Toontown Corporate Clash Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Lawbot Courthouse can be found on the left side of the Headquarters. Toons may battle the Chief Justice once all parts for their Lawbot Cog Disguise have been obtained, and enough Jury Notices have been gathered. Master of both the frivolous lawsuit and the threatened legal action, Lawbots are cold-blooded machines with a thing for rules. Notes: - Earnings in red - Regular … 3.Lawbot 4.Bossbot Ricky Mcroll - 130 Trapless ... who loved the DA offices for law but didn't like the CJ battle and I absolutely hate everything about the bossbot hq/suit/battle so it's the worst for me. November 1, 2018 The SilvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special: Part CarnIVal. This is the only Cog HQ that has Level 10 cogs that roam outside of the special areas such as the, This Cog HQ has the same Cog Facilities as, There was originally going to be a Lawbot Hand Factory, where toons could get. Rip link Connecting Playground Lawbot Headquarters (also known as Lawbot HQ or LBHQ) is home to the Lawbots. The Lawbots are manipulating the Toontown legal system with Cog rulings! Description The Chief Justice, commonly known as the C.J., is the boss of the Lawbots. Lawbot Headquarters Invasions cannot be called if another is already in progress, but buildings and Cogs can be summoned at any time. "Lawbot HQ (Courtyard) - Toontown Online" is a high quality rip of "Lawbot HQ (Courtyard)" from Toontown Online. There are three types of Cog Summons: a single Cog summon, a Cog Building summon, and a Cog Invasion summon. To the north is a large statue of the Chief Justice. User account menu. The Courtyard is the main area in Lawbot Headquarters. Starting at 0:02, various parts of the melody subtly change to … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Lawbot Headquarters (also known as Lawbot HQ or LBHQ) is home to the Lawbots.

Starting at 0:02, various parts of the melody subtly change to various parts of "Kyun! After The Chief Justice retired, Toons launched Operation: Break The Law. Located at the peninsula of Polar Place in The Brrrgh, it was released on April 5, 2006[1] for Test and April 25, 2006 to the public. The entrance is to the right of the Lawbot Headquarters courtyard. As many of you know, just yesterday a group of Toons found a secret entrance into the depths of our biggest threat yet: The Lawbot HQ." Toontown Tactics Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. During the trial against Clarabelle Cow , the CJ announced his plans to rig the jury selection to include the most loyal Cogs to ensure acquittal of the cow. Lawbots report to the Executive Lawfice and turn in Patents to their boss, the Chief Legal Officer (also know as C.L.O.).

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