As with BrickPicker, the information gained through Bricklink has its own limitations. This could be interpreted as the average mass of a piece in a kit—if the $8.99 per quarter pound is realistic. A 29.99 marvel spider man Juniors set has 137 while the latest marvel guardians of the galaxy 29.99 set has 323. When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a small commission. It's a great resource for me when shopping for old sets. Ah, but what about the price per mass, at $8.99 per quarter-pound? I like the unlicensed sets more whether the price/part ratio is better or not. I'm with Graysmith, the wildly varying prices from country to country annoy me the most. Please note that some values may be slightly inaccurate because of internal rounding that is performed during calculations – for example you can get 0.999 instead 1. ;). WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. The biggest issue for LEGO collectors and investors is trying to accurately track the current value of a given set or minifigures. As you can see both calculators cover some of the same basic measurements and also have some nice features on their own, so it is a good idea to know about both of them. Then write 12 for the number of pieces and type the price.

All this information can be a bit intimidating when you first look at it, but it really does give you the best and most reliable evaluation of LEGO sets. But wait. I love it, it's enormously helpful. However on eBay there are no auctions, only set prices, and BrickLink is only for LEGO products; LEGO sets, individual LEGO pieces, minifigures, books, gifts and anything else made by and for the LEGO company.

LEGO unit converter. For the brick above, it seems clear that the length and width are two studs long. I will support you.

See LEGO sets that have officially been retired. It doesn't fully explain the usually cheaper U.S. prices, but there are many factors that play into it as some posters have commented on. The top performing LEGO themes with the highest average annual growth rate. To enable this, I wish the Brickset database would include the weight of sets.

Registration at both websites is free, and you can use their tools as much as you want. How do I link the Lego density to the price per pound? That approach will likely generate less income, but also take less time…, If you have a rough draft of what you’re having, you should probably create a Brickset user and ask for bids on the forum…. What about the y-intercept for this fitting function?

i think really it depends of what it is your selling? If your country pays relatively more in wages than another country, you can afford to pay more for your goods. Sweden has 10 million residents, USA 320 million. But this is deceiving due to the high set prices of the train kits. Once you signed in to BrickPicker, you can click the Price Guide tab at the top of the page. See the latest added LEGO sets to BrickEconomy. Problem. If I put all of this data together, I can get a plot of the set price vs. number of pieces in set. This would be 7.9 cents per gram. In Romania in the Lego Official store the price its somewhere 35 Euro. Certain pieces will be rarer and more expensive, while others are common. How Many LEGO Bricks to Build a Real House? Infographic Highlighting LEGO’s Popularity. Imagine a simple Lego brick: I can measure the height, length, and width with a normal lengthometer (some might call this a ruler).

Not sure why. I have been contemplating selling my collection and this will be very useful.

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