}); Coronavirus latest: We are open. I saw some nice slick lightweight units on steamradiators.com but not sure if the btu output will match. We recommend the combined heat output of all the radiators in your room meets the higher end of this result to ensure your room is heated efficiently. Welcome back to the Only Radiators blog, where this week we shall demystify the elusive BTU.

A room rendered too cold to use by nature. 2354 Watts / m2 (∆T50). , and note the assortment of search criteria running down the left side of the page. I have looked at existing tables for output from single or double panel with one or two convectors and have come … 1792 Watts / m2 (∆T50), One steel panel with convector fins. If you require the biggest heat from the smallest possible radiator, one of our aluminium models is the only way to go. $(function(){

Width is determined by number of tubes (See below). Once you have your BTU calculation in mind, your search will become far simpler, and you won’t waste money on running juggernaut rads at half-power or lining up six electric heaters to top up an exposed room come winter. They are available in either 4 tube or 6 tube models. While you would want to avoid the need to line up six extra electric heaters come winter, you certainly can select two or three smaller radiators to meet your room’s BTU requirements.There’s really no top-end when it comes to BTU specification so you needn’t worry about overspending on a juggernaut of a radiator, that’s where thermostatic valves come in handy, you can just turn them down to find the perfect heat. Please select whether you'd like to provide the room dimensions in metres or feet.

Select the panel type from the dropdown menu (use the images at the bottom of the page for help) Considering an upgrade?

event.preventDefault(); Visit the Only Radiators Instagram Profile, Visit the Only Radiators Pintrest Profile, Visit the Only Radiators Facebook Profile. 1 Watt is approx. First, you need to measure the length, width and height of the room you wish to heat. Enduring, ageless, classic. Central heating radiator sizes tend to have a BTU output between 600 – 10,000 or even higher. I'm replacing an old double rad (H450mmxW2100mmx65mm) in the dining room (4.4mx3.7mx2.4m,south facing, 2 outside walls, wood floor, double glazed, no french doors). Unique to Castrads, you won’t find these finishes anywhere else. Select the supplier or trade you require, enter your location to begin your search. emember that the measurement gained from our BTU calculator is an all-encompassing reading, accounting for all possible heating elements within the room. Enter your desired height and length and we will provide you with a list of suitable radiators.

The difference is merely a personal preference but you probably won't want your radiator to be higher than the bottom of your window, so you might want to plan around that.

3.4 BTU/hour, or 1000 BTU/hour = … How To Use. Read more here. Using the BTU Calculator it is easy to calculate the size of radiator you need to heat your room.

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And when it comes to the material of the radiator you have in mind, this also has a big bearing upon the product’s BTU output.

A room’s BTU requirements depend on factors such floor space and vertical height, whether or not the room possesses external walls, the amount of wall space covered by windows and their glazing, and so on.

At-home and virtual surveys enable us to give uniquely tailored design and tech advice.

The dimensions of a room are used to calculate the amount of BTU needed to heat that room.

A radiator with too low BTU output may not be able to efficiently heat a room alone, though if it’s absolutely necessary, about 10% below will usually be fine.

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