“Contrary to popular belief, it’s not true that white people without a college education voted in larger numbers in 2016. That makes it easy to dismiss the whole thing as a tempest in a teapot or a weird one-off with no broader implications. That primarily means identifying issues it’s helpful for liberals to talk about and how it’s helpful to talk about them. “It looks like the Democrats’ classic stance on Israel – support for the two-state solution, being a fair mediator, promoting peace – all of those still work politically,” he observes. What Is NotMilk, the Latest Alternative Milk on Store Shelves?

And he shows that this is likely because nonviolent protests successfully get the protesters’ perspective on the media agenda, and that violent repression in particular generates sympathetic press coverage. That’s why they have polling and data analysis operations, and it’s why they need people to be able to speak up and discuss trade-offs. He’s also interested in broad adjacent questions, and anyone who knows him is familiar with his frighteningly encyclopedic knowledge of relevant academic literature.

On May 28, David Shor, a political data analyst, sent a controversial tweet.

Meanwhile, she lost a much smaller number of votes in swing states, but the difference was enough for these states and all their electoral votes to end up in Trump’s column. pic.twitter.com/VRUwnRFuVW, — (((David Shor))) (@davidshor) May 28, 2020, The tweet was characterized as “concern trolling” by the podcast host Benjamin Dixon, while Ari Trujillo Wesler, the impresario behind a popular organizing app, denounced it as “anti-Blackness.”. In Most Crucial Swing State, Jewish Suburban Women Can’t Wait to Vote Out Trump, Meet the Tiny Jewish Community That Could Tip the Scales in U.S. Election, Jewish Voters in Maine Like Sen. Susan Collins – and Can't Wait to Vote Against Her. Wasow’s paper is in that spirit, seemingly looking to understand how Black Americans, despite being a politically disempowered numerical majority, were able to influence the political process. This take is tone deaf, removes responsibility for depressed turnout from the 68 Party and reeks of anti-blackness. The Shor story’s ambiguous ending — continued employment under cover of secrecy — suggests that the answer is a resounding “only time will tell.”. So what I advised my clients is to always keep to the general formula on Israel. Now it’s closer to 25 percent. I assure you it is worth your time and full attention.

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