Loot Chests Loot Lake has probably gone through the most changes out of any named location, except maybe Tilted Towers. Where to Find Chests in Loot Lake. Season 9 Loot Lake is a named location in Fortnite that has not been taken out of the game as of May 12, 2019. Loot lake was originally a lake with a house in the middle, but then in season 6, Kevin the Cube thrusted the island into the air, and moved it around the map.


1.2k. This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 17:27. WithSeason 9, the research buildings were severely updated and improved, this to operate the (probable) energy extraction of the bunker, which operated through a tube that sent energy to Neo Tilted. In Season 10, Loot Lake could spawn up to 30 Chests. Please see, Search 7 Hidden Gnome in different Named Locations, Search a chest in 12 different named locations, An unbreakable chunk of the comet that landed in.

Strange noises can be heard when inside it, and there are floating objects everywhere. Season 7

The docks have been upgraded by the government.

It also caused Dusty Depot and The OG Factories to return. The Rift above Loot Lake opened again, and the 6 other Rockets flew down slowly with the Meteor, with it crashing into the anti-gravity zone, getting sucked into The Zero Point and exploding. Then, Loot Lake will probably change again.

Many trucks and cars belonging to the organization as well as a few police cars have appeared near the lake. Over time several research buildings on the bunker began to settle around it. If a player were to jump on the purple lake, they would bounce, similar To the properties given by Hop Rocks.

Due to poor loot spawns in the area, it was not a popular drop spot, and was rarely contested by more than two people. Vending machines Loot Lake had remained dormant until Patch 8.40, in which the government had set up a lab around a giant metal plate that they had discovered.

Due to poor loot spawns in the area, it was not a popular drop spot, and was rarely contested by more than two people.

Because the lake turned purple, many people named the lake ‘Thanos Lake’ after Marvel‘s Thanos, due to it being purple. then in season X, the orb became unstable, and a bunch of locations were brought back, including Dusty Depot and Greasy Gove, and the meteor being froze mid-air over Dusty Depot, which started creating lightning, and in the event of season X we all know that 7 rockets shot out at the zero point. April 18th: A yellow runic symbol had appeared at one of the plates attached to the metal hatch.

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Original With its job done, the CUBE began to crack and disintegrate into the vortex beneath. Loot Lake was a giant body of water, with some industrial buildings on the western shore; a house used to be on an island in the middle. ... (100% chest, custom loot pool etc). 193 comments. Chapter 1 Former Locations and Point of Interest's, Chapter 2 Former Locations and Point of Interest's, https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Loot_Lake?oldid=199952, Some sublocations, points and mapping might have been removed or changed. December 25, 2018: Loot Lake is covered in snow. At the beginning of Season 7 with Patch 7.00, Leaky Lake was renamed back to Loot Lake. April 19th, 2019: A flying metal piece with a rune similar to the Cube on top appeared near Lucky Landing. 1.3k. April 22nd: A new floating island with a rune symbol has appeared already floating above, April 23rd: The lasers have connected with the rune above, April 26th: The rune moved from the Dance Club and to, April 28th: The 4th Rune Symbol has now appeared at, April 30th: A new rune symbol has appeared above the final, May 1st: Another picture has been revealed in the, May 3rd: The final rune from the volcano teleported to. July 27th: The floating orb has got brighter, and is making strange heartbeat or clock noises.

April 21st: Another ruin symbol has appeared on a plate of. There is also lot's of light coming out of it.

The excavators have revealed what appears to be an indestructible metal hatch in the middle of the lake. Fortnite V12.00 Map Changes | The Agency, The Yacht & More February 20, 2020 by Kaneda Comments are Disabled Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is here and it brings no less than 5 brand new POIs to the map: The Agency, The Yacht, The Rig, The Grotto and The Shark! hide.

Season 6 A prediction is that the island will prevent it from crashing this time round.

Season X

There were around 40 chests at Loot Lake during an average game, but the distance one would have to travel to loot all of these means that Loot Lake was not a popular place for players who are trying to get kills and loot so that they could be ready for end game. April 7th: An unbreakable metal structure was found at the bottom of the excavation site. this is also likely because of the the Infinity War crossover event that happened back in 2018. https://fortnite.fandom.com/wiki/Loot_Lake?oldid=141166. With Season X, The Zero Point Orb exploded causing the island to go back to just before The Meteor crash. Unofficial PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Interactive Maps.

Later on, it was covered in snow for quite a bit. April 15th: Excavators have moved closer to the center of, April 17th: The central part of the lake has been dried, and several watchtowers and research facilities had been constructed around it by the organization.

The end of this journey was at Loot Lake in which the cube melted into the lake, turning it purple, and making it bouncy. It is also extremely bright and flashing. 40

Throughout the season, it also caused rift zones with special abilities to apear all throughout the map. There were more islands in the lake, and there were shards of the CUBE. The metal plate turns out to be the Vault where all of the vaulted weapons were located. The Zero-Gravity zone has increased in size very slowly, and the orb seems to be more cracked. The map is constantly evolving and Epic adds and removes shit without even telling most of the time. At the start of Season 10, the floating orb finally exploded.

July 7th: The duck climbs the river, almost in the. With Season 7, Loot Lake got back its original name instead of Leaky Lake. Loot Lake is a named location in Fortnite that has not been taken out of the game as of May 12, 2019.

actually, the visitor back in season four or something, he had been contacting with the six other visitors from other dimensions, and they all came together to stop the zero point, because they found out that the energy of the zero point was being harnessed by people from another dimension(now theoried to be the Chaos Agent, trying to create the battle pass 100th level skin of chapter 2 season 1), and they gathered their rockets and blew up zero, causing a black hole tha sucked everyone in, concluding season X fortnites ass no one likes the game play cod. At the very end of Season 5, the CUBE had melted into Loot Lake, causing the lake to have the properties as did the CUBE—bouncy.

The power cable is now inactive, and shows a very dark red and black pattern that moves slowly. https://fnbr.fandom.com/wiki/Loot_Lake?oldid=1106. There is also more particles coming off it. With Season 9 patch 9.30, the laboratories around the bunker were completely destroyed and the energy tube was severely damaged, this attack was from the Polar Peak monster evidenced by the enormous footprint known to be of the monster.

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