Melvin’s “Chasing Space: An Astronaut’s Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances,” released on May 23, takes readers on an in-depth journey through real-life experiences, triumphs and challenges from the NFL to outer space.

“We didn’t make it up to the plaque at 14,00 feet, but we got pretty close. A home and a Country should leave us no more?

We have become numb to your outlandish acts, tweets and recent retweet of you knocking down Hillary Clinton with a golf ball that you hit. And thus, the most perfect of portraits was born. Long before the photo, it was clear these three were destined for each other. I also was briefly in the NFL and stood for the National Anthem with my hand over my heart. When he got to Studio 8 at the Johnson Space Center, Melvin took Jake and Scout up the back stairs and into photo-shoot area. On Friday September 18, 2020, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a women's rights icon, died at 87. Today, you called Colin Kaepernick “a son-of-a-bitch.”.

“Scout was all up in my grill, like, ‘Hey, what’s going on here? Former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin, veteran of STS-122, STS-129, and the NFL, heard Donald Trump’s unhinged rant in Alabama last night, and had a few thoughts of his own. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. “The dogs just ran over to me. Follow There Is No Excuse For Animal Abuse EVER! Since then, both Jake and Scout have passed away, due to old age and lymphoma, respectively. Now, he can add “bringer of internet joy in these dark and troubled times” to that very long list of accolades. WR; Richmond; Scouts Grade; Conference TBD; 1986 Draft Pick Info. Donald Trump, I listened to your Alabama rally rant and could not believe how easily you say what you say.

What is he doing?’ But if you look at the picture, all of us are holding hands, all of us are connected. Astronaut Leland Melvin and his dogs, Jake and Scout, in his official NASA photograph. No one claimed him…I think someone might have dumped him because he had heart worms.” So Melvin nursed him back to health, and the trio were inseparable from that day forward. Recently, the unofficial Rogue NASA account tweeted one of, Melvin, who has spent over 565 hours in space throughout his career, made his, “I had all these dog bones, and they were just sitting there eating the bones, just grubbin’ and happy,” he said. Do you have any sense of decency or shame in what you say to the American people that are part of your duty to serve respectfully with dignity, presidentially? Team Round PK(OVR) DET: 11: 13(290) 1986 Draft Results. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Please SHARE this article if it has inspired you and feel free to leave a comment below. Have you no sense of decency?”, Sign the petition to U.S. governors and state election officials: You must continue to count EVERY vote.

The strong contrast in language for a black man and a Nazi is very telling.

MIRACLE’S MISSION AUCTION TO HELP DISABLED ANIMALS! Donald Trump, your boorish and disgusting actions are not funny. Looking back at our planet from space really helps one get a bigger perspective on how petty and divisive we can be.

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I believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of this country even though at the time they were drafted, their tenets of life, liberty justice for all and eventual freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press and petition amendment ratified in Dec 1791, only applied to a select group of people and not ones that looked like me. Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution. Leland Melvin is a star in every sense of the word. People armed and ready to kill other Americans for the purpose of eradicating Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Mexicans, Asians, Latinas and even the first real Americans, Native Americans to make America Great Again were “nice people”? There Is No Excuse For Animal Abuse EVER! People vote, we... Sign the petition: Amy Coney Barrett must recuse herself from any 2020 election cases. ( Log Out /  In 1814 former slaves fought with the British for their freedom from their American enslavers. I used to walk the grounds of UVA in Charlottesville, VA as a graduate student only to watch in horror as those same grounds became a battlefield being trod by Nazi and anti-Semitic worshippers armed with assault style weapons ready to fight to make America White again.

Have you no sense of decency?”. But most of all NEVER give up fighting for the future of wildlife! Follow full coverage of Leland Melvin during the 1986 NFL Draft on

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And it was just incredible.”. on

He jotted them down in an open letter that can be found on boingboing. “I went outside and there was this dog in my yard. Former NASA Astronaut, Leland Melvin, is the only person drafted into the National Football League, NFL, to have flown in space. ( Log Out /  (their words). And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave I served my country not in the military, but as 1 of 362 American Astronauts that have explored the universe to help advance our civilization. Profile; Conversation; Insiders can access's complete NFL draft coverage, plus exclusive player grades, rankings and expert analysis from Scouts Inc. “Jake was nibbling my ear,” Melvin said. I pray that you do the right thing. The retired astronaut, NFL draftee, and literal dog whisperer has a resume most of us could only dream of. O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”. President Trump gave Justice Amy Coney Barrett a seat on the highest court in the country while votes in his re-election race... Sign the petition: Pledge to continue Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy of fighting for women’s rights. So I brought him in, and he had no collar or tag.

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