Keep us updated. I have now the same problem but it also says the check the airbags, abs and brake system does anyone knows what it is?

So, the idea behind any diagnostic, trying to figure out why the car won't start, is to perform tests on the fuel system, the ignition system, an the Engine Mechanical system.

So, the idea behind any diagnostic, trying to figure out why the car won't start, is to perform tests on the fuel system, the ignition system, an the Engine Mechanical system. I have a 2012 Honda Civic.

After doing so, you should take out the computer and try with a different one. Did you get the stored error code they saw? I then decided to try to start the car again, and I noticed, as I put my foot on the brake pedal, that it was hard to push in. Neither of us are experienced mechanics, but we wanted to see if there was something obvious even we couldn't miss. Tonight, I was getting hungry, so I stepped outside into my car and thought I was gonna go for a 5-mile drive for some fast-food.

The lights worked and everything seemed fine, but the car still wouldn't start. My advice would be don't mess with it and have them tow it in and fix it for you tomorrow. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real diagnostic testing information to help you solve the problem! My car stalls out of the blue, almost every day. Thanks for the update.

Does Not Crank Condition: Means that the engine is not cranking when you turn the key to crank the engine. 2016 models might have a software issue as per this thread, I can't confirm that but the solution might work for you.

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My ABS kicks in just as it should but when it does, I get a noise that sounds almost like a pump not working...the noise quits as soon as I let off the brakes. The fuel system component that causes the majority of ‘no start no fuel’ problems: Main relay (this is the relay that supplies the fuel pump and fuel injection computer with power). *Couldn't find anything.

Here's a brief description: Cranks But Does Not Start Condition: Means that your Honda's starter motor is cranking the engine but the engine is not starting. If one of the wheels is starting to lock up, it’ll apply the maximum amount of brake to that wheel in order to keep it from sliding. TL;DR: 2012 Civic won't start. In this article I'll show you the basics of testing/troubleshooting such a problem.

Your problem seems to be different than mine but symptoms were similar. I did use Cruise Control for half an hour before I parked the car. Follow us on Facebook. Any ideas out there? Disclaimer. I got the car back yesterday. That’s why we recommend having the ABS system fixed as soon as possible. The engine pistons and cylinder head valves (and all the other related components like: timing belts, etc.) The antilock brake system runs through the ABS module.

Hey. Honda  |   This article applies to the Honda Civic (1992-2000).

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If one of the wheels is moving slower than the others it on its way to locking up. Take it to the dealership for a quick check maybe an oil change and they should be able to reset and check if it was giving false codes to show check engines lights on, sometimes it's just the gas cap wasn't turned past three clicks. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The ABS then takes activates on that wheel in order to keep it from locking. You must log in or register to reply here. Any ideas? The key to troubleshooting the no start condition of your 1.6L Honda Civic, is to know that the engine needs 3 things to start and run.

Messages: 3,081 Location: Fayetteville, NC Vehicle Model: Civic Si Body Style: Sedan.

Since I had taken pictures and noted down the code that forced them to take a hard look and talk to Honda.

If there is anything you would like to add, please leave a comment below.

I was able to push it in further to turn on the brake light, but the car still won't start. There's a world of a difference between a No Crank and a No Start condition. The fuel system is the one responsible with supplying the engine with fuel. The ABS then takes activates on that wheel in order to keep it from locking.

Quite a few things can cause your 1.6L Honda Civic (Civic del Sol) to Crank but Not Start.

Yall are the best. My brother and I checked out the car to see if there was something clear we could identity. When your Honda Civic (Civic del Sol) cranks but does not start it's because one of these 3 things is missing from the mix. It has been scanned, the computer feeding checked and apparently everything is now ok.

Brakes are hard. Most of the time, the wheel speed sensors are going to be what triggers it. Anything anyone might be able to say to lend some insight would help a great deal.

Typically, corrosion is the most common reason why the module fails. When an engine won't run, it's because one or more of these four things are out of wack.

Most auto parts stores will have a free scanning service that they would be happy to let you utilize. 8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification, TH400 Transmission Specs, ID, and Common Problems, Honda City:  ABS Light Meaning & Diagnosis, Honda CR-V:  ABS Light Meaning & Diagnosis, Chevy Impala: Brake Lights Stuck On → Diagnosis.

Your Honda Civic’s ABS Light comes on when it fails a self diagnostic cycle.

Good luck!

Honestly, I've never had to deal with anything like this before.

Although rare, internal engine mechanical problems can and do cause no start conditions.

This is due to my short trip pattern and the effects of the Honda dual charge circuits. 9th civic! Your Civic’s ABS system uses a system of sensors to determine wheel speed when braking. Many times it happens that I open the switch and all the lights but the check engine one are turned on, and then the engine won't start.

Today morning when I started everything looked normal. Let's find out more about it in the next subheading. A good one will.

they seem to have replaced some transmission control module. Lets hope we don't see any more engine problems.

Called Honda Roadside assistance, but they can't tow my car until tomorrow because the dealership is closed., 2017 Touring hard start and "Emission System Problem". If the fluid level is too low to keep pressure in the ABS lines, the ABS light will come on.

attached is the repair document.

Like every other vehicle, Honda owners can experience several problems with their anti-lock brake system (ABS).

The fuel pump can be tested to make sure it has really fried. Damaged or unplugged ABS sensor, failed solenoid in the ABS modulator unit, defective wheel speed sensor and/or bad bearing are some of the common ones. If the check engine light is on it means that there is some sensor which is damaged, but apparently not causing any failure in your vehicle. When the vehicle stalls, I open the switch and check whether all the lights are on, the only case in which the car starts again.

Brakes are hard.

For example: a bad fuel pump, a bad igniter (ignition control module), a bad ignition coil, a busted timing belt and the list goes on. Will update when I receive vehicle back.

This module physically controls the anti-lock brake system  If it becomes damaged, and can no longer control all four brakes, the ABS light will activate. I wanted to bump this thread.

Here are the three most common causes of the ABS light coming on: The wheel speed sensors are responsible for monitoring the wheel speed and sending it back to the computer system. Thank you so much.

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I had to drive back home 1 mile but it was stuttering and constantly beeping with warnings. ... and then the engine won't start. Brakes are hard. ).

This exact thing just happened to my ex-l with approx 5,700 miles.

In other words, the engine doesn't turn over at all. Transmission control unit is different than VTC oil control they replaced on my car. All cars need four things to run: Fuel, spark, compression and timing.

Hope someone can help me, ... Anti lock brake system. This problem has caused my 2017 civic touring to fully shut down and not start. I felt awkward putting my key into the ignition, and I didn't successfully start the car. When your Honda Civic (Civic del Sol) cranks but does not start it's because one of these 3 things is missing from the mix. Yes, you can drive your Civic with the ABS light on. Terms of Use It is not advisable to ignore your Honda Civic’s ABS light.

It's also idling / shaking more than normal and sounds like it's knocking .

Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2016 Honda Civic based on all problems reported for the 2016 Civic.

Skidding tires also create flat spots in the tire, which can be inconvenient and dangerous in itself.

I was stepping on the pedal and it was okay, I thought nothing of it.

Will try and take it in tomorrow / ASAP. I guess I can tell them to call Honda but they never pick up the phone when you try to call them. I have a 2012 Honda Civic. Supporting Member bauer311 Supporting Member. TL;DR: 2012 Civic won't start.

Nothing noticeable engine-side. Same thing happened three weeks after buying my 2016 Civic EX.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Good luck and enjoy the ride. ABS Module.

So, the idea behind any diagnostic, trying to figure out why the car won't start, is to perform tests on the fuel system, the ignition system, an the Engine Mechanical system.

The scanner has been connected but no code is released (only the ABS code and the Catalytic converter one). Honda Civic 2005 160000 miles. This failure is not provided by the scanner. The ABS light is different than the brake warning light itself. Discussion in 'Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat' started by bauer311, May 1, 2016.

Not sure what the problem is exactly, but that's all I know about it. First of all I have a Honda Civic 2017 EX-T 1.5 Liter Turbo w/Sensing.

In my experience, the most common component failures, of the ignition system that cause a no start no spark condition are: Ignition control module (ICM) -most commonly known as the igniter. When this sensor is no longer sending a signal to your Civic’s ABS system, it is no longer functioning properly and the ABS light will be activated on the dashboard. Now, as the computer recibes a signal from a fuse and has got a relay, you should first check this two things.

You should also complain about the problem to Honda Customer Service at 1 (800) 999-1009 so that they have a record in case dealer doesn't report them. Without the pressure the ABS will no longer be able to physically activate. I've been having the same kind of situation. This happened to me yesterday while my EX-T with 428 miles on it was parked in the street overnight.

It's with the dealer now, and they have given me a loaner. 'Emission System Problem', 'Brake System Problem', 'Brake Hold System Problem', Vehicle Stability Assist(VSA) Problem, 'Hill Start Assist problem', 'Power Steering System(EPS) Problem. The most recently reported issues are listed below. © 2011-2020 Abraham Torres-Arredondo

'Emission System Problem', 'Brake System Problem', 'Brake Hold System Problem', Vehicle Stability Assist(VSA) Problem, 'Hill Start Assist problem', 'Power Steering System(EPS) Problem. When on, it indicates that the Civic does not have Anti-Lock brakes, and the safety they provide.

Not every OBDII scanner will give up this information.

ABS also allows you to be able to steer the vehicle while slowing down, and has been around for so long that many drivers have never driven a vehicle without it.

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