It’s running great.

But has it gotten any better. Though a Holley Dominator EFI was already on board to control the ignition and automatic transmission, an MSD 6LS ignition would fit the average enthusiast's ignition needs nicely. Electric steering from Saturn VUE. One thing to keep in mind: go too far and engine damage can result. Only a few things are required to replace a carburetor with a Super Sniper: battery power, switched power, an RPM signal, coolant temp, wideband O2 sensor, and a high-pressure fuel system. Just think where OEM’s mount their ECU’s. The new Super Snipers are designed for high-horsepower naturally-aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged applications. This is the original 1979 350ci small-block. Not perfect placement, but there really wasn't another option. I started by adjusting the fuel prime – which squirts a small amount of fuel into the intake to aid in start-up. I emailed their tech support over the weekend and here's what they said: I agree; the Sniper works awesome.

You can change your parameters for Learn and CL within the software as well as AF ratio's. "I'm just a victim of a thousand psychic wars.". It’s not something that a lot of automotive writers are adept at doing.

Check out the photos as we hit the high points of converting this car from a carburetor to Super Sniper 1250 EFI. To mangle the words of Sir Winston Churchill, "Never in the field of drag racing have so many horsepower owed so much to so few dollars.". We decided right off the bat to install the fuel pump inside the tank. Next came air/fuel ratio adjustments.

Thanks for the review. When I finished the install on my C10, I set it as follows: 13.1 at idle, 14.2 at cruise, and 12.9 at WOT. Where did you install the oxygen sensor? Holley Super Sniper EFI Makes Up To 1,250 HP For Just $1,500. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
FFR 4193, 750HPcarb, 392W, tremec 3550-II mid shift kit,4 into 4 ,Mark VIII IRS w/3.55 gears,15\" five lug Halibrands, 245/60 275/50 BFG\'s, Torch red w/white stripes, chrome roll bars & pipes, Power Steering, started puttin it together 3/03, go karting 3/04, paint 3/05, on the road 7/05

Paul. Notwithstanding, the Super Sniper includes plenty of additional inputs and outputs so your muscle machine can enjoy the additional benefits of electronic control. The weeks following the install saw me slowly increase the air/fuel ratio numbers to lean the system. As far as a fuel mileage increase? We traveled to Holley's Bowling Green facility for the skinny on how to install a Super Sniper 1250 on their in-house, turbocharged 1974 Chevelle. I didn’t change the WOT air/fuel ratio too much – yet. This is extremely easy for our vehicles, all that is needed is a factory Ford fuel pump hanger and an Aeromotive 11540 fuel pump. Normally, I’m one of those not-so-adept follow-uppers. Just answer a few questions before the first start-up, and the system tunes itself as you drive.

© 2017 Power Automedia. I then pulled over and enriched the fuel mixture (lower numbers).

Randy Bolig has been working on cars and has been involved in the hobby ever since he bought his first car when he was only 14 years old. They feature either four or eight 100 lb/hr fuel injectors to feed the needs of 650 or 1250 horsepower applications.

During normal cruise-mode on the Interstate, I slowly leaned the air/fuel ratio (increased numbers) until I noticed the engine starting to surge slightly. All rights reserved.

© 2020 Power Automedia.

I have a Coupe, and the pipes go from 4-into-2, so I’ll be sampling from just 2 cylinders. The Super Sniper 650 and 1250 can be as simple or sophisticated as you need. The Holley Sniper EFI kit Davin installs in place of the carburetor requires the addition of only minimal wiring.

Now with roll cage and more track stuff, wrecked, beaten, blown-up, man-handled, cut up, butchered, Freaky body mods, sat on by HOOTERS girls, still barely street legal. Now, Holley has extended the Sniper EFI lineup to include the Super Sniper 650 and Super Sniper 1250.

After installing the Sniper and running for a few weeks with the initial air/fuel settings as mentioned, I saw roughly 1 ½ to two-miles per gallon increase.

Fortunately, Holley's Super Sniper EFI system makes converting to electronic fuel injection straightforward.

Follow up. I can’t say whether or not I made any major improvements in that area, but I didn’t hurt it either. I agree; the Sniper works awesome. The A-body housed a (stock!) With the Super Sniper 1250 system installed, the turbocharged Chevelle belted out over 900 rear wheel horsepower and over 860 lb-ft of torquewith a self-tuning "entry level" EFI system.

I … We installed and ran all three units on a ’66 Biscayne wagon that has a very basic small-block Chevy in it. I was worried that wouldn’t be enough, so I’m glad to know that yours is working well sampling just 1 cylinder. It's been running w/o issue for.

The words "budget," "easy" and "900 horsepower" usually don't go together.

Not the picture of efficiency when new. FFR5148K MkII Roadster, Engine #4 - 331 CI 465 HP w/ FITECH Fuel Injection, 3-link, disc brakes, SN95 Cobra Front brakes, FR500 17" Wheels.

Arguably the most attractive part about the Super Sniper is that for its sophistication and power-handling capability, it is among the most affordable and easy-to-use EFI systems out there.

F5R #7841: Anniversary Edition MK4, Ford Racing 427, Edelbrock EFI, Gas-N Pipes, Stainless Headers, TKO600, 3.31 Moser 3-Link, 17" Halibrands​. As a refresher, the Sniper EFI kit I installed is rated for engines developing up to 650 horsepower. There's even a handy boost control and an adjustable boost air/fuel ratio curve to keep your blown beast in one piece. I have the O2 sensor mounted vertically in the #3 primary exhaust tube (SBF) about 9 inches from the port. Holley repaired it under warranty, no questions asked. I used the Holley Sniper Master kit PN 550-511k. Well, the Super Sniper can control either "wet" or "dry" nitrous systems as well, including a progressive control strategy and a lean/rich safety cutoff.

Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Chevy Hardcore, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! SEMA 2020: Stay Cool With DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel Shield, SEMA 2020: Proform’s Svelte New Slim-Fit Radiator System, NEW Holley Sniper EFI-Conversion Fuel Tanks, Building a 950-Horsepower, 10,000-RPM Engine As A Teaching Tool, Gaptized: Chip Cox’s Bold 2,000 HP Twin-Turbo LS C10 Pickup. I learned my lesson as I had to figure out how to rewire the box with the body installed, that was a real pain as I did all my wiring with the body off and didn’t think about some day replacing this item. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

This is one area that too much really is a bad thing. I also noted that after some time, I could change those values as I saw fit. One of the great features of Holley’s Sniper is the ability to set your air/fuel ratio (AFR) where you want it.

A forum community dedicated to Factory Five owners and enthusiasts. These are the fuel injection … Next up we have the Holley Black Sniper EFI Fuel Injection System, which is the best fuel injection system for those who want a full master kit. We tapped in there, however it isn't 10* above's pretty much horizontal or a little less. If you have to tweak it a bit, that's easily done. I wanna keep posted on this thread. Still mostly Gel-Coat Grey! Here we look at the Holley Sniper, FiTech Go Street EFI, and the FAST EZ-EFI.

We love modern technology. It supports up to 650 HP to 1250 HP.

In my opinion there's still a sufficient angle that moisture shouldn't collect on the sensor damaging it. All rights reserved. JavaScript is disabled.

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