This is truly “earth shattering” information if it proves true! Congratulations on your work and thanks for the information! An Obama ,Biden and Hillary murder. Ah yes. Great work. They tryed to impeach our president cause they can’t control him . There were also many rumors flaunted about his possible death, but it is perfect to know that the musician is not dead. The entire story seems like bozaro world but some how is real. His last appearance on the comedy, which now airs on Fox after a move from ABC, was in 2018. It was obvious that Seal Team 6 was murdered back when it was first reported. The Clintons couldn’t kill three women in the middle of his wife’s campaign. In the video Parrot, the CIA Whistleblower, lays out a convincing story that needs to be investigated. “Dead men tell no tales,” Parrot said, in the video, while exposing a plot to “put targets on the backs of the members of Seal Team 6”. There should be a government investigation. infiltrated by communists and marxist who control by greed. Your words are wasted on the Grammar Nazis. Hi Kari. You people knocking people for believing this article that he is still alive and you are saying he died in 2001, are MISSING THE POINT. And focus on spelling instead A large part of my problem is relying on Grammarly and I just found out that in this new Word Press Editor I can’t do that because the two are not compatible, so I have to change the way I build the articles. This is Q-level stupidity. Nothing will change . Great Work , Kari. I write my articles in OpenOffice first where the spell checker is very functional. Reply. Not to the delusional democrats … THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN , AND STILL THEY WILL WALK FREE. I didn’t know about that- I could tell Brennan is a traitor. TO SAVE OBAMA, BIDEN, CLINTON BRENNER ASSES. Sep 19 2018, 9:11 AM. Thanks for reading and for your feedback. Do you know of where I can research the bona fides on Parrott? From a video- it is so difficult to get text, you have to listen to someone 10-20 times to get it down, and mistakes are made. its faith and scripture reminds all that God does put the leaders in their positions. Hi Kari, Allen Say was born in Yokohama, Japan, in 1937. The truth has to come out, “said Charles Woods, the Father of Ty Woods who was killed at the Benghazi compound, and who was very interested in the discussion. I’ll be watching to see what, if anything, comes of this. Say illustrated his first children's book - published in 1972 - in a photo studio between shooting … Allen has struggled over the past three games, completing 63.1% of his passes to four touchdowns and three interceptions. Purge your local, state and the federal government of the corrupt swamp rats! either get better writers or get a real story. Obama and Biden lied and covered up the deaths of Americans . with news getting harder to find Ive made a discord Library server to compile all the material I can, with over 150 in the server now please come join the discussion and feel free to share and interesting info. Not only that falcon smuggling follows the same areas of gun/drug smuggling. Nothing matters anymore . But in 1987, while illustrating The Boy of the Three Year Nap, winner of the 1989 Caldecott Honor, he recaptured the joy he had known as a boy working in his master's studio. Nora Allen was from a timeline where Eddie is still alive. More suppression about anything pertaining to Biden. He didnt magically heal but DIED in December. We will see. Kari…just own your mistakes! I have been trying to figure out why edits don’t work on word press. To his dismay, his father had arranged for him to be enrolled in the Harding Military Academy in Glendora, California, a dusty forty miles from where his father settled with the rest of his family, in Long Beach. Bill Belichick is fully aware how much better Allen got over the course of the offseason, but the improvements Allen made go far beyond the statistics. Hell, what is mentally wrong with you supporting a senile commie.

It catches things other writing tools miss, plus you can use the word files as backups.

It doesn’t matter who did what , they still walk free . He dreamed of becoming a cartoonist from the age of six, and, at age twelve, apprenticed himself to his favorite cartoonist, Noro Shinpei. Oh they killed someone the article says, just not Osama, one of his doubles and Iran squirreled him away and thus the obscene payments to Iran, it is a substantially likelier reason than the non reasons to logic least provided by the criminals at the time. Say left Tokyo, and with no knowledge of English but with a sense of adventure traveled to California. Additionally, if it is true, these guys families have been threatened. There is God in heaven who listen to the humble prayers. Reelect Trump 2020 – 'Nox & Friends, Did the U.S. Government Hide bin Laden In Iran? they required for bin Laden’s, allegedly, assassination and other attrocities. Spelling has nothing to do with intelligence, Einstein could not spell. 10/12 the maker of the videos below, toward the end of this article, confirm in this footage, that the documents have now been delivered to a “Congress Person” for evaluation: They can't stop what is coming. . This video, of a Tucker Carlson show, appears to confirm some of the details of Parrot’s testimony. In July 1962, Say's student deferment was revoked owing to a technicality and he was drafted into the army. From this experience, I was forced to figure out that that spell check doesn’t work on Word Press the way I thought it did in the new word press format we have had for a few weeks, so in the end, it was a good thing for people to tell me.

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