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[1], According to University of Maryland folklorist Barry Pearson, the Goatman legends began "long, long, long" ago and were further popularized in 1971 when the death of a dog was blamed on the Goatman by local residents. A more local legend is that of Goatman. Hill Country, and we welcome you to our family.

if (theYear < 1900) Matt Blitz is the head of the Obscura Society D.C., the real-world exploration arm of Atlas Obscura.

Its original purpose was to carry horses and automobiles across the river. This half-goat half-human hybrid is said to be the result of DNA experimentation at the nearby Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.

Some involve escaped mental patients and others satanic rituals, but the most popular legend has it that the Goatman is the unfortunate result of an experiment involving one Doctor Stephen Fletcher that went horribly awry at his U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory in Beltsville.

The first alleged sighting of this hybrid creature was in the 1970s, when the legend of the Goatman became a cautionary tale to warn kids about the dangers of premarital sex. (Photograph courtesy Mark Opsasnick.) Pearson thinks the legend of the Goatman was influenced by car culture in the ’60s and ’70s, which gave teens the freedom to discover the world around them. Bay Bridge (US 50/301) Lane Closures and Traffic Patterns Scheduled for the Week of Nov. 1 – 7, 2020 October 30, 2020 - 7:13am Bay Bridge (US 50/301) Lane Closures and Traffic Patterns Scheduled for the Week of Oct. 25 – 31, 2020

Opsasnick and his buds, hunting Goatman on Crybaby Bridge, 1980. George’s Woods,” identifies the young men who found Ginger: Ray Hayden, John Hayden, and Willie Gheen. All of these events contribute to a spine-chilling oral history that's been passed down through many, many generations of Maryland locals. While many consider this creature to be a the product of a modern urban legend, those who claim to have had a face to face encounter with this murderous monstrosity say that this horrific genetic aberration is all too real.

John Hayden told Opsasnick he and the others had seen an animal the night before–it was about six feet tall, walked on two feet, and was hairy.

A baby tragically died in the river back in the 1950s, and locals still argue about what really happened that day. theYear=theYear+1900

As to the actual origins of the Maryland Goatman, there are, of course, conflicting reports. Goatman’s Bridge is the common nickname for what’s formally called Old Alton Bridge, an iron-truss span that once connected Denton, Texas, to Copper Canyon.

Lights flicker on and off, strange noises can be heard throughout the house, and breakfast smells waft up from the kitchen when no one is cooking. As to the actual origins of the Maryland Goatman, there are, of course, conflicting reports. While the true origin of Goatman remains cloudy, the terror his sightings invoke is all too real.

The Hickory Creek Baptist Church was organized in 1855, and by 1856, there were several buildings including a school and a saloon.

Evil spirits and mythological creatures are believed to lurk in the deepest parts of creepy Maryland.

While it was a private residence for a number of wealthy families through the years, it's now a public space. The historic Sotterley Plantation was built along the Patuxent River back in the 18th century and is currently the oldest surviving plantation in southern Maryland.

And goats are, you know, kind of freaky anyway: “Goats are known to be smelly and sometimes kinda charming, but if you look at them closely, especially in their eyes, they are really scary in their own way,” Pearson says.

According to urban legend, the Goatman is an ax-wielding half-animal, half-man creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Visitors to the legendary haunted bridge have reported ghostly figures, strange lights, growling sounds from the surrounding woods, and encounters with a half man, half goat creature.

In Bowie, Md., off of Beaver Dam Road near the Beltsville Research Agricultural Center, a bridge has become known as Crybaby Bridge. His living was raising and selling goats. Hayden also noted that it made a “high-pitched sound, like a squeal.” Opsasnick was also able to speak with April Edwards, Ginger’s owner. Some say she's a manatee or a large river otter, while others think she might be a mutant eel or a huge anaconda that got lost. For some, he is but a lonely, angry goat herder who went berserk after finding his beloved goats dead due to teens’ tampering. The bridge is on Old Alton Road, not to be confused with the neighborhood road less than a mile away called Old Alton Drive. Denton’s most famous spectre is a story handed down for generations with a few variations, and that’s the haunted Goatman’s Bridge. Some feel it’s the one the on Governor’s Bridge road, but others insist that nearby Beaver Dam road is its preferred haunt. Apparently, the doctor confessed to creating the Goatman by crossing the DNA of a goat and his assistant William Lottsford, but the experiment wen terribly wrong and result was the malicious, genetic atrocity known as the Goatman. You’re Welcome, Internet. He writes about discovering the world’s mysteries for Smithsonian Magazine, Atlas Obscura, and Washingtonian. He became enamored of the story. Some people have seen a half-man, half-goat figure, similar to a satyr; this odd account of after-death transformation (if this is indeed the Goatman) bears some semblance to the tale of the Donkey Lady Bridge or La Llorona. Noted cryptozoologist LOREN COLEMAN has even suggested that 1970 sightings of a bizarre, axe wielding BUNNYMAN – which, not surprisingly,  hail from a train bridge now known as “Bunny Man Bridge” in Fairfax County, Virginia — are a also associated with Goatman encounters.

These creepy Maryland urban legends will send a chill down anyone's spine.

In all of these cases one should bear in mind that a blatantly ludicrous origin story does not necessarily debunk a legend. The legend goes that they then fitted a noose over his head and threw him over the side of the bridge – but when they looked to see whether he was dead, his body had disappeared. A baby tragically died in the river back in the 1950s, and locals still argue about what really happened that day. Texas Hill Country Facebook page is growing by over 1,000 fans per

Though it is called the “Old Alton Bridge” the community of Alton had already dispersed by 1884. “Maybe there is a half-man, half-animal creature out there.”. This massive, sinister structure, which is also known by the name “Cry Baby” Bridge — due to yet another paranormal tale regarding a distraught young mother who apparently threw her infant off the bridge in a hysterical fit, thus resulting in the ghost-like sounds of a crying baby — is a LOVERS LANE where young couples often retreat for a few moments of privacy, occasionally resulting in a brush with something much worse than an angry father. We also print a beautiful, one of a kind Today, the Baptist Church and the Alton cemetery are all that remains of the Alton village. This attempt was more successful. Still, it is difficult to deny that the Goatman of Maryland seems to be more the product of sizzling, smores infused campfires, than genuine cryptozoological phenomenon. The Goatman also gets around some with numerous sightings from various places, including Texas, California, Indiana and Canada. Travelers say that if you cross the bridge without your headlights, the Goatman will meet you on the other side. Denton County itself was formed in 1846, and the first attempt at settling the county seat was Pinckneyville (named for the Texas governor). Certainly, the newspaper accounts helped. While the Goatman has been associated with various locations throughout Prince George’s County — including a ramshackle house behind St. Mark the Evangelist school, Lottsford Road, Fletchertown Road and Glenn Dale Hospital; the former site of a state tuberculosis  sanitarium – the local with which it is most notoriously associated is Governor’s Bridge in Davidson, Maryland. Even today, he says, “If I mention the Goatman on the first day of class, all the locals know exactly what I am talking about.”.

Is The Paramount Theatre in Austin Haunted By This Spirit.

In Bowie, Md., off of Beaver Dam Road near the Beltsville Research Agricultural Center, a bridge has become known as Crybaby Bridge. We Put Together a List of Good Things That Actually Happened on Election Night. Folks in Denton County, Texas knew Oscar Washburn as a reliable man with good business sense. Goatman Bridge The Old Alton Bridge in Denton County, Texas is better known as Goatman’s Bridge. Crafted with <3 | Terms of Service & Privacy Policy, It didn’t earn the “Goatman” title until half a century.

A more recent theory focuses on the KKK and their ritual killing of African American children being responsible for the haunting of the bridge.

One of the more menacing ghosts that live on Sotterley Plantation is a former owner who still haunts the grounds. There seems to be some discrepancy, however, as to which “cry baby” bridge the Goatman prefers. (Sorry bad pun) In Prince George's County, Maryland there is a bridge called "Crybaby bridge" and it is told that if you go there in the dead of night you will hear the sounds of a goat braying. “Halloween night 1979 was one of the craziest nights of my life,” Opsasnick says. Chessie has been spotted in the bay sporadically since the early 1940s. Clearly, he's a very original monster. The USDA facility has actually been forced to deny that one.

Over the decades there have been numerous alleged sightings of a ghost-like apparition with a goat head haunting the area. The bridge was built in 1884, by the King Iron Manufacturing Bridge Company. Pearson says "bored teenagers" keep the Goatman legend alive by repeating the story and suggesting that the creature attacks couples frequenting the local lover's lane, subsequently stirring interest in sites like Fletchertown Road. Over the years, Goatman stopped popping up in random places and made a home in Prince George's County. The bridge was built twenty-five years later and dubbed the “Old Alton Bridge.”.

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