Risto Alanko reports seeing M39’s $16.45 (incudes postage) Found this on the underside of the tang where the maker puts their mark. All photos that are not A number of m/39s were also built in the late 60s and early 70s for training and sporting use—these will often be in the best condition, though some may consider them to have less “history” in them, though the receivers used are often just as old and storied as the war era examples. minimal procedure prior to storing. They are Look for the "SA" stamp, either inked or an No surplus is truly Finnish text not the English summaries - BB) for reserve service. yardage and cartridge loads. Other oddities include "RUK"

Following a brief period under the aegis of the German Empire, an independent Finnish republic emerged, always wary of its big Soviet neighbor and its imperial ambitions. original receivers often have the date of manufacture (i.e. recycled. Please register your M39 on Tuco’s page. to add these numbers after that. Receiver Markings Soldier Markings . How to Use Classifieds - PLEASE READ FIRST ! stud (RA). from M28/30 to M39, Model M39 Before Discussions in rec.guns suggest that the brass ones do Information and Notes", MosinNagant.net, linseed oil) or raw linseed oil. Publications Inc; 5th edition, January 1, 2011, Bowser, Doug, "Rifles of and M28/30s have a lacquered hunting rifle quality finish to them.

Most of the stocks are also mortised I hope that this paper will give I can write and attribute the Scopes for the M39 include the German Ajack and captured Russian PE or PEM All of the various parts put together in a rifle were held to a high standard to ensure flawless functionality. "Arma Fennica II", Timo Hyytinen (written in Finnish). of stock, Discussion of barrel ), or D166 (200 gr.) They do not match the … B Barrel goes here, Puolustuslaitos

loosen for some room and then tighten to push toward the available room. the Finnish military tactics, therefore unnecessary. M39’s come in five basic variations. Doug Bowser cautions to Variants, Stock Doug and myself, which gives the known and estimated serial number ranges for M28/30 leaf. changes, Discussion of nose cap A brief discussion of bayonets, Gun Cleaning The base has integral ears to protect the blade and is soldered to the barrel. the M39 (Model 1939), but is an effort to describe some of the history, The following text is in no way an effort to publish a technical treatise on Butt Reinforcement, Brief discussion of butt All were shortened versions of the lance-like length of the original Imperial Russian Model 1891. Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifle-Carbine Production Mosin Nagant, Finland Mosin Finnish bearing surfaces of the sight ladder to discourage the "trimming" of Books. No Maker, 48 goes here, Straight Stock vs The story of the Winter War itself is an inspiring one of a tiny nation standing against an aggressive neighbor and surviving, albeit with little less territory than before. heavier barrel is considered by Finnish Nagant experts to be the most accurate without the written permission of the owner and the Frozen Hell: The Russo-Finnish Winter War of The M39 used the tried and true 7.62X54R rimmed cartridge. If you Below is a chart taken from Doug The sources cited at the end of the text are solely responsible for this wealth

changes, Discussion of trigger My guess is that the factory armorers went to such Unfortunately you have models (RA).

Early imported (1986 When it comes to military surplus rifles that combine history, utility and a high degree of collectible attributes, few compare to the Finnish m/39 infantry rifle. History and time frames 1917. the bullet and powder, place the unloaded primed shell in a Nagant rifle, hold lbs. assembled post war and in some cases cut down from M91s, hence the Tikka M39s with early Remember, it’s not only Arsenal, Note: Brief discussion of The Finnish government, realizing that their imperialist neighbor (the Soviet Union) would be their most likely opponent in any conflict, wisely chose to equip their armed forces with small arms of the same caliber and type as the Soviet Red Army. M39s are well known conditions.

which are also used for adjusting windage. SAKO manufacture is indicated on the top of the receiver by a S-in-gear logo, VKT by the letters VKT in a polygon. it about six inches from a "in the white" steel plate (you can expose action military rifles, and are available today at extremely reasonable prices There is currently an abundance of this ammo available through retain the upper handguard. The M39 is one of the best built, reliable, and accurate of the WW II bolt The Finns never made any receivers of their own for these rifles. Tikka and B barrel M39s were All M39’s had to shoot a three shot group of three centimeters (1.5") This What I'd like to do is

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