Increases grapple damage by 2% when you have a Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon. Poison work amazing for me. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

The video was recorded with tatanashi set. An upside of Kusarigama playstyle is that their normal attacks (Light Attack and Strong Attack) are pretty powerful to use alone, and you don’t need, You can easily see players abusing the High Stance Light Attack. But it's not like in the past since the nerfs now. sigs Are Almost As Stupid As Irony- NotBot, 2000xx. ├ Weapon Type Tier List This is to finish the enemies after the initial combo. Dexterity will increase both Kusarigama damage, Ninjutsu Power and Capacity. (. I currently writing and publishing content on the gaming world on this site with my second language (That's why ethugamer sounds a little awkward!). NOTE: For the CLAN in the hidden tea house you have to choice TODO clan becose of the Stamina Scale and equipment weight. The Samurai skills allow you to add some custom Passive Skills to the active skills. The best build and skills for Kusarigama in Nioh 2. You can of course go to another route for a full Projectile focus build.

On Dream of the Strong, you can pick another stat to focus on after maxing out Dexterity. I have try a couple of combinations and this one gives best demage for now. Yeah, in its current state kusa only runs into issues against (groups of) human enemies.

Another tool to use is they Shinobi box – which refills your Ninjutsu items, This is the main armor set for this build. Soon when I have time I'll try with paralysis and poison mix I beleave this will be the ultimate combination. You will get a bonus in Dexterity if you picked Kusarigama as your main weapon at the beginning. The Kawanami Clan Armor set is currently the best Armor set for Kusarigama attack boost. Something like even Gamo gives attack bonus consecutive hits which has improved considerably from Nioh 1 and testing shows its 13% from the 6th hit onward which is easy to do with Kusarigama and dual swords. The Kusarigama has the greatest range among all Nioh weapons, while not lacking anything in terms of damage, yet reckless swinging can leave you wide open.The Kusarigama offers a good number of buffs which may be triggered manually, while its Skill tree incorporates bonuses to close range damage. You can still utilize Onmyo Magic with around 20 – 25 points to Magic. For any build that favor speed and Ki, you will never go wrong with Ame-no-Mitori. Bladespin is the best, I also like deliverance a lot. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Kusarigama Build will need Dexterity as it’s main focus. You can find infromation on the best Kusarigama build and skills as well as how to use the Kusarigama. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

If you feel a little more risky, try the below Passive Skill. As mentioned earlier, Kawanami Clan Armor set from the “Aquaman” is your main armor set for this build. This weapon works in conjunction with the Kusarigama Skills skill tree, and usually has good scaling with the Dexterity stat. For bosses, start the fight with a Weakness Talisman and following the same route. This allows me to wear a Fuma set while maximizing the damage output with kunai & shurikens.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. ", "Understand Which Stats to Prioritize in Nioh 2! OK now its time to talk about the skill points for the build: Constitution 14 Heart 10 Stamina 46 (we need a heavy armor) SKIL 70 Dexterity 99 Magic 30 because of the buffs

NOW LETS TALK ABOUT THE WEAPONS AND ARMOR UP: So i prefer corrupted weapon over all the status efects because it makes amazing KI damage and Ki Drain over all the bosses and especially all human enemies and revenants. For Soul Cores, the giant shrine snakes Yatsu-no-Kami has a bonus damage to Poisoned enemies – something you do quite a lot in this build. Since Earthfall Kusarigama is compatible with Ninjutsu, and Dexterity scaling performs exceptionally well for Ninjutsu in Nioh 2, it makes this weapon the best Dexterity weapon in the game as of now. Hmm I'll try it for sure. Kusarigama Skill Points are unlocked whenever you use the Kusarigama weapon to attack and kill enemies, Alternatively, players can consume certain items to obtain a Kusarigama Skill Point, Cleared Mission "The Chain That Splits teh Sky". Ill update the build soon when I'm ready becose I have missed some buffs and armour sets. Extends both the sickle blade and weight before swinging them around and unleashing a strike to finish. While in full health, your melee damage increases by 1% when you have a Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon. Maximum Ki increases by +20 when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon. Most of the Active skill are divided base on the part that dealing damage – Sickle or the Metal Weight. As this build does not focus on Yokai Shift, you are good to go with the basic Extend Yokai Shift, Reduce Ki Consumption in Yokai shift. ├ Swords You can find infromation on the best Kusarigama build and skills as well as how to use the Kusarigama. Have fun chucking bombs, throwing shuriken, and sneaking up behind oni to jab them in the back and run away only to do it over and over again until you win! But I'll try the other set that you tell me for poison damage buff. This set has the following bonuses. Nioh 2 Kusarigama Build – Stat You will get a bonus in Dexterity if you picked Kusarigama as your main weapon at the beginning. It seems the upper cap for elemental weapon's damage isn't 12. Kusarigamas are Weapons in Nioh 2 and information about their stats is shown below.

I mean, a lot of things in this wiki need updating anyway, but just thought I'd say this. For me personally this is going to be the ultimate one hit kill build. The final stat scale with Kusarigama is Strength – which give 24 Attack every 15 points. Also - black vines and serpent strike are pretty cool - they pull humans forward (staggering them for an easy combo) or pull you a dodge-length closer to yokai.

With Lightening is OK. Imbue corruption +10 Life drain (high attack) High guard Ki consumption -8,4% Final blow damage +12.4 *MUST HAVE Attack bonus Dexterity A+ (its A- before reaching max fam so please pay attention in the blacksmith when forging) High attack KI consuption -6.9% Strong attack break +16,5 (looking for a weapon to change this one with quick attack break or something else).

Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. I'll try it for sure. If you decided to try out Ninjutsu build, then Kusarigama will be your main weapon to the path of becoming the Master Ninja.

Follows up a Quick Attack with a strike that uses the kusarigama’s metal weight to slam the opponent. (, Parry the enemy's attack before performing a follow-up attack with the kusarigama's scythe and metal weight. Can only be used when your weapon is holstered. This has a slight focus on Yokai Abilities Damage as well, making the power of your Yokai Abilities can be boosted to a new notch. I have equipment weight A with tatanashi was only about 15 points in damage differens. This Kusarigama can be crafted using the following recipe: 2x Ingot 2x Leather Cord (, Slashes the enemy with the kusarigama's sickle. Help! Swing the kusarigama’s metal weight in a wide circle. Focus on leveling up dexterity as it scales the most with Kusarigama. general question about the Kusarigama vs bosses. When your health drops to 30% or lower, your Ki recovery speed will be increased by 15% when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. When your health drops to 30% or lower, your Ki recovery speed will be increased by 5% when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon.

Maybe ill try with another cores for the second and 3th one but the first one is MUST HAVE. Warrior of the EAST Greaves, in all of the Armour peaces look for OMNYO and Ninjutsu bonuses becose you will need them in battle. Against yokai, the L1+triangle sickle swipe is fantastic as it shreds yokai stamina and can be ended prematurely so you can dodge out. ├ Hachets All of these stat increments can be checked in the Nioh 2 Stat Calculator here. ", "Learn How to Decide for your Starting Weapon and Guardian Spirit!

This build combine the best of both world, but not a strong focus on Projectile, but rather a combination of both the melee weapon and the throwing power of Shuriken and …. this is my version of SOTC with paralysis. ". This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Nioh 2; Hardly Any Kusarigama Users? Does anyone know if the Kusarigama heavy attack is classed as a “throw”? Using kusarigamas makes Revenant fights laughable. For some reason I expected them to be super fast (ninja weapon and all), but quick attacks are not as fast as I thought. The rest is compensated by Active Skill like Spinning Blade or Crimson Lotus. This will make inflicting Poison is your main priority as soon as the fight start. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Press Square after using Whirlwind to throw your kusarigama at an enemy. I just back off for a second to regen Ki, and then repeat.

The base cap of Ninjutsu Capacity is around 35. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A Reddit community dedicated to Nioh and Nioh 2, action RPGs developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo (PC) and Sony Computer Entertainment (PS4) for release in 2017 and March 13th 2020, Press J to jump to the feed. Soulcores: Yatsu-No-Kami Becose of the damage over poison enemy 15%
 Rokurakubi Soul Core: Yokay ability damage over poison enemy 20% Biwa Boku-boku: Becose of the Anima Bonus over poison enemy.

When your health drops to 30% or lower, your Ki recovery speed will be increased by 10% when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon.

All the artefacts used and status effects you will have to temper at the black smith.

Can only be used when your swills sheathed. any tips for fast shiftling proficiency in dream of the wise? Carnage Talisman Barrier Talisman SLOTH talisman Weakness talisman, ONE MORE TIME PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MY CHANNEL.

You forgot snake coiled helmet to give additional 18% damage against posioned enemies, and three pieces of tatanashi gives 10-15% more damage because of equipment weight, it's best bonus for 4 pieces(wearing 3) in the game. I'll get the ultimate damage for sure. Slashes upward with the kusarigama while jumping. Want to know if it works with “thrown weapon damage X2”. Combine it with poison or fire and they're gone in no time.

This will trigger the buff from Yatsu-no-Kami Soul Core, and increase your damage.

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