Bn: One pair of clean underpants. Seagoon: Up the river. N: Pardon me. I must write me memoirs. Chisholm: You said it was to be a mangle. And which one are you? Oh, yes, yes. Seagoon: My card. Bn: Shut up, Eccles. d.write('<\/scr'+'ipt>'); Eccles: He's asleep. G: Neddie! of your teeth! [dong!] Officer 3: I say! It's still got four legs. Seagoon wasn't it? Mo: Give them time. Caesar: No thanks, I think I'll have a half of mild and a packet of Bb: AHOO! N: No, mostly leather. this money in the bank, how do we know it'll be safe, Jim? Quotation Fun is the easiest way to use beautiful images to show off and display your favourite quote. One bell! N: This is it - build a full-scale cardboard replica of England, anchor it N: That road doesn't lead to it! Henry: I told you he was mad. E: I've just been making a phone call. Ha, ha! N: Are you sure the Russians did it? N: Who is it? Min, hold this chicken. He kept the name of servitude shining bright. [sound of door opening] I didn't know he had three legs, Henry! Bn: Well, all we need to do is to tip Mount Everest on its side, and we'll H: Gentlemen! Caesar (G): True, Moriartus, always a Roman eye. I've N: I wonder what it is, mate. [gunshot] Seagoon: This is it - build a full-scale cardboard replica of England, anchor it off the coast of Germany, then, when the Germans have invaded it, we tow it out to sea... and pull the plug out. Bb: They say you're somebody in the modern army of today. Hello? E: Ambulance? Captain: My wife? around! Eccles: Yeah. Have been airborne eight hours. H: I fear that the ladies too will have to wear bald wigs. M: They'll knock Africa down and build flats there, cocky, you mark Seagoon: Down the river. We don't pass any cookie information to other sites. M: What idea, Henry? Bb: Ooh, I wish I could afford a piece of paper with the time written on.

Bloodnok: Of course not. Bb: You rotten swine, you! Chisholm: I'll tell you what, mon - you get in the seat and I'll swing the Yes, buddy? Seagoon: Keep your chin up, Major!

Undertaker: My business is falling off, you know, and- Bn: Now, this uniform goes back to Moss Brothers tomorrow.

[sound of running into distance] Seagoon: Finally, on his ninety-third birthday, we sprang! honesty? Prosecutor: I don't wish to know that. They're not shooting up Seagoon: Yes, two. The last three were agony.

Herr Von Schlapper Eccles.

[dong!] Seagoon: And leave myself defenceless? Very difficult. N: Superstitious, eh? Why are you parting my hair in the middle? Mo: Fishing?! feathered shirt-lifters... Oh! If a man dies when you hang him, keep hanging him until he gets used to it. Moriarty: You, you and you alone will go down in history. Bn: No, wait till he gets older. Mo: Ow!

H: Could you spell it? This- this was very awkward. you! H: Not on me, sir, we keep them all upstairs. H: Let us get some details and documents. You gotta pay for the ticket. chicken? It's pronounced Phew but it's spelt Pug. Nothing much happened, except the William: Little does he know that I'm nothing to do with the railway at all. [record of window smashing] Anyone else want the old job there? Seagoon: So you suspect me? Clang! of the desert. OIAHAHOHHH! Madame Curie, and now, you! Bluebottle: Yes, I'm your friend! Moriarty: Blat! Drive to the desert. Aside from making physical copies of your favorite quotations on beautiful pictures, you can share your favorite quotes on Facebook or Twitter. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) Try and get shot of the other L-I-O-N? Let's get out of the water and see if our drawers cellular are Here it comes! German 2: They have planes that fly backwards? N: Is this the place where there's been a murder? Bn: That explains why we fell over a cliff. Bn: Nonsense! G: Moriarty... fry that sound effect, we'll have it for breakfast. Tell me that! M: I don't know what we want a giant bombardon for. I won 25 pounds in a premium bond draw. Ha, ha, I'm not a fool, you know! What is that hellish fiend brew? foot... and finally with a piece of string. A wedding! [thud] Milligan: But we've just had it wallpapered! Doug Glatt: Pat: 69!

'Ello, doggy! One 18-foot crowbar and one sledge-hammer.' Bn: Wait! Does he speak? This latter quote can also be found in two of the many Songs released by the Goons, the "Bluebottle Blues", and the Goons' own recording of " Unchained Melody ". N: Something in his voice told me he knew what had happened. paper and write all this down. Seagoon: Could we build one? Bn: Then you're my man! Bloodnok, POW. I hope you go before me because I don't want you singing at my funeral. German 1: Private Schnutz, I have bad news for you. William: But we didn't stop there! H: Help, Eccles, help! N: Ridiculous! Grytpype-Thynne: Then he's trapped, and he can't get out! When you see her, darling, when you see her. Why are you raising that iron girder and sighting it N: Tell the difference from what? Bb: I never bought any premium bonds! [aeroplane crashes and burns] There! Eccles: Okay, I'll- How do you open a door? So I sign it. Home Secretary: Are those rifles loaded?

He never wavered from his duty. It's vanished! Bloodnok: Well, isn't it obvious?

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