:-) (e.g.

This should be like that? Ah, I’d been waiting for this, even though I’m sitting this league out.

Still wish the level 100s would be in order of the time they hit 100 though. Many (if not most) of the top players run builds that are designed solely to push 100 and nothing more (farming specific maps and pulling in a minimum XP/h amount); however many of these builds are capable of doing all content (Shaper & Uber Elder), and delving deep.

All feedback is very welcome. Ice Shot Deadeye runs as a close second. This site is fan-made and not affiliated with Grinding Gear Games in any way. Under “My favorite builds from Harvest” there’s a sentence that references the Metamorph league, but I’ve been waiting to see this list, thanks.

Thanks a lot for the 3.11 build compilation. Summoner (Spectre) builds come in second (considering both Softcore and Hardcore), followed by Essence Drain and Earthquake. Search for keyword or character class (Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, Shadow, Witch, Templar, Scion) and find the information you need for your build.

: Brands reworked (big nerf to Storm Brand). Let me know if you notice any other issues.

Energy Shield builds easier to grow in passive tree.

Visual effects changed for many skills (like Earthquake.

I hope this helps! Within SSF I 1-shot all white/blue mobs with one cast of BF, and easily 1-shot yellows with BB.

I think he is talking about the skills on the body armor of the vortex build that is linked, where there is only passive skills and no active skills so it looks like it doesn’t do anything. The complete 3.11 patch notes can be found here. Keep in mind those who are 95+ and do not play SSF often group with others (including aura bots), which includes sharing items and maps. Numerous elemental skills buffed, such as Ball Lightning, Freezing Pulse, Fireball, Frostbolt, etc. Over the last seasons I have always chosen at least two of your recommended builds and they never disappointed!

I hope this helps!

BF/BB is definitely my favorite build this league. Even with bad gear, it performs VERY well and is very safe due to the freezing. [3.12] Hollow Frenzy Raider [10-40mln DPS][All content][Budget friendly][Potato PC friendly], Path of Exile - Heist League - Build Collection. This guide does not include ultra expensive builds for players who have accumulated a large amount of currency. I recently found this rare bow called Chin Sol bow and I wanted to customize it with rare items, so I saw this really good post https://mmogo24.blogspot.com/2017/09/path-of-exilebuild-guidechin-sol.html that allowed me to found a unique item called Chin Sol Shrapnel Traps that improved my bow almost 100% !

I do not recommend this build as your FIRST build of the league. Last edited by StormHavoc on Sep 30, 2020, 11:58:01 PM. Once again, Necromancer is the dominant Ascendancy by far due to its Volatile Dead, Spectre and Zombie support. I’m working towards the last piece which is the amulet and still need last lab. Do you have any recommendations? There are definitely other great builds that could have made it on the list, but the above list represents the most popular (and “meta”) builds players are embracing this league. Ahh for some reason PoB won’t allow me to set Creeping Frost in the setup; it’s in the Notes though. Let’s see… I have 669 life from gear, 127% inc from tree… although that’s not entirely accurate because some of my tree has been adjusted because of my timeless jewel. For example his final build has roughly 850 life just from gear, and a total increase amount of 251%. If you scroll down, each build has one or more links associated with it (either PoB or Forum post). Spectres, Zombies & Skeletons nerfed, but still solid for end-game.

I am already looking forward to it, you are my most trustworthy site for builds. Some like Melee while others love bow builds. Guess I have my starter then. Great read, thanks! fancy playing bladefall assassin, but I can’t find any links to the actual build and what character to start with. Hybrid, Immune and Tanky: CI Soulrend/Bane Occultist, The "Death's Fang" Occultist | Death Aura + Raise Spiders, TANKIEST SUMSUM SPECTRES/SKELLIES NECROMANCER, Stupidsmile Ultimate SRS Minion Instability, Agony Caster | Winter Orb + Herald of Agony Necro, Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Notice. Thanks as usual! I am playing your Blade Blast / Bladefall, it is really strong but the delay of casting Blade Fall every time is really annoying.

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