I would rather pay for a patch that makes it run like a charm till 1945 - 1950 then for modifiable ships.

Keeps the big guns at harbor until the patrol has confirmation for a strike force to deploy. Focus your fleet into a massive battlefleet and patrol one area only, the central Mediterranean is best. Carriers have 0 chance against a battle cruiser in direct combat and can be destroyed.

A single Admiral can lead 10 unique groups, so pile lots under one great admiral, even if it’s not his ‘specialty’. (can construct avg 2-4/year), CA Heavy Cruiser / Coastal Defense Ship – can be expensive, slow to Moderate speeds, Medium to heavy firepower, BC Battle Cruiser – Moderate in nearly all categories. Don't forget that in the beginning of the war you're also fighting the French fleet which is considerable, you can take it but not both them and the UK, any team-up =death. When task force(s) are performing a mission in their fleet's assigned regions, an icon will be visible in the centre of each of these strategic regions. its needed to combat doomstacking. Along with other important information, this maximum number of regions is visible when the cursor is hovered over the convoy escort mission icon in the centre of any region where the mission is taking place. It's a light cruiser so the AA is fine but the DP main batteries are a huge waste (light cruiser batteries are more than double the light attack and light attack piercing at a lower price). -=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=-. Cam, you say, if I need 4 ‘screens’, and both a Destroyer and Cruiser are 'screens', then is a Destroyer equal to a Cruiser? They were probably on their way to Madagascar or something. In my opinion, you shouldn’t purchase an upgrade that has a time reduction penalty still locked. Especially if constructing capital ships! So why use a Super Heavy Battleship at all? If a fleet does not have enough raiding task forces for the area it covers, their efficiency will be reduced. The last thing you want is your shiny new 60-plane ubercarrier to slide into the drink because you got laid out by a pair of Light Cruisers on patrol. Some are great, others are not as effective, especially after several years of content changes, patch releases, DLC updates, multi vs single-player settings and more. When the strategic navy map mode is selected, existing convoy routes are shown on the map. 2. In that feeling I guess I’ll be this skinny weird dude to your Thanos. Striking at the enemy's ports will cripple their ability to rebuild their fleet. Consume fuel at 80% of their normal rate of fuel consumption. But you don’t even need to memorize it. Minesweeping: A couple of Destroyers with a single sweeper kit can be left to their own devices and do good work. Use light cruisers to raid instead (ones with higher detection, since it also reduces your visibility). Cruiser subs are pretty decent. The quality cruiser is anything but. The RAF stalked our every move. Projects and perspectives .

Also, if I choose to just move my fleet (without a mission) towards other ships Ik are there, will they engage? So let me close on this: I’m an unorthodox player. ), if you manually put them on tile next to land province, will provide bombardment bonus to any land battle taking part in there - patroling does not do it, light cruisers and below don't, there's one counter to navies - air force - naval bombers are real good at sinking ships, in port or at sea, there's even better counter to navies - ignoring them, and sending paratroopers to islands like UK and Japan; like with all Paradox games, naval supremacy matters little. This will allow us to dominate the seas by sheer numbers. Seashell. This is similar to the approach of Japan and the United States. Have a chance of incurring damage due to accidents. Once these convoys have arrived at their destination safely, the assigned task forces will hold position adjacent to the landing site to provide support via shore bombardment as long as a battle is taking place. All other research speed modifiers are added to this. The whole air model in naval combats is now more in line with the rest of the game and takes place in the airzone as you would expect. I won Ethiopia and helped Spain. And gargantuan, shit-filled boat may as well appear to be islands to an airplane. Naval and port strikes by air wings trigger a naval battle that lasts a single hour. CV conversions do not rely in their parent class for engine upgrades. Some nations start the game with a pre-enabled naval doctrine: Note: It's possible to change doctrine throughout the game, but all bonuses from the old doctrine are lost, as if completely abandoned, when starting research of a different doctrine tree. Otherwise the battle lasts until one side is fully escaped or destroyed. The trade-off under this doctrine is that light cruisers and destroyers have mediocre anti-submarine warfare capabilities and weak escort efficiency bonuses, so vulnerable friendly shipping may require more effort to defend. CV Carrier 36+ - can be cheap to moderate, reliable, requires an escort.

I posted this earlier on Reddit and it still holds quite well for the La Resistance content update. Naval Yards are actually quite cheap to construct at 6400 production vs MILs 7200 and CIVs 10800. It would be extreamly costly if you destroy a carrier. I feel it would behoove them to adopt this brilliant naval formula for the aircraft portion of the future game.

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