president Trump got them on the run. Yet even Kavanaugh would only go but so far. Shut the fccc up!! A Republican federal trial judge held on Thursday that the entire Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — all of it — must cease to exist. I love every second of it.

past tweets. Clinton cartel, Communist Soros, How many politicians want it destroyed? Democrat is in charge. Smells like Stinking George Soros! There are thousands of ways of obtaining evidence. You can find more about how we use your information, The Lincoln Project is the Epitome of The Swamp, CA to Release 18,000 Prisoners to ‘Slow the Spread’, Project Veritas Reveals Fraudulent Ballot Scam in Michigan. Hell awaits them. I wonder how they will suicide her. Destroy the copies. This topic is above my pay grade. Writing only for herself in PHH Corporation, Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson claimed that the entire CFPB must fall because “above all else, the 111th Congress wanted the CFPB to be independent: free, that is, from industry influence and the changing political tides that come with accountability to the President.” That is, given the choice between an agency where the Director can be fired at will, and no agency at all, Henderson assumes that Congress would prefer nothing. A federal court in New York City ruled that deposition testimony from alleged sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell must be released within the next two days.. Any Judges he appointed like SCOTUS Roberts are questionable Conservatives. Judge Loretta Preska should be unseated as a Judge and be disbarred so she cannot appear in a Court room again except as a defendant. Why would a judge ORDER evidence be destroyed — unless the pay-off was in full swing. “In light of Ms. Maxwell’s letter, counsel shall confer, and the material previously ordered unsealed shall be posted on the docket no later than 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 22, 2020. This is, to say the least, an extraordinary conclusion. Is she just trying to tell us that corruption reigns supreme and there is nothing we can do about it? Didn’t want you to misunderstand. This is a daily action. (Wink wink wink). Well as we know George Bush has shown himelf to a RINO and worse.

Preska was picked by George H. W. Bush, in 1992, to the seat on the SDNY. I know I had a clearance. What do the Clintons have on her? Can Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III make a legal argument so stupid that even Mitch McConnell won't embrace it? Pat…A long long time ago! Does this corrupt so called Judge remember she took an OATH??? Dershowitz was known for using “escorts” in the 70s!

As Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote in his dissenting opinion in PHH Corporation v. CFPB, a minority of judges who object to the CFPB’s management structure believe that “to carry out the executive power and be accountable for the exercise of that power, the President must be able to supervise and direct those subordinate officers.” Accordingly, Kavanaugh and a handful of other judges believe that the president must have the authority to remove a CFPB Director even if that Director has done nothing wrong. “[T]he Second Circuit’s ruling regarding the appeal was issued late in the day yesterday,” attorney Laura Menninger complained. He’s single and free. Giuffre accused the allegedly criminal power couple of sex trafficking her during the early 2000s. The comments are comical. Either that or she was part of the sex ring herself.

Kemp and Staff of Conspiring to Commit Voter Intimidation Through False 2018 ‘Hacking’ Accusation, Failed GOP Candidate Retreats from Restraining Order Request After Rough Hearing for Her Lawyers, Michigan Attorney General: Threatening Callers Have Been Telling Staffers to ‘Shove Sharpies in Uncomfortable Places’. The GOVERNMENT itself uses this method DAILY against citizens.

A foul mouthed Hollywood elite that has security and walls around her mansion. Of course, they will take their time deposing her until they figure it out. Preska also requested proof that the documentation had been destroyed. Now the time to open up and see all of it then finish cleaning throw all of them out. Who is she? This nonsense has brought prejudice back beyond any level here in America! But he/she might have had an offer they could not refuse. Who is paying her to keep her edict intact?

HRC had been trained in security requirements for classified data. I am also a hater of Afros, blacks, darkies, negros or whatever they are calling themselves now days. Take the good judge, Loretta Preska, for a fully-paid vacation down to Epstein’s Pedophile Island and after giving her the ‘Grand Tour’ of the rape rooms and the child molestation suites, duct tape a 25 pound Kettle Ball to her wrists and drop her off about 50 yards off the beach and let her swim back to SDNY. SO ORDERED.”. But to discredit victims for the sake of the mighty powerful will just add fuel to the fire. The “Hell yes!” Was my agreeing with you on putting the judge in Gitmo. Being a Republican does not make her trustworthy. I hope her child suffers the same as these girls or her grandchildren and eye witnesses will be hushed. William Barr!

Epstein infamously got off with a slap on the wrist courtesy of federal authorities in Florida; Maxwell is currently facing a trial in New York on various crimes related to the alleged global sex trafficking conspiracy. How convenient! And I’ll bet he has something to do with them being destroyed. “[C]ounsel for Ms. Maxwell requests that the Court refuse to ‘confirm’ [Giuffre’s] proposed course of action and instead, consistent with today’s [earlier court order], direct the parties confer as they have been on proposed redactions to Ms. Maxwell’s deposition prior to its release,” the motion concludes. So Saddam who may have had WMD got killed. I’ve been around long enough to be sent to Vietnam by these miscreants. This Judge is corrupt! Prejudice ?

That thief delivers the documents to an agent of government. He was a tyrant, but, he kept those animals in Iraq in line. “In order for other . The dissenting opinions Preska relies upon were published on January 31.

Poor farms like at the turn of the 19th century will be their only source of food requiring hard labor for their meals many will go to jail for their treason arson corruption and vandalism When a court strikes down one part of a broader law, it frequently must ask whether Congress would have preferred other provisions of that law to fall along with it — this is an analysis known as “severability.” Yet, as the Supreme Court recently explained in Murphy, there is a very strong presumption against striking down more of a law than is absolutely necessary to excise the unconstitutional provision. They are enemies of America! SHE SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE.

It appears this judge has been bought by all those that the evidence may expose as being participants in the Epstein sex ring. Will be removed and they won’t be able to live off of others ever again Nothing should be destroyed no matter how it was obtained! They won’t be able to get a job or get a repairman to show up at devils den homes or businesses! DO NOT DESTROY EPSTEIN’S FILES.

“The documents shall be unsealed in the manner prescribed by the court’s July 28, 2020 order, and shall include minimal redactions for personally identifiable information, the names of nonparties as well as the families of nonparties’ that could be used to identify the nonparties, and descriptions of nonparty conduct that would allow readers to discern the identity of a given nonparty,” Preska’s original order continued. The Judge needs to be Investigated. Low Life,Rinos. The “trial judge” might order evidence with held but DESTROYED ????? Another Judge, afflicted with the Pelosi, Bader Ginsberg, Maxin Waters syndrome. A federal court in New York City ruled that deposition testimony from alleged sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell must be released within the next two days. In a two-page "opinion" which largely regurgitated dissenting opinions in another case, Preska … This is the most moronic thing I have ever heard from from a judge!

Saddam’s mistake was trying to have old G H W assissinated. Oh, I forgot, the Clintons are exempt from all laws. The Clintons and other high profile politicians and persons would be my guess. She has consistently denied the charges and asserted her innocence. I would not be surprised if she committed suicide (wink wink ) like Epstein. What in the World Happened Overnight While Americans Were Sleeping? Another judge paid off by the Clintons.

Republican judge orders the entire ... Judge Loretta Preska’s decision on this matter can barely even be described as an “opinion” because she devotes less than two pages of analysis to this question before proclaiming that a federal agency must be simply wiped away. A federal judge ordered that attorneys for Virginia Giuffre, a Jeffrey Epstein accuser of sex trafficking, must destroy evidence they obtained on Epstein. The order by Senior U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska capped off a whirlwind day for Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime girlfriend, alleged co-conspirator and groomer as her attorneys attempted to fight back against a recent appeals court ruling mandating the disclosure of their client’s long sought after deposition. Now you’re a turncoat. I wonder why. This is the kind of idiocy (the protection of those like the Clintons by the bench) that needs to be ended altogether.

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska has struck again, the judge (who is being accused of corruption in Steven Donziger’s case against Chevron), ruled Wednesday that Giuffre’s lawyers had come into possession of the documents inappropriately, noting that the protective order could only be enforced during the civil lawsuit proceedings which had already been settled.

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