Yes it is.

It’s hard af, for me at least. That always frustrated me in DS.

You can easily spend several hours going through it over and over to get the timing down and learn how to approach the enemies before moving on. But I’d say that anyone that enjoyed Sekiro would probably enjoy From’s other games. In this sense, Sekiro is way closer to games such as DMC than it is to Soulsborne. DS is more strategic, Sekiro is more free flowing. You prefer the more simplistic approach of an action game to the expansiveness of an rpg, and that’s cool. Bloodborne is faster than dark souls but probably slower than Sekiro. Definitely. I really enjoy both games for their own reason but if you want the classic RPGs feel of upgrading your equipment and leveling stats then I would go for DS3. You're gonna have a harder time, but, the same can be said of ds3 etc. I don't hate difficult games, I hate games that punish me for experimenting and learning the game's mechanics. The bosses didn't seem that hard, and are also quite simplistic (besides DS3). This makes the game arguably more fulfilling and fun.

I would say sekiro improved on things in which DS was not good, while introducing new things on their own.

Sekiro feels way more fair and upfront.

45 votes, 30 comments. They get so much praise and attention because they scratch an itch most RPGs don’t. They may be one note for the most part, but, some enemies and many bosses play out very differently depending on what weapons / skills you're using. So as you play, you can quite easily change your play style to meet the needs of a particular section that might be more difficult if you are using another build. The point of the dragon for a blind player is to take a huge stupid risk and actually take on the guy and get rewarded for it. I will say that you touch on something interesting here.

Sekiro is a faster paced game while Dark Souls is more slow and methodical. In ds2? Sekiro, while it does provide some options for your load out, isn’t as varied as the Dark Souls games and makes the player rely more on getting better with what you’ve got.

It's this difficulty that I can role with.

I died many times to the bell gargoyles, until I got the Drake Sword, I fought the bosses the same way and beat the bosses my first try.

Well that's half your HP right there. Studio's just getting better at making games, if they can expand Sekiro's combat system and combine that with Souls' build variety for Elden Ring I might make a mess. You just have to play it differently. I really hope a sequel is made because I am sick and tired of Soulsborne games getting so much praise and attention. This is where you lose me. It is also good to know which attack can't be blocked. I can't speak on the behalf of DS 2 but I know mage builds in DS3 are pathetic due to the fact that mates were OP in the past two games.

How similar is BB to DS? I think the learning curve is less steep. Depends if you mastered the art of parrying in Dark Souls. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Sekiro is more forgiving to mid move altering - if you hit r1 you can L1 to move cancel and deflect. Sure you can do a dagger build in DS but you'll be severely handicapping yourself. Your criticisms of the soulsborne games reflect more of your own taste than the quality of the games themselves. But it feels like the difficulty comes from everything around the boss but not the boss itself.

All the way back. It is hard, bet certainly not harder than any of Dark Souls, you have check points even closer to Dark Souls 3. That $60 tag is killing me! Dark Souls is more difficult in terms of tediousness, like distances from bonfires to bosses. This is why I LOVE Sekiro, it is an action game at heart, with no bullshit separating you from the action. That depends on the challenge level you seek. I don’t need to watch the video to know that yes. It’s not necessarily harder, it’s just different.

Agree that Sekiro is the best FROM game, disagree with dismissal of Soulsborne. "It feels like my fault when I died" is in souls, but moreso in sekiro, it's a pretty loaded phrase, alluding to increased control over how the combat progresses, and enemy attacks being designed for direct reception, not flung about indiscriminately. Played dark souls 2 and was awful but sekiro looks really cool the theme etc. Sekiro, from what little (and I mean little) i have played has a similar mechanic for some bosses/mini bosses, in the sense that I died to that one church looking guy with the spear in the hirata estate 5 times before I learned I could farm up skill points and learn the technique that makes me stomp on his thrust attack, which "trivialized" him by grinding enough skill points. I guess Sekiro is inherently more difficult if you consider that there is no jolly coop to make the game easy. DS3 plays similar to BB, but it is definitely slower. Hi, Just to set the scene I've completed Dark Souls 3 four times, I've completed Bloodborne and I've tried to play Dark Souls … One mistake is fatal. But from an objective stand point I'd say dark souls is easier. Summons make the game extremely easy, and you can always grind for souls and end up with a character with a full suit of Havel's that can still fast roll and 40 in … Welcome to the biggest Sekiro Community on Reddit! It’s an action-adventure game. Press J to jump to the feed. Sword Saint is absolutely the hardest boss of any FS game on a first playthough tho. Summons make the game extremely easy, and you can always grind for souls and end up with a character with a full suit of Havel's that can still fast roll and 40 in every stat. Died to a boss? If you're a dark souls purest and play with no summons and limit your max level I'd argue dark souls. With this is mind, I can safely say Sekiro is easier than Dark Souls. DS 1 & 2 are much slower paced than DS3. (but not sports).

All those games have that moment.

That is, very little. Sekiro relaxed things like enabling players to pause the game, gave you second chance at survival (or death as some would say XD). Dark souls grinds you down, it kills you by burning your resources before you can even get to the boss. Yeah you can't just grind lvls or use summons.

Contrast this with Sekiro, which is way more linear, and has a lot of dead ends which force you to fight the bosses when the developers want you to do so.

I went into it knowing nothing about it(it was free) and never made it past the first like 30 minutes. It’s just as hard in my opinion. I mean its literally Just dodge rolls vs blocking. Especially considering the fact that you had to run back all the way to the boss arena if you died. I feel like your example of the drake sword is a bit weird in that aspect, cause you, like most new souls players, probably heard you could cut up the dragon's tail and get a good weapon. Soulsborne games are fantastic in that you can approach them in many different ways with a wide variety of weapons and builds. Press J to jump to the feed. I find the fromsoft games the most replayable games I know because of the straight forward action, no cutscenes or 100km you need to travel on horseback. | Out now on PC, XBOX ONE and PS4! These games also have strong replayability because you can configure your character with different attributes and you can approach them different ways. They are way easier if you put points into stamina instead and go in with somewhat upgraded weapons/armor. In a lot of ways, Sekiro is the black sheep of the Fromsoft Games. But as fa as the Dark Souls games are concerned, 2 is usually the least liked of the series. Otherwise, there is little to no difference. It’s fundamentally different than any of the other soulsborne games. Sekiro is definitely the more fun game.

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