The spark that ignited King Phillip's War was a report from a Native American Christian convert ("Praying Indian")—an early Harvard graduate,... Read more, At sunrise, on February 10, 1675, during King Philip's War, Lancaster came under attack by Narragansett, Wampanoag, and Nashaway/Nipmuc Indians.... Read more, On the testimony of a Native American witness, Plymouth Colony arrested three Wampanoags, including one of Metacom's councilors. . . First settled by European... Read more, Springfield remained a small working town when its security was threatened in 1675, during King Philip's War. June 27, 1676 – Connecticut Colony send Major Tallcott to range with 300 English soldiers and an unknown number of Native allies. . More. Over 600 colonists and 3,000 Indians had been killed. . On June 24, 1675, the Wampanoag and their allies burned several English villages.

A jury among whom... Read more, Beginning in June 1675, the Wampanoag, outfitted with rifles and armor, attacked a series of settlements and took the lives of dozens of colonial... Read more, The war quickly spread, and soon involved the Podunk and Nipmuck tribes. . June 12th Hadley is defended by Connecticut Colony troops. June 29, 1675 – Captain Mathew Fuller and an armed company of men wish to negotiate with Weetamoe, and are attacked when landing in Pocasset territory. . .

.. . The final remnants of the post war resistance are wiped out and peace will return to the Connecticut Valley for a short period of time. Battlefields of King Philips War   |, New Pequot War Exhibit Opening October 1, 2016. . At sunrise, on February 10, 1675,... Mary Rowlandson is Freed from Wampanoag Indians. The war was the single greatest calamity to occur in seventeenth-century Puritan New England. . King Philip is killed by an Indian who's brother Philip had killed for his suggestion of surrender. June 1-30, 1676 – United Colonies offensive – 500 Massachusetts Bay troops under Major Henchman march towards Hadley attacking Native camps along the way. . . During the summer of 1675 the Native Americans attacked at Middleborough... Read more, On July 14, 1675, early violence in King Philip's War took place in Mendon, with the deaths of multiple residents and the destruction of Albee's... Read more, In 1676, at the height of King Philip's War, the war leader of the Wampanoag used a ruse to lure away the bulk of the colonial troops to the north.... Read more, At the time of the Europeans' arrival, Deerfield was inhabited by the Pocumtuck nation, with a village by the same name. The Puritans were warned of the impending Indian rebellion but did  not heed the warning. In the space of little more than a year, twelve of the region's towns were destroyed and many more damaged, the colony's economy was all but ruined, and much of its population was killed, including one-tenth of all men available for military service. .

Major Benjamin Church emerged as the Puritan hero of the war; it was his company of Puritan rangers and Native American allies that finally hunted down and killed King Philip on August 12, 1676. July 28, 1675 – Captain Hutchinson of Massachusetts Bay is on a diplomatic mission to Nipmuc; he seeks to secure Nipmuc allegiance.

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July 15, 1676 – Attack on Taunton is repulsed, July 15, 1676 – Ninigrit and Niantics formally sign peace treaty with Massachusetts Bay. . . July 1, 1676 – Major Tallcott’s Connecticut Allied Force arrive at Nipsachuck and attack Narragansetts killing 171 Natives along with Quaiapen, Ninigret’s sister. In the fall on 1675, the English sent men to gather their crops and grains left over in deserted villages and bring to the fort. New England's European population reaches 50,000 and the colonist's life expectancy increases by 20 years. June 21 -22, 1675 – Plymouth Governor Josiah Winslow ordered 200 men to be raised, and Boston prepares for diplomatic negotiations with Nipmuc, Narraganset, Niantic and King Philip. This effectively ends the main resistance of the war leaving only small pockets of war in the area. May 30, 1676 – Hatfield is attacked in retaliation for the Peskeompskut and seven English are killed. . . .

King Philip's War was the beginning of the development of a greater American identity, for the colonists' trials, without significant English government support, gave them a group identity separate and distinct from subjects of the Parliament of England and the Crown in England.

Philip (Metacom), chief of a Wampanoag band, was a son of Massasoit, who had greeted the colonists at Plymouth in 1621.

King Philip's War Event Timeline 1675 June 19, 1675 – Plymouth Governor Josiah Winslow's house attacked June 20, 1675 – Swansea looted by Pokanoket men and several homes are looted and destroyed, displacing some of the English settlers.

Men from Medfield and Dedham attack and kill Chief Pomham, Philip's next in command and take several Indians prisoner. . . .

. Three Wampanoag Indians are hanged, sparking the need for war in Metacomet.

. . . 1675-King Philip’s War During King Philip’s war, the colonists of Connecticut did not suffer much from hostile Indians, excepting some remote settlers high up the Connecticut River. June 30, 1675 – Old Rehoboth is attacked. . More than half of New England's towns were attacked by Native American warriors. . . . . Pierce’s Company are ambushed and destroyed near present day Central Falls, March 28, 1676 – Canochet’s Narragansetts attack Old Rehoboth – destroying 42 homes, 21 barns, town corn mills and a sawmill, March 29, 1676 – Canochet’s Narragansetts destroy Providence, April 3, 1676 – Canochet iscaptured by Connecticut forces at Cumberland, and is executed in Stonington, Connecticut, April 9, 1676 – Bridgewater is attacked, April 15, 1676 – Chelmsford is destroyed, April 17, 1676 – Marlboro is destroyed, and the English are sent to pursue and overtake the party that night, April 21, 1676 – Sudbury Battle – 500 Native warriors attack Sudbury and the town is burnt leaving 74 English killed in action, May 1676 – New York Governor Andros opens region to New England Native refugees, May 8, 1676 – Bridgewater is attacked by Tispaquin, May 11, 1676 – Halifax, Massachusetts is destroyed.

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