He is just getting over a skin condition that caused him to lose patches of fur so there are still a couple of spots with thin to no fur. Sonny is a friendly and loving dog and his mommy and two siblings are devastated and want him home. Sonny is black and grey with some brown and is about 3 years old. He is not declawed and is not wearing a collar. Weighs about 50lbs. She is @3-4 years old, gray tabby with some orange, black tipped mostly on front feet, very sweet but skittish. He lives with us in Inwood. No collar and not microchipped. We miss him dearly. Is micro-chipped. Last seen near W Laurel, Culebra and N Sabinas intersection. 5-6 months old and weighs about 6lbs. Last seen in the Schertz area. Her parents are devastated and any information would be greatly appreciated. Is supposed to have a collar with ID on it. He is about 15 pounds, tan color, possibly a Maltese mix. Maintenance came into my apartment sometime during the day to fix my ac and accidentally let Mr. Kitty out and failed to notify me.

Currently keeping them in the house so they are out of the heat. MM Food Market Ontario Flyer . 10 to 12 lbs. Air Conditioning; Pylon Sign; 1 of 1. Smudge of darker fur under her chin. Valid from November 4 thru November 17, 2020, City: Houston, Tx 77255 He was adopted from SAPA two weeks ago. Excessive neck skin and wrinkly head. Shes super sweet and loving. Lost in neighborhood close to big loues pizza. Friendly! He is a 2 year old male, fixed, microchipped, and his left ear is clipped.

Last seen: City Base Landing-Military-Golliad area. she is my daughters baby and we are heartbroken! We at Culebra Meat Market take pride in offering you fresh, flavorful meat, poultry, seafood, deli meats and cheese. She is easily frightened and we are worried sick that she is very scared and frightened!

Microchipped, no collar. He is friendly but shy. She is a cinnamon coat color with a black tipped tail. She is very friendly and loves everyone there is a tattoo on her belly indicating she is spayed she is chipped missing from backyard She is 12 years old. White stripe down nose, 3 white socks, white tipped tail. Tan 2 year old Labrador German Shepard mix.

LAST SEEN NEAR STAGE RN AND TWO DREEKS. Hes such a good kitty: a sweetheart, affectionate, always goes in his litterbox, indoor kitty only, neutered, up to date with shots, comes with some basic supplies and documents, loves to cuddle, about 1 yr old, gets along with everything and everyone. Female, 1 year and 4 months old, white with brown tabby spots. We live at 900 block of CR3821 San Antonio 78253. He is a very fast runner.

He is a 2 yr old red doberman as was wearing a green color. Orange male tabby neutered microchipped green eyes white belly front declawed green & blue striped bow-tie collar last seen near St. Pauls Community Center on Donaldson & St. Here you'll find La Michoacana Meat Market Specials and The Weekly Ad. Lost-taken on the 600 block of Fay Ave-W.Southcross southside area.

We Are offering. I was told he was a male. ���ZYx��k�ݨʨIGH�������5�Ѫ�.w1j]lop� ����Qؘ�J�{��m2�}��Q�y�ِY[��q�/����tv����z��^lw_�|����k��=}�t�u0�������y�9�.�|��0@��O���P�;����q�ʊ. Description: Moka is black and tan with white on her chest and leg. 0000001631 00000 n Lacey was last seen in Blanco, Tx. No tags, not chipped, not spayed I know I know. Corgi mix spayed Small, white and black chihuahua and terrier mix. Last seen in Oaks of French Creek at Preservation and Bandera Rd. thank you. I miss him so much!! The UC Animal Care number is 210-658-0700 and they are open 10am to 4:30pm.

Last seen in Hidden Forest 5-25, he has a rough neck, bumps on there sometimes and scratches on his ears. She was taken by a man that was parked at the Taqueria on canterbury and culebra.

Browse and view search results on heb.com. La Michoacana Meat Market™ © 2018 All Rights Reserved |, Una publicación compartida por La Michoacana Meat Market (@lamichoacanamm). Friendly, shy, near 78210, brown coat with spotted chest, no colar. Thanks & God Bless. He has a collar with our contact info. 2800 Culebra Rd. Black and White med size - 43 lbs. 9 months old puppy smooth coat, short hair, black with tan markings female chiweenie no collar or microchip, not fixed. Please let us know if you hear anything, thank you! He was lost near Ann Arbor and Silver Arrow on south side of San Antonio 78224. We miss him so much. 0000000856 00000 n She is also a new mother, so her teats are full and sagging. My house backs up to the greenbelt on Village Club. She is a Pocket Bully.

Might answer to her name but can be won over with food. Silver collard choker chain hes not not so friendly he was previously abused with past owners it does take a lot to gain his Trust hes very obedient and knows his name very well. Very sweet and loving. Ramsgate St., San Antonio, TX Mr. Meat Market West 2451 Tecumseh Rd W, Windsor (519) 987-0555.

He is black-gray with some brown. She has a white mark on her nose. He is 12 years old and pretty timid.

120 lbs. Several possible sightings in this area since he was lost. Very sweet and quiet. Please text or call. Will not be available until fixed by vet. Very friendly and excited when she got in the car. Hes brwon, white, and black. He is chipped and really want him back.

W. The Wall Bistro 5205 Gentle Byway, Seattle 98101 . The dog was timid and scared at first but has since become friendly. Dottie is all white except for a brown ear and brown dot on her head. Last seen on E Glenview near Balcones Heights. offering a $500 reward for her return!

She loves to run and will readily jump into your vehicle. Northwest San Antonio near Tezel and New Guilbeau. Villa del sol at flora vista 78224 Her name is clara but might respond to mooshy or mamas. This could be a Harrier or maybe a German Shepherd. Nuetred. She has no tail. He is very friendly with people and other dogs. Blonde, about 30 lbs. Friendly black and white stray. Female French bulldog 6 months old, microchipped. No collar on - IMPAIRED VISION AND HEARING - DENTAL ISSUES - VERY MISSSED PLEASE HELP!!!! Missing: Sherman white chi-terrier mix. Last seen 2-12-2020 on Holbrook RD- Eisenhauer. Multi colored black , grayish with rust coloring on body.

She has black and white paws and a little pink spot on her muzzle. Get in on this . He is a non aggressive cat and only wants attention. She is a black and white Terrier mix, about 27 pounds. Wearing a red collar, skiddish,been missing since 10-17-19.

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