However, she does eventually get shot in the shoulder — just like her father — by Shelly de Killer, though she manages to recover fairly quickly. you probably wouldn't expect that he already, Tells Apollo he'd gladly sacrifice his life if it means taking Ga'ran down. Additionally, in the Japanese version, he gets his name from Godou River (Eagle River in English), the river that played such a prominent role in Mia's first case. Calls everyone by either full name or made-up nickname, no in-between.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Other ones can be found here. He takes a knife wound to the face from Dahlia-in-Misty's-body and it never gets treated (which is why it opens up later).

support Edgeworth using her position as both a prosecutor and Interpol Agent, by taking over and stalling Patricia Roland's trial, bringing down Blaise Debeste with Judge Courtney and Edgeworth and providing Edgeworth and Lang with the SS-5 case files. by lines like Phoenix's below, and the fact that he's an alum of Themis. Seismophobia – fear of Earthquakes ( Yep – that is it!!! her daughter Athena, Geiru Toneido takes advantage of his presence near the crime scene of "Turnabout Storyteller" to create a false alibi. Seismophobia in many (but not all) cases is triggered by a nasty experience in the past. ", It seems he has his own doubts about Kristoph and his role in Phoenix's career-ending trial — while Klavier's never considered the "guilty" party, he, prosecutes one of his good friends and fellow band members because, well, he did commit murder, More tellingly, he's also the only prosecutor who has to testify against an, He was responsible for Phoenix's disbarment because he had a "tip" (care of. For example, the first time you fell in love, there may have been a song that you heard on the radio – maybe even "our song". 2: Choose a unique part of the body to which you will attach the anchor. To feel different all you need to consciously change what you are thinking about and how you are using your body. He still walks it off and can ignore the pain enough to keep it hidden from everyone. Fan Boy: His love of the Steel Samurai franchise is a Running Gag. The questions we ask ourselves are key. His first name may also be a reference to. In fact, we find it eliminates Seismophobia completely for many of our clients, and significantly helps everyone else. If you are sitting still thinking what will happen if it all goes wrong, then jump up, start moving or running, and remember a time when you felt incredibly powerful, centered and strong. It's impertinent to call someone by their full name! Do your legs turn to rubber under the weight of your own body. On a more humorous note, he doesn't like being reminded that he was bad at origami as a child: He respected his mentor, Manfred von Karma, and thought his tactics were tough but fair. He's actually a genuine, he does unleash some sermons on her, but with the intention of saving her from the wrong path rather than to condemn her, and he never insults or speak harshly to her like he does with the defense and others who assists them.

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