Pursue the ultimate hunt, with more storage to carry your gear and firearms, plus front light bar to brighten the backcountry trails.

REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box Keep your heads up and be strong. You can reach our Customer Service assistants & product specialists 7 days a week. we will become stronger than ever before. The powerful ammo your engine’s dormant horses have been starving for.

Reason I don’t duck a star is kev’s painstaking support i was delivered throughout emailing with him. my tracking said delivered but never seen it! As a beneficial side effect, it accelerates the injection timing that can only be exploited if the fuel curve is remapped as well.

This caused my satisfaction drop significantly because its not suppose to be a diy job for a total beginner.

Our team of.

Nice of you. This may be useful in say a rental ATV but very vexing when fitted to racing or souped-up ATVs. Share in the adventure. Reviewed by Sancho (Roscommon, Michigan, USA), reviewed for REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box

Pursue the Ultimate Hunt with even more room.

This evaluation was emailed by Dewitt, Hi there guys, just to let you know, package arrived on time, kit and stuff is complete, we installed them easy on my Polaris. – Saturday, 8:46 AM. Other than that was worth every penny.

A., sewing machine technician (Sobernheim, Germany), reviewed for

stock Rev Limiter on EFI engines is a surveillance-software placed in Electronic Control Unit to restrict its maximum rotational speed. REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box Magnum brand stands alone when performance is what you are after. If you take a look inside the engine bay and around the engine of your Quad, there are a lot of stuffs in it.

The powerful ammo your engine’s dormant horses have been starving for.

THX KEN! Product installed and worked as promised and technical customer service was of excellence I am still on the fence whether or not I should nick a star. stock RPM limiter on EFI engines is a surveillance-software placed in ECM to restrict its maximum rotational speed. – Sunday, 9:36 PM. Magnum upgrades are not imported from Far East. for Arctic Cat Prowler 500 HDX Warning: Polaris off-road vehicles can be hazardous to operate and are not intended for on-road use. You can check back here anytime for updates or changes in our operations. REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box Only Polaris GENERAL gives you the confidence to explore backcountry trails and handle back-forty tasks without compromise. Reviewed by Husain (Al Muwayhat, United Arab Emirates), reviewed for – Saturday, 5:30 PM. I needed some help, they answered quickly so I could order the part I wanted, thank you guys for the smooth business.

Flawless product without drawback of any kid. Pursue the Ultimate Hunt.

Really great product came with express postage. On stock engines the revolution level that results with the spark being arrested is assigned with a fixed revolution. for Hisun HS 750 Crew We sell number one Polaris rev limiter bypasss. 30 of 40 people found this review helpful.

REV-PRO Polaris General 1000 EPS RPM governor can be adjusted quickly and easily to reach an even or a higher rpm range than the factory set in order to override factory top end limit. 15 of 22 people found this review helpful. Reviewed by ferdinando (Rainy River, Canada), reviewed for If you need something more than stock Polaris moderated potential restricted by stringent emission and din standards ATV makes have to comply with, bolt some of our riding horsepower Polaris items in the engine bay. Class-leading performance & utility with unmatched comfort mile after mile. No matter which GENERAL you choose, you begin every adventure with the best performance, the greatest utility, and the most comfortable ride you can get in a side-by-side. 5 of 15 people found this review helpful.

11 of 14 people found this review helpful. – Sunday, 11:09 AM.

RPM limiter, is a programmable Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) with uniquely extended frequency range that is designed to override the factory Performance CDI and the speed governor in order to get rid of vexing factory revolution restrictions.

– Monday, 3:50 AM, ample instructions tech support is gr8 still im on the fence whether a total newbie can hook this up to a sandrunner without proficent help at least it works as it was suppose to and overall a good deal.

I have a fully upgraded race-engine and I can’t risk my warranty.

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