Note: a VHD may appear with the name “PhysicalDrive” in the description, for example, .\PhysicalDrive2. You can capture the image as a full flash utility image (.ffu) file or a set of split ffu (.sfu) files; Capture a desktop FFU that will be split: Captures an image of a drive to a new .wim file. dism /Export-Source . DISM Tool can export a copy of the specified image to another file. Although I know I did search the VLSC earlier this week when I downloaded the 2004 ISO and didn't find the FOD entry. Export a set of capabilities into a new repository. If the bits are not set, DISM won't set them.

Open source is not only a spirit, but also a symbol of strength. Specifies the logical drive, using the DeviceID. To find out how to work with siloed provisioning packages, see Lab 10: Add desktop applications and settings with siloed provisioning packages (SPPs).

Ensure that you have enough disk space for the /Append-Image option to run. Remounts a mounted image that has become inaccessible and makes it available for servicing. This option can only be run on a computer running at least WinPE 4.0. Marks a volume image as being a bootable image.

Adds the modified image to the existing .wim file instead of overwriting the original image. Multiple /CapabilityName arguments can be used. The /online switch tells DISM to work from the windows image that’s currently running The /export-driver switch tells it to grab the contents of the DriverStore folder in Windows. Kindly refer to the following link and check if it works: This option is only available after running CopyDandI.cmd from the ADK for Windows 10, Version 1607, and running dism.exe /Apply-SiloedPackage from the target folder created by CopyDandI.cmd. Please check the box if you want to proceed. If you can help I will be eternally grateful.

DISM Tool can export a copy of the specified image to another file. You must specify /Index:1 for FFU and VHDX files. Captures an image of a physical drive's partitions to a new .ffu file. The image remains mounted until the /Unmount-Image option is used. Here’s the syntax for my system, which I’ll explain in generic form, too: DISM /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:"M:\Sources\install.wim" /SourceIndex:6 /DestinationImageFile:"I:\WIMTest\install.wim" Note: Even though this line breaks in this blog post, it’s actually a single instruction and should be entered as such in PowerShell or Cmd.exe. New in Windows 10, version 1607. The path and name of the FFU image file that will be applied, The path to the phyisical drive that will be imaged. Notice that Windows 10 Home appears in first place, but Windows 10 Pro in sixth (Index:6).

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