Contact Us As of now i have 3 rodholders, 2 flush mounted and one scotty. If there's a convienient store you go to regularly (where they know your face/name) just ask them for one.

PM sent. Kayak Rigging - Presented by Hook1 Kayak Fishing Gear.

I might actually put a trolling motor on this thing too. The stadium seat idea works great btw. addy41629 = addy41629 + 'yakangler' + '.' + 'com'; I'm not yet 70 (59) but I still ge[…], I have them marked on my boat with a yellow paint […].

I don't know what kind of trolling motor you want to install. Have a 2011 Heritage Redfish 10 angle and the seat is a bit uncomfortable for me. //, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. I have the same boat and I am thinking about adding Rocket Launcher rod holders to it. var addy41629 = 'support' + '@'; Any ideas, recommendations, pictures, etc. Seems like there is a lot if knowledgable fellas out there. I found a "half-sized" milk crate at my work, put two short pvc rod holders on each side. I do not have the DVC seating and wonder if it was worth it or if there were better options. Any other suggestions for fishing the bays? SAWS and Austin Water need to build a desal plant[…], Hi and welcome! First thing on my add list is an anchor trolly, and a stakeout stick. I might however install longer holders and extra bolts, but so far its working great.

While we were in the store I picked up a camo stadium seat with a nice cushion and sturdy, metal frame and it fits in like a … It is 100% more comfortable now.

I'll post a pic when I get home tonight. I was looking at it in the garage when i got home and really noticed the holes that are part of the design that go all the way through the yak. But I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, there's seating options available. I'm just trying to brainstorm as if now, but all these ideas help! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); - All times are UTC-04:00 - A rudder will help out slot. I just put a hummingbird 153 on it last weekend and haven't really tried it much. I'm not quite sure on how to go about finding one that fits well. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The seating is miserable (especially on the butt) so I bought this hunting chair from academy and it fits perfectly and the back strap on the kayak holds the back for me so I don't have to modify anything.

I just bought a gardening knee pad from walmart for the bottom. I also have the 10' heritage and love it. I had a full length anchor trolly on my yac and thought about it getting hung up or coming lose from the bow so I moved the forward connection back to where I could reach it if I needed to. Did anybody upgrade the seat on theirs? You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The administrator has disabled public write access.

I'm not yet 70 (59) but I still ge[…], I have them marked on my boat with a yellow paint […]. Best of all, everything is still easily accessible(a problem i ran into with the larger crate was that it was difficult to reach around it to the stern). Wanted to see what others would recommend for a seat. I have a Heritage angler 10 also and that back strap does not help at all. The seat that is installed now seams to be just a black foam seat with heritage … Lilbradford wrote:Did anybody upgrade the seat on theirs?I'm not quite sure on how to go about finding one that fits well. I have a Heritage angler 10 also and that back strap does not help at all.

Saltwater - Presented by Slowride Guide Services, Bass Fishing - Presented by Mariner Sails, Kayak Rigging - Presented by Hook1 Kayak Fishing Gear, General Discussions(Request Access to the General Discussion Usergroup). Anyone? Rigged her up with a home-made full length anchor trolley that cost $8, and found a milk crate at Tractor Supply Co. for $6.

var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; I got a milk crate from a convenience store. I decided to buy a Heritage Angler 10 because I do not plan on using it in any larger bodies of water (at least not yet). I do not have the DVC seating and wonder if it was worth it or if there were better options.

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