So let's start! Petrovich will order a new recipe «Americano with Lemon». You can sell her 1 item per day. You will not have enough money to buy an Espresso machine and Watson will give you 10 diamonds to buy. Additionally, when Ann and other employees are busy with other things, at the time you should prepare drinks, which will additionally speed up the issuance of subsequent orders.

Reward 1,200 gold coins. Ron asks for the Blue Lagoon flooring — 3 diamond reward. They let you unlock new equipment, recipes, customers, stories, quests, interior andexterior items, as well as new featuressuch as townships. For each correct answer, recipes give 1 diamond. For the correct answer, he gives gold coins (Read more about the answers to the Bill quiz here). The new guest is Elsa. Grazia Stand 3 pieces — 70 gold coins each. At the end of your story, thank you for helping twice with 3 diamonds. Margaret asks her to treat «Cupcake with anise and cinnamon.». The game is available only for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) and download links can be found on the "downloads" page in the top menu. Fernando will advise you to expand the box for spices by buying diamonds in a jar. The reward for completing level 4 will be 26 diamonds and 450 gold coins. Ann has 3 main skill types - DailySimpleGift, AllItemsPrices and Speed. Mary Ditt will order «White Cafe Glace» and give 1 diamond.

My Cafe: Recipes And Stories Answers for Android Home / Android / Sub Menu.

It also advises you to buy a painting in your chosen style. You need to buy a phone, for the purchase gives 1 diamond. The only drawback of this game is the premium recipes for which you have to spend the gems. If you like strategy games about cooking, you'll love My Cafe: Recipes & Stories.

Grazia Stand 2 pieces — 70 gold coins each, Grazia Bar Counter 2 pieces — 50 gold coins each, Grazia Bar Stool 2 pieces — 30 gold coins each. Other employees may have other skills and you can check by clicking on them. Watson will request a Double Espresso and give 1 diamond. If you are looking for a proven My Cafe Recipes and Stories hack, or just would like to download this game, you should click on the link below. It's a very simple tip, but it speeds up the work very much. As you can see, it is worth developing the team's skills, however, it can cost a lot of gems. Koffsky will give 3 anise and will ask for new recipes, for each correct answer he will give diamonds (all recipes are here). Koffsky will ask for new recipes. As in every game, at the beginning you will go through a short tutorial which will show you step by step what is going on. Added on: May 29, 2016; More Options.

She will ask you to speak with Watson, so that he would solve the case and give you 3 diamonds.

List of interesting videos presenting gameplay and tricks to make the game easier. Then he will ask for «Galangal Tea» and will give 1 galangal for cooking a recipe and will reward 500 gold coins. Bill will give a Pink present and ask for «Tea with cardamom, milk and lemon», then «Tibetan tea with anise and cinnamon». I hope that the subject of the game has been exhausted enough and now you can go to more useful information that you will find below. Each story is unlocked at a certain level. Watson complains about green walls and asks to change the wallpaper and gives 1 diamond. Mary and Ben want to celebrate the anniversary in your cafe. Beginnings can be difficult, and at the start you can only afford a fridge and a coffee maker, but as the game progresses and climbs to higher levels, your goals will change and you will have to work very hard to continue climbing the ladder. If you do not want to spend your cash, you may want to consider using My Cafe mod apk or other cheats. Henry wants a Chocolate Pudding. Mary will thank you again for your support and give 3 diamonds. Fernando will ask you to buy 3 curbstones, 3 bar counters, 3 bar stools from your chosen style. Level 0-9 Level 10-19 Level 20-29 Level 30-40 Levels in the game my cafe 0 level (training) At the training stage, you open a coffee shop, do interior decoration, buy equipment and receive the first guests. You have a new visitor, Margaret, she is single and loves small cupcakes. He is the chairman of the community of coffee houses and restaurants. Watson will ask for «Americano with Nutmeg and Cream» — a reward of 3 diamonds.

Margaret will request “Cappuccino with nutmeg, ice and chocolate” and give 3 diamonds. Unfortunately, the gems are a premium currency in this game, so if you want to have more, you have to spend real money or use My Cafe cheats to help you get extra gems. 2, Welcome to our Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories guide, where you can check the full list of recipes available in the game. The reward for completing Level 2 will be 10 diamonds and 250 gold coins.

The reward for completing level 0 will be 150 gold coins. There are many types of My Cafe Recipes & Stories hacks like mod apk, online generator or hack apps that work directly on smartphones or tablets, but keep in mind that the game is updated regularly and some of them maybe even the majority may not work. My Cafe Cheats, Recipes, Videos, Tips & Tricks. You have a lot to learn about the new hero — Ben. The price for the selected style is different. ... My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Restaurant Simulation And Kitchen Mystery Game - Gameplay Video.

As you can see, My Cafe Recipes & Stories is a game that can draw a player for long hours. Tatyana will teach you how to move furniture. Starting at Level 8, items are available to buy in two versions: full price and installment versions. He will ask you to hang the picture «Mysterious Stranger» in exchange for his story and will award 3 diamonds. Reward 2 diamonds. So there's an investigation of a crime that Lucas is helping with where we are guiding him. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Diego will deliver orders. Croissant Display Case — 3,130 gold coins. You will be introduced to Watson Holmes.

Bill requested a new Frappe recipe and a new Ice cream Latte recipe. A rich, gallant and elegant Fernando will come to you. For each correct answer, gives you 1 diamond. So as you can see, typical cooking or rather baking is not very much here.
Then Petrovich will give you enough xp to level up!

For example, upgrading to Level 1 will increase all item prices by 6 percent, and once you’re at level 10, any items can be raised by 30 percent. Bill will thank you for installing the Latte machine in 3 diamonds. Watson advises to put a box for spices.

Reward 3 diamonds. The reward for completing Level 1 will be 100 gold coins. At the training stage, you open a coffee shop, do interior decoration, buy equipment and receive the first guests. So it's worth logging in every day because the bonuses are really useful. It is really difficult to attach, graphics is also at a very high level. He will also ask you to hang a «Simple menu board» and will give 1 diamond per purchase. Cleo asks for “Iced Fruit Tea” — 1 diamond reward. As a result, he will award 3 diamonds. Mary will be sad to look out the window and you will buy a «TV», for which she will give 3 diamonds. As you can see, My Cafe Recipes & Stories is a game that can draw a player for long hours. There are many similar proposals on the gaming market, but it is worth to be interested in this game because it is really great and very addictive. Cleo to ask to introduce Bill.

The community will invite you to exchange diamonds. As you probably know, the money in this game can be very helpful and speed up some things. The greater the team's skills, the more money the café will earn. Prokofiy will ask you for recipes and sometimes suggest the right answer (More about recipes here). Mary will have to pass a difficult exam and will order «Ginseng Tea» from you.

Miguel Sancho Save orders and start realizing them. Reward 2 diamonds. (Tips for recipes here). The article provides the pricing of items for the individual game of my cafe. Bill will request a «Cinnamon Cupcake» and give 1 diamond.

He will also ask you to make a cup of Cappuccino and give 3 diamonds and a Pink gift. Henry's Unsolved Case Lvl 23? Koffsky requested a recipe for “Iced Fruit Tea” and a recipe for “Summer Latte”. Entities may vary depending on your chosen interior style. Bill will offer to participate in a daily quiz of three questions.

Then he asks for new recipes and gives 1 diamond for each recipe (Tips for recipes here). 1 — 2 500 gold coins each. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Helping gamers with walkthroughs, guides, cheats & console commands and codes lists since 2005, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Espresso, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Americano, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Ice Cream, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Cakes I, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Cakes II, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Cakes III, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Turkish Coffee, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Milkshake, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Soda Water, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Latte, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Cappuccino, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Hot Chocolate, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Punch, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Lemonade, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Smoothie, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Waffles, Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Special, Monster Chef Recipes Guide – Full List & Ingredients, Stranded Sails Recipes & Ingredients – Full List, Raft Recipes – Full List – Cooking & Crafting, Dungeon Fall Codes – Roblox – November 2020. The solution to this problem may be My Cafe hack tool that allows you to get additional resources such as coins or gems. The reward for completing Level 3 will be 7 diamonds and 450 gold coins. What distinguishes this game from others is the ability to talk with each client. Also, Petrovich will need: «Vintage Table for two», «Romantic candles», «Fish Tank». © 2020 При копировании текста и картинок ставьте активную ссылку на наш сайт! He will recommend buying a shelf for awards and will give you 3 diamonds for the purchase. Koffsky will request new recipes (Recipe Tips here). Along with the progress in the game, you earn money that you can then spend in the store on various things like: counters, furniture, and many other decorative elements that will lift your cafe to the next level.

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