Additionally, there are two other "fish island" types that focus on big fish like the Olive Flounder or the Oarfish.

Go to the Dodo Airlines office at the port. Here at iMore, we have everything you need to know about Mystery Island Tours. The other two sections lead to a small basin. I've been actively hunting for hybrid islands for the last few days, and was beginning to wonder if they'd been removed (along with fidget spinner island - I haven't seen it either) I hope they bring them back, but at least I know that it wasn't just me being super unlucky the last few days. Villagers in your move in queue (obtained from other player's voids and there can only be 4) are excluded from appearing in mystery island tours. Press A to confirm "Redeem." Wilbur greeting the player to the mystery island. To purchase a Nook Miles Ticket, you’ll first need to head to the NookStop in the Resident Services Center. An island where the only fish that spawn are size 4 or larger, making it a great place to catch rare size 6 fish. They can be invited to move to the player's island. Fans have named these four islands (as well as all the other islands) as they have no official names: The next set of islands can all show up at any point after the first tour: The last set of islands will only show up after you've upgraded Resident Services: Do you have any questions about taking Mystery Island Tours? If you want to bring rare fish, bugs, and Animal Crossing bells from the mystery island, some tools are necessary, including net, fishing rod and shovel. If you see any valuable butterflies like the blue Emperor Butterfly, be sure to grab them as they’re worth 4,000 Bells each. No river, just a pond and the sea. In addition to all the resources offered by Mystery Tour Islands, you can also recruit new villagers for your island on these tours. Only dragonflies and insects associated with water spawn here. Similar to the tarantula island, there are fish island types. While each of these islands can show up after the first tour, none of the other islands can show up for the first tour. The top tier has many flowers and five rocks. And coming soon. An island with a single, square-shaped cliff in the northeast with a waterfall that feeds a river that flows in a counter-clockwise loop around the island to an outlet on the east coast. Villagers are selected the moment the player initiated a mystery tour, and the villager is rolled first on species, then a villager of that species. The game will not factor in personality types at all, and will not consider duplicates or villagers that you have encountered before. Once you’ve redeemed your Nook Miles, take your Nook Miles Ticket down to the Airport and ask to use it. Lots and lots of trash. Apple's MagSafe Duo Charger was announced last month but with no expected ship date. There are only four islands that show up for a player's first Mystery Island Tour. Join Our Newsletter and keep up to date on the latest from HyperX. What are the different types of Mystery Islands? Normal island set in an elaborate spiral design. Drop us a comment below, and be sure to check out our other Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides for all your Nook approved goodness!

Animal Crossing Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Can you play Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch Lite? We’ve got a few pointers in our tarantula island guide when it comes to making the process as easy as possible. Mystery tours are a feature introduced in New Horizons, which allows the player to visit random uncharted islands from the airport on their island. On the island, there’s a smaller island in the center and it’s here that you’ll want to be in order to catch tarantulas. For example, one is a "fin" island that spawns rare fish like sharks more frequently. If the player has one or more empty house plots available on their island, each mystery tour island will have one random villager camping there.

If needed, you’ll find a crafting station near the airplane which you can use if your tools break.

On this island, you’ll find unique, hybrid flowers that you can’t get on your own island.

A one-layer island where the only bugs that spawn are, An island where seemingly the only "fish" that spawn in the river are, A three-layer island dominated by cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls. Normal island with a curled center water pattern and increased dragonfly spawns.

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