligansbarandgrillnj.com Prices range from $45 (for 6) to $80 (for 12).

—It should come as no shock that Summit House in Summit—home of the hand-carved (machete-carved) cocktail ice cube—is doing a solid to-go cocktail program.

Under the Pennsylvania bill, drinks must be of 4 to 64 ounces and are limited to takeout.

Don’t worry, the kits and recipes are all relatively simple, revolving around a bottle of the featured liquor, with additional ingredients like fresh juice, bitters or a liqueur, and/or a garnish. The New Jersey bill’s provisions would expire six months after the end of the state of emergency or on the day that coronavirus-related executive or administrative orders expire, whichever occurs later.

On Weekends, continue your toast with their special Brunch at Home menu with $5 cocktails from noon to 3 pm. —Low Fidelity in Jersey City has been serving their Detroit-style pizza for takeout from the beginning of the pandemic. Click here to place your order or call 201-448-4184 to order. or $30 for a 32 oz. “This bill throws them a lifeline.

Just download their free app from the App Store or Google Play and have all your favorite bottles and top-shelf bar accessories ready to be picked up or delivered straight to your door (contactless, of course) that same day. —The Irving Inn Social in Rahway is open Wednesday through Sunday for pick-up and delivery, and while they’re doing really decent beer and wine lists, the cocktail kits look like genuine fun.

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