If you’re a fan of this binge-watching favorite that’s slowly growing in popularity, sign in to your Netflix account and settle in. To me, it couldn’t be clearer that she meant she wasn’t sexually attracted to him. Aya has a heart-to-heart about her future with Yui. Don't miss the latest season of Terrace House: Opening New Doors on Netflix. Swoon over her impressive moves and dazzling costumes on her Instagram page, here. These days, she's modeling and acting, and is signed to one of Japan's leading agencies, A-Team. Who knew?

Does Ghost of Tsushima strike the balance between playability and authenticity? Arisa was always the ambitious go-getter type, but she really got her act together to start Saria Femme, her own hat company. The restaurant — more than just a backdrop for the show — saw a number of fun and moving scenes during Tsubasa’s time in the house, including the second part of her skate date with Okamoto. In the end, Seina, either unwilling to speak of her own lack of attraction or simply lacking the words, can do no more than fall back on toxic stereotypes. Shohei has problems with both consent and romance: He fails to see the real personality and wishes of the object of his affection. Fans will be relieved to learn that Yuki is still tap dancing and choreographing today, and he regularly teaches tap classes in dance studios across Tokyo.

So I’m going to go with Taka, who is, respectfully, a coward and a waste of space. Noah, as described above, is a human bottle of moisturizer. Once Seina and Shohei return to the house and debrief with their respective roommates, news of the kiss is met only with happy excitement. I feel bad for Mayu as a person, as the show’s engineers spied the narrative possibilities posed by exploiting her line of work together with her low self-esteem, in a sadly American way. Tsubasa and Shion head to Kusatsu Onsen.

Her Instagram shows her looking beautiful as ever, occasionally rocking some of her own hat creations. Recently, he suggested he was starting a residential building project in collaboration with Mini Living.

Thanks to fansubbers on Reddit, you can now watch many of the previously Japanese-only extra clips in English. Shohei makes plans to ask Seina to date him, and Aya asks Shohei for a favor. Uncool doesn’t even begin to describe this man. That she took weeks to make her move — on camera, at least — underscores another one of her unflattering qualities: She’s also the most aware of how she appears through the show’s lens, both in visual and narrative terms. To viewers, and well, to me right now writing this, this means an ever-evolving cast (17 in Boys and Girls in the City) who can be hard to keep track of. And even if they do so, are they safe from harassment, assault, or the judgement of their peers? Because Seina and Noah turned the Terrace House standard romantic progression of “dates, confession, relationship, and only then physical stuff” on its head, the other housemates assume some sort of lead-up must have been going on behind the scenes.

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