Has anyone done this swap?

sandpaper party! OK, fair enough fair enough, but how fast does it go? So here’s my 1970 Honda CT-90 (90cc) right around the first day I got it. This page helped me swap things: http://www.dratv.com/ct.html as well as the Honda Clone yahoo group The honda clone group has an image folder with good (better) wiring diagrams. Single phase AC input, regulated 12VDC output. Top bolt did, had to make a bracket for the rear bolt. experiential adventures learning about sustainability, balance and love. All your lights would be AC off the yellow, stock headlight on lots of CT90s is AC anyway. But like XLerate said, if you used the yellow and black out puts from the ATC motor no battery, (or rectifier too if not wanted) very nice. CT90_ENGINE_SWAP PARTS_NEEDED SOME_INSTRUCTIONS I USED A (146CC) BIG BORE MANUAL CLUTCH 120CC LIFAN, BUT YOU CAN USE ANYTHING FROM A 50CC TO THE 150CC (AUTO CLUTCH)OR (MANUAL CLUTCH) LIFAN WE SELL. These are the regulator/rectifiers I use on my Lifan conversions. I have followed threads from others who have done this with interest. Also is this new motor 12v? This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, http://www.3wheelerworld....content.php?192-US-ATC90.

Lifan 125 engine swap for CT90 engine- How is the off road performance. I had to put brackets on the lower rear mount ,I also had to cut off a 1/4″ from the rear mount to get the drive sprocket to align with the final rear wheel sprocket; I had to slot, carefully the intake manifold holes so that the carbyturned and missed that frame. COIL WIRE WITH 6MM MOUNTING HOLE (303W), LEVER/PURCH COVER SET (1RH_1LH) UNIVERSAL FITMENT, Honda CT90 Kill Switch Adaptor for CDI Ignition Clone Conversion 12VDCIR-MKS 1/20P (356A), * KICK PEDAL LEVER CT110 OFF-SET 15MM ID FOR SHAFT 336T. I need MORE. Now waiting on a stator fix.. Feb 1st.. Great job! Joined: Nov 30, 2006 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. The intake manifold and carb also fit PERFECTLY… well, when fully torqued the carb is just barely resting against the frame, so I may use a drill and slot the holes on the intake manifold where the manifold meets the engine. Festus211. Pretty nice bike eh? I installed the same engine in my ’83 Passport same issue with frame. *cue engine entrance* Meet my new friend! Nude CT-90. How much should it be putting out? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Aweeee snap. Insurance is DIRT cheap and I can ride 250 miles on the 2.5 gallon tank (for $7 dollars?). 170. Get a frame for cheap then snag a lifan for $300, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. ToXiKAvEnGeR. Is the Lifan 1st gear low enough to do this w/o lugging or overheating the engine? Of course a rewind would fix that pretty quick. Rustoleum flat black – the blacker the berry, the sweeter the motorcycle. If you wanted to, you could used the stator and rotor off the CT90 motor, plug and play. What’s this about needing a longer clutch cable, did you raise the handlebars? Identical mounting far as I can see.

Can the sub transmission be installed in a lifan engine? You say the engine almost falls into place, could a dent in that frame be better than moving that air vent; or is it plausable to put a 90 bend in its place. But for purely a off road CT90 with a headlight, less hassle for sure.

Change ). It would have to be taken completely apart to get the longer output shaft And side case from the Honda. My 1980 CT 110, does not have the high-low (sub trans) that your CT90 has. I have an older ct90 with the older school double chainring 2-speed. I just completed a swap of the 110cc Honda engine in my 1980 CT 110 over to the 125 Lifan engine. On top of that I think Ill go ahead and put in a high lift cam and a bigger carb.

CONNECT DIRECTLY_TO THE_STATOR !!!!! (And a glass of Belgian Wit – loosens me up so I can chit chat with the paint canisters.). CT90_CT110_C70 1/20M 268T (S1098), AIR FILTER STRAIGHT TAPERED 35mm (300019) S1038, CHROME COVERS_&_GOODIES SOME_MODELS PLEASE_READ FOR_FITMENT, ADDING_YOUR ATC70_PULLSTART TO_A_NEW_LIFAN ENGINE. yx140 engine swap. ( Log Out /  brianvickeryusa@comcast.net. Was wondering the FASTEST BIGGEST engine i can fit in my bike. However the mounting holes are 1 inch farther … Now we’re in business!

I don't see why they wouldn't work on the CDI type Honda engines. It wasn’t a perfect hole, or a very good seal, it was just plain shoddy workmanship… That’s where JB-WELD comes in. OH NOES!!! I just completed a swap of the 110cc Honda engine in my 1980 CT 110 over to the 125 Lifan engine. ooo! how_do_you know_how_much to_cut_off_? The TRX90 engines are built on a bottom end that is related to the 50/70cc engines, rather than the traditional atc90/trail90/110/125 bottom end. any objections!?!?!? They're just stiff enough for stock. I've been considering the Lifan swap, but doing so means I lose value. The stock left hand brake lever fits the clutch cable end just fine, so a new part isn’t even needed. I’m having problems with charging also? The engine basically came with it’s own harness for the CDI, coil, stator. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I have thought about the Lifan 125 Swap if there are any significant advantages over rebuilding the CT90 engine. Lifan Engine Swap . Help Support Mini Dirt Bikes: Nov 30, 2006 #1. only 1000 original miles! everyone get your particulate masks on! Some dude on youtube goes all around the world on the S90. The foot-peg mounting kit that DR ATV sells also didn’t fit perfectly, I had to grind a little metal off the foot pegs. Well that’s just perfect. Cheers B, Well , it is running like a top. This entry was posted on July 15, 2010 by malleabis. As you say, 12VDC. I have a honda ct200 with a ct90 engine in it, I just fit the new engine in it. I’m wondering this too. KEEP_ORIGINAL LIGHTS_BATTERY (6V_reg_rec), 12 VOLT REGULATOR RECTIFIER COMBINATION UNIT (214W) (S1070). While I have read about TOP SPEED being improved, I do not see much information about the low end performance. At my size (290 lbs), I need a really low "granny" gear at times. I have an older ct90 with the older school double chainring 2-speed. Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by ToXiKAvEnGeR, Nov 30, 2006. JavaScript is disabled. How to set Valve clearances on horizontal engines. He suggested putting in a 1967+ ct90 engine since it would be an OHC. (111HLU) (OFF_ROAD_USE_ONLY), C70 PASSPORT HEADLIGHT ASSY WITH REPLACEABLE BULB (400020) (OFF_ROAD_USE_ONLY), ATC70 AND_OTHER_ATC'S HEADLIGHT ASSY 1/16P (ATC70HL/10A) exed sorry discontinued, HEADLIGHT_ASSY WITH REPLACEABLE_BULB CT90K2_AND_UP CT110_ST90_ALL (CT70_91/94_READ) 1/14I (400019) (OFF_ROAD_USE_ONLY), HEADLIGHT_SOCKET Z50K1/78 CT70K0_HK0 CT90KO_K1 ALL_ATC90'S (23L), 6V_15W_15W Headlight_Bulb (sold_each) (atc90) (10A) (BULB110), 6V_25w_25w HEADLIGHT BULB CT200 CT90KO/K1 (ATC110_to_1980) (BULB113), HALOGEN BULB 6 VOLT 15W/15W 3 TAB BASE (FITS_400019_HL_ASSY) (FITS_1002W_SOCKET) 7/17R (277P), HALOGEN BULB 6 VOLT 20W/20W 3 TAB BASE (FITS_400019_HL_ASSY) (FITS_1002W_SOCKET) 7/17R (277L), HALOGEN BULB 6 VOLT 25W/25W 3 TAB BASE (FITS_400019_HL_ASSY) (FITS_1002W_SOCKET) 7/17R (330Y), 6 VOLT 35W/35W HALOGEN CT200 CT90K0 (ATC90_ALL) (ATC110_W/POINTS) (DON'T_TOUCH_THE_GLASS) 1/20A (330X), 6_VOLT TAIL_LIGHT_BULB S25 6V 15.7/3W (15F) (BULB111), 6V_21_WATT TURNSIGNAL BULB SOLD_EA (6V_TB) (BULB109), BULB_BLINKER 6V 10W A4115 BA15S G18 7/18P (AFT297C) (BULB108), 6_VOLT_3W DASH_BULBS SPEDO_LIGHTS REPLACES_OEM_# 34902_202_000 (SOLD_EACH) (A62) (B40A) (BULB104), 6_VOLT_1.7W DASH_BULB REPLACES_OEM_# 34908_230_000 (BULB_51) (BULB101), 6V_1.7_WATT BULB CT110 TURN/SPEEDO BULB 82 TO 86 CT110'S (B555) (BULB105), 6V_3_WATT NEUTRAL BULB CT110 82_THRU_86 (B42M) (BULB102), 6V_1.2_WATT DASH_&_OR HIGH_BEAM SEE_APPLICATIONS CT90KO CT90K6_TO_CT110 S90_CT200 (SOLD_EACH) (B43E) (BULB103), 6_VOLT_2.0CP 14MM_ROUND_GLASS (#55_BULB) (BULB119), 12V DASH BULB FOR CONVERTING 6V TO 12V (82_TO_85_ATC110_TAIL_LIGHT) (215M) (BULB106), 12V3.4W_2CP DASH_BULB C70 PASSPORT 1982_+_1983 (218J) (BULB107), *12V_2W PASSPORT DASH_BULB (high_beam) 1/19M (79J), 12V_25W/25W HEAD LIGHT BULB (HL113) (BULB115), 12_VOLT TAIL_LIGHT_BULB 82_&_83_PASSPORTS 1991_to_94_CT70's (MOST_ALL_BIKES) (1157) (BULB114), 12_VOLT TURN SIGNAL BULBS SINGLE ELEMENT (BULB116), 12v_RED_BULBS FOR_CLEAR TAIL_LIGHT_LENS (SOLD_EACH) (274J), 12V_35W_35W REPLACEMENT BULB LOTS_OF_ATV'S AND FOR_400019 (BULB117), *OEM STANLEY HEADLIGHT BULB 12V_45W/45W ATC110 ATC125M ATC185 ATC200 (SEE_FITMENT_!!)

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