Toby=creeper. Well, the next Scranton office newsletter better have Stanley as the food critic. i use dBpowerAMP to do this. LOVED the magical riddles clip. I bought this ringtone from at&t and is only like half the song how can I get this one? Goodbye. Yup. Thank you to the kind people who have left comments on how to do all this. Thanks I've never heard that one before actually, that's good. I think this scene shows that there’s no hope for Toby with Pam –a kind of closure — sad for him but a sweet, happy scene for all JAM fans!! he was just a little bit taller than jenna when she was sitting down! i personally thought that was really sad.

New Account Sign In. I put the money in my shoe, and then I forgot about it until now. I tried everything to get the ringtone to my phone, nothing would work because nothing really supports my phone in the way of sending mobile content, but is great! Until this deleted scene and your comment, I had no idea that he worked for Dunder Mifflin. He had a nice calming presence in the office. Verizon customers: I believe that the department is a breeding ground for monsters. ok i thought it was jim at first but i have to agree that it is definitely the camera crew guy saying “that’s a cool camera”. Thanks for posting these. I am going to propose tonight. Home Ringtone Categories this is amazing!!! I can’t wait to see what happens with Dwangela and Phyllis next season! Is going on here! Any more advice? Let’s get some more JAM deleted scenes. I’ve had The Office theme on my phone (Verizon/LGVX5200) for a while now. I'm gonna miss Toby. It includes the best quotes from The Office, voted on by fans.

Loved #4. I love how Jim was on a rollercoaster of emotions that day with the extreme highs of being happy about Pam getting into a school of design and deciding to propose, and the extreme lows with the phone call and voice message with Ryan and the ensuing frustration. And LOLOL at Dwight thinking that the website has come alive again and his greeting to Troy was awesome. Goodbye Moonmen.

Oh wow, we need more Meredith. Wish it would have been in the show. Well.. we know that Toby thinks she'll be great. I have Cingular and was able to download the polyphonic, but at one point during the ring it just sounds like noise and it takes away from the awesome Office theme song sound! Because I am going to miss Toby. My name is Ngoc and I work at which is formerly Troy seemed a little out of place to be brought in, but Dwight and Pam’s reaction to him was funny. When I saw Toby with that fancy SLR camera.. i have original iphone … how do i get themesong from itunes to iphone? And Dwight with his Hobbit references are so funny! Anyone have any success with a Verizon RAZR?

Send yourself a picture message with the sound clip selected as the audio

I’m surprised we haven’t seen the camera crew talk before, they can only spend so much time around the people in the office before they get to know them. I can now enjoy listening to the ringtone when ppl call instead of the annoying tones i had before. I loved Dwight and Andy here with pissed off Jim.

thanks! I LOVED that fourth deleted scene! Thanks for considering us iPhone users!

aw poor toby.

I'm going to be... kind of a daddy. Free Ringtones for iPhone and Android. Ngoc, thanks for the update. are you talking about the 6th clip? bless phyllis, i wish they’d left that in. When you use those websites to send the ring tone to yourself as a picture message is there any extra charges? You mean leaves as in dies?

“Enough of your magical riddles.” hahaha, So, that explains the mysterious person at the edge of Jim’s desk. More Phyllis in season 5!!! Oh how I love Phyllis.

I No, you know what? Thank you in advance. Download Untouched ringtone or send it to your cell phone.

That cracked me up, Dwight’s hysterical. can’t wait for season 5! [email protected] – thank you! I had the same problem and it’s kind of frustrating not being able to get it. . I actually downloaded mine from the Myspace Page. “I hate that bitch. or really make one?….make your own $#@!&! it sounds like jim. ?” very funny. but how cute are pam and jim? His interactions with Michael and Dwight would be comedy gold. The Oscar and Stanley bit wasn’t very interesting, but I loved Angela and Andy! I’d been trying to figure out how to do that, and all the other links made it sound so much more complicated than it actually was. Hey! Goodbye To A World. :-). Go directly to shout page. All you do is browse your computer for the file you want, click upload, and then it’ll give you a code and a url to go to on your mobile, and you enter the code and it’s downloaded directly to your phone. If you get the .wav (the only one I could find), it doesn’t sound exactly like it… Even iTunes doesn’t have it! This episode was such a great one for Phyllis. I don’t think I stand alone in saying that Troy should make more appearances or have his own show.

Michael Scott: number 5, i agree was a bit of a throw away. Nobody wants to hear about your efforts to clear the building of raydon gas – least of all Michael Scott – especially when he’s near a microphone. In the past, he seemed to try and get away from conflict in lieu of confronting others and working things out. Can someone please make a ringtone of Dwight and Andy’s rendition of Take Me Home, Country Roads. “And it’s not even a good beard.”. I have an Alltel Razor and I have the ringtone on my phone in the sounds file, but how do I set it as my ringtone? I make ringtones all the time for my phone. But it’s only in small doses, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing for the show, as it adds depth to his character. Let us know what you think of the website.

You should look through it, it's-- and in fact it's right next to that little breakfast place that you like in the city where you can draw on the tables. You know, if we hung Holly from the ceiling, we'd have to kiss underneath her. I just want a free office ringtone.. how do i get that? but we already knew he also worked for dunder mifflin. Toby didn’t take the cover off the camera did he? It is said by the guy behind the video camera. Could you add Michael’s Goodbye Song to the ringtones. If your phone supports mp3 ringtones just make sure that the clip is under 300kb. It explained so much. if anyone can help, please do! He was so angry! Even as deleted scenes, they add to the realism of the show. Won’t even let him finish his goodbye speech.

To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! 1 like. =). I’m confused.. How do i get this on my LG? I saw it in a movie. Come on, Andy, wake up!

:), 77: Go to directly from your Pearl and click on the link for the mp3 format of the ringtone. The real crime, I think, was the beard. Thanks Brittany and Jim. Eh…#5, so-so. Whether you prefer movies, celebrities, or your favorite sports Third, convert the file in the bitpim program. If he does feel superior to Ryan I think it is sort of justified, as Jim and others have pointed out Ryan has never made a sale and Jim is actually a good salesman who is good at his job. I sent the text message like it says, but didn’t get the ringtone. Send the e-mail and it should come through as a picture message, then just save the sound to your phone and set it as a ringtone! I’m using an Audiovox phone on Bell Mobility in Canada and it works wonders. the song should play for you on your blackberry. I have had a deep fried Snickers, though, and it was awful–like eating food that has already been digested. Save the file you want to your computer, upload it to the site, and then use your mobile browser to the address the site gives you – it’s fast, it’s free, and it works with a great number of phones and carriers. Usually, I am glad the deleted scenes are cut, but this one was great! It’s usually just as easy as copying it to your phone and setting it as the ringtone in settings, but most phones you must send the file through a message and/or get it in a different file type. And I am now his cruise director. I keep hoping this will occur to someone else, and it will appear somewhere. I’d really like the Rockin Robin, Idiot, and Lazy Scranton ringtones. Of course, I knew the answer…. if you dont have a cable for your phone, but you have a memory card for your phone, just transfer the mp3 to your memory card into the right folder. I have a T-Mobile Blackberry 8700g. I am looking for Hunter’s song “That one night! Thanks for the heads up about Troy appearing in the cafeteria during The Deposition. Please help! Trying to collect all tones fron every character’s phones on the Office. It made Phyllis look pretty stupid, talking as if her mother was dead, when really she was just at water aerobics. i love you!!! So Ryan, to give the impression of sales, recorded them twice. (you can send pictures too). I used to have the Office theme song as my main ringtone on my LG, but the iPhone wouldn’t let me use it when I got my 3G. --for Holly. OMG – they could put out a whole season based on the deleted scenes.

The deleted scenes are just SO awesome. Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. You cheated on me? I was thinking... fireworks. haha. I have a Motorola I850 phone with Nextel as my provider. Thanks, I see that the MP3 is on the office website, and I can play it… but how do I save it to my computer so I can use it as a ringtone? I have bell mobility, how can I get the office ring tone using this particular wireless service 8D. Oh, and Jim’s talking head was great!

he is in the cafeteria scene in the deposition. Pretty sure it’s Toby who says the “cool camera” line. BUT….I’m an idiot when it comes to cool techy stuff…HELP! UGH. I REAAAAAALLY need it I want this tone more than anything but i can’t download it! #42 – They included the deleted scenes on all the DVDs through season 3 at least so I expect they’d keep it up with season 4.

Dont Say Goodbye. How much is it? thanks. I hope he’s not gone for good!

Besides, they owe us for the shortened season. No. Is that/this the first time the documentary crew has been heard saying something? I don’t think Jim comes off as arrogant in that scene. Toby should have made his move for Pam in S3 — poor Toby waited too long. Please help!! Wasn’t there a scene in the promo showing Michael putting a scarf on Toby?? “Make your own f*%$ing sandwich.” Oh man, that scene was AMAZING. Some of the deleted scenes are better than what actually ends up on the actual show. I’ve been wanting The Office ringtone forever now, but could not figure out how to do it, lol. sorry for another comment, but 3 more things watching the fourth clip: 1)troy is sooooooo short! Dwight/Meredith scenes were AWESOME! Man they really managed to turn Toby into a huge creepy weirdo. i love it! Sucks. Soooo blackberry users can’t use the Idiot ringtone because there isn’t an MP3?

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