Online she was described as bouncy, and there could not be a more accurate description. Pet Smells From day one he fit right into our family (a family of, lovemysugar i would recomend what others have posted, Please contact.

22 of the 101 dealers on our 2014 list of problem She has honestly never done one mean thing in her life. I purchased a female yorkie 1.4lbs she is absolutely perfect ! He gets along great with our other dog Bronwyn (pointer).

Interceptor info

Greenfield Puppies has been finding loving homes for puppies for over a decade. From the moment I contacted Fran from Flutterby Farms I knew sheRead More Adult males were housed with puppies.Small breed dogs were housed outside with no adequate shelter or bedding. My Stella came from an Amish puppy mill, and I can assure you that these people do NOT care about the puppies they sell. He's amazing!

I noticed the name on the AKC Registration is "Linda Stolzfus." Oster A5 info

Last I heard she changed the name to CC Pets. We love him to bits.

Bach's Rescue Remedy No offense to anyone but the Amish are notorious for puppy milling and why that is I have no idea... Because they see them not as pets or something to love and give love back, but as livestock to make a living off of. The two have amassed more violations of state and federal law in the past two decades than any other dog breeder in Pennsylvania. She's been with us for a year and a half now, and is happy, healthy, smart, super-energetic, and loves to snuggle! Missouri had the greatest number of problem breeders, 19, for the fifth year in a row. They may be two different people, but same kennel and same family.

Our Recent Reviews from customers April 20, 2020 So, We Purchased Our Dog, Which Was Amazing. 12 Pa. kennels in Humane Society's list of 100 worst puppy mills by Mari A. Schaefer , Posted: May 10, 2017 A dozen kennels in Pennsylvania are among the 100 listed in the Humane Society of the United States's 2017 report on problem puppy-breeders. Greenies Info Thank you so much Matthew & his family! She just celebrated her 1st birthday.

He's living in London, England & we couldn't be happier with him. I will participate in a program of having my breeding dogs examined by qualified and licensed veterinarians to eliminate common genetic defects from my bloodlines. The PSPCA removed four badly matted dogs from the kennel last week  - one so severe it needed surgery - and cruelty charges are pending. "For dogs in puppy mills, conditions like these are the norm — and no matter what the sellers say, breeders like these are the source of most dogs sold online, in pet stores or at flea markets," the society said in a statement. Also, I wouldn't purchase a puppy unless you are provided with proof that the parents were health certified (hips and eyes minimum), especially a sheepdog who by nature can be prone to these problems. Mary Esh said if they had to come back on Sunday, when as Amish they do not conduct business, she would leave the puppy in a crate in the driveway. A local news Channel, Fox 29, just had a big expose (w/hidden cameras etc. )

Max is now 2 years old & is healthy!

We do not condone any puppy mills and strive to bring you only the best, well-loved puppies. We are so grateful for your family taking the time to care for her and help us find her. How about the Human Society? "They are the worst of the worst," said Williams, founder of New Jersey Consumers Against Pet Shop Abuse, who now runs PetWatch New Jersey which is dedicated to exposing bad puppy dealers and rescue groups. Dog Bite info

Thanks so much for making our girls' Christmas dreams come true!

Would definitely buy another one from them.

Ellie could not be a more amazing puppy. We will contact him if we ever get another one & have recommended him to others. Joyce Stoltzfus may or may not actually be Linda K Stoltzfus. Her name is Linda K Stoltzfus she is located in Airville PA?

Our family is in love with a gorgeous Mini Goldendoodle named Gipper (aka Frank).

Dog wardens root out illegal breeders every day. Helping qualified owners find the perfect puppy.

I love my Gabby!!!!! All of our wonderful puppy's Mothers and Fathers have been screened and certified free of one or more genetic defects.

Her name is Cocoa, previous name was (Ivy). Slicker Brush info All of them have been healthy, beautiful, and have great temperaments. Here's the rap sheet on the Eshs, who both at one time held U.S. Department of Agriculture licenses allowing them to sell dogs to pet stores: Sold a rabid puppy to an individual in 1996 whose child was bitten by the dog - the first and only case of a rabid dog in recent state history.

And that assumes that such problems are correctable in the first place, which is not always the case either. John Esh closed down his kennel (Twin Maple) rather than comply with the strict kennel regulations for commercial breeders. Those people are bad, bad people.

101 Puppy Mills A Sampling of Problem Puppy Mills in the United States . Phyllis April 5, 2020 We adopted a wonderful puppy yesterday that I found on the Greenfield site. A sampling of problem puppy mills and puppy . We recently purchased our Bailee from Omar Stolzfus who has a kennel in Newport Pa, just North of Harrisburg. The boys just couldn't be happier with him to play with all the time. AIHA Info We cannot be happier with him. Thanks to the Stoltzfus family for the amazing addition to our family. You don't have to go to the most expensive breeders if all you're looking for is a pet-quality dog, but at least go through someone who comes recommended by someone who truly knows the breed. Revolution Info

She is such a sweet heart and a wonderful addition to our family. A Cavalier King Charles spaniel is around $2,500, while an English bulldog costs about $4,000. I will fully explain to all prospective dog purchasers the advantages as well as the disadvantages of owning the breed. She is very easy to handle and train as the kids pick her up and dance with her all the time. Home » Matt Stoltzfus-Puppies at Heart LLC. The fact is dogs adopted from shelters often have behavioural or medical problems that many people can afford neither the personal time, nor finances to correct. Use the options below to find your perfect canine companion! Matthew B. Stoltzfus is a professional dog breeder and dog show handler. Everything went very smooth start to finish. (I am not in that fight at this moment) and people do not know how to take care of or train that particular breed , where does the dog end up??? She is doing very well. Omar just took over the business for Ephraim. These secondhand dogs make wonderful pets , so to make that statement is just NOT true. She said that her vet would treat the puppy with the defect and told her if she wanted another puppy to go to the ATM machine and get cash to pay for it. She is growing fast and full of energy. Should be called "Pick your breed; I have a slew; I have no soul and will take your money; the pup is most likely severely sick and many will die; I won't lose a seconds sleep over it; thank you and come again to my Killer Kennel".

I apologize to all the responsible breeders who were offended by my posting. The Stoltzfus' took great care, between recommending we wait an extra two weeks to pick up the puppy because he was not ready to leave mom quite yet, to the time they were willing to spend going over the puppy's care, eating schedule and all other information.

Bailee is 78 pounds, about 26 inches tall and is the nicest dog we have ever owned.

He is a PA Licensed and inspected Breeder, a member of the non-profit organization PAWS and the PA professional dog breeders association.

In 2013 the state found 27 dogs on John Esh's property and cited him for running an illegal kennel. That's why we deeply encourage people to only deal with breeders that are associated with the breed club, whether directly or recommended by the bred club, because they're the people most experienced in the breed and you can be sure you're not only starting your puppy's life out with a better chance of being healthy, but also that you're getting a dog that is a good representation of what the breed should actually be, both in temperament and conformation. I even can trim her nails and she does not fuss.She knows sit, paw, spin and stay within two weeks and almost completed potty trained.The experience of to their home and meeting the children that helped raised the puppies was priceless.

He is loving the snow we just got in Idaho.

She is super smart and has learned many tricks. Matthew B. Stoltzfus kennel is located in the beautiful countryside Willow, Springs, MO. Mr Stoltzfus has focused on customer satisfaction and strives to raise the best quality puppies he can with each litter. Inspectors noted dogs found in their kennels had eye infections, rotten teeth, and were completely covered in feces-caked hair mats, obstructing their ability to defecate. The Vet was pleased and also chokingly mentioned that he thought our pup was going to a be "a big boy" when he grew up. We don't know what we'd do without him.

After all my pug's pain and struggle to survive a disease that is so deadly, in addition to the additional thousands of dollars to scrape from opening 3 credit cards to fight for his life... MY PUUPY SURVIVED! Diarrhea Info We got our first family puppy from Mathew Stoltzfus /Millwood Puppies.

We had her to the vet yesterday, and the vet loved her too. To promote the highest ideals among dog owners and breeders and aim for the continuous improvement of the breed within the framework of the approved breed standard, I pledge that: Matthew B. Stoltzfus Professional Dog Breeder and Handler © 2020 |.

We picked out a pup and bought him directly to our Vet. We adore her and couldn’t be more lucky to find such a beautiful pup like her! He is healthy and so very happy. Pet Sitting Info New Jersey had one. Now almost 8 months old and 14 pounds, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. They have all sorts of dogs. Matthew was very friendly and had all his paperwork for us sign.

I brought her home 2/18/17 I am a first-time dog owner and I could not have asked for a better experience.

References available. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family and to her fur brother Casper a King Charles Cavalier which also came from the same breeder Levi Stoltzfus. The society said it had some records from the USDA before the agency purged the online reports and that it also used state inspection records, court records, consumer complaints and media reports to compile the list. I promised to let you know how Ruth (who is now 'Lucy") is doing.

We were very pleased with Matthew as a breeder. We got our Stanley ( Easton) from Matt.

Matt was great to talk to and made the process of finding our puppy so easy.

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