Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra II pada (3 degrees 20 minutes to 6 degrees 40 minutes) Mesha Rashi Rahu in this nakshatra will give luxury oriented nature; people want so much money in early age, most of the time they will succeed if chart is well placed. You will get your detailed report and answers to your questions by e mail. Get report by email as well live discussions, 8) Family Reading for 4 with Remedies for USD 180 only or Rs 9000 only. A well placed Rahu will give ambitious and successful individual. Rahu Its Indian Zodiac is 20° Mithuna – 3°20′ Karka. Based on the positioning of Nakshatras at the time of birth, predictive analysis is done in Hindu Astrology. These peoples are more

Ashwini, Magha and Moola are the nakshatras of Ketu. This intuitive sense for orderliness extends itself into your dress. The presiding deity is Ajikapada, an ancient fire dragon. They represent a sudden end to the Karma associated to your previous lifetimes. dark side of lover; they want to find mystery of dark side. despite of benefic. Making your family tree may help you get blessings of your ancestors since this Nakshatra is ruled by the Pitris or the ancestral spirits. We welcome your comments and suggestions. When you contact your Astrologer for the first time, do you ask him to read your horoscope rather than telling yourself all your problems? They can be seen as natural forces and mental/emotional tendencies.

As you accumulate more and more deadlines, you may abandon other projects, leaving them unfinished. Despite of staying away from native place, In English, nakshatras are known as “lunar mansions.”. In astrol... Rahu Ketu transit Vedic astrology is one of the important transit of 2016. In fact, the movement of the Moon gives rise to the concept of Nakshatras.

It is a figure for discipline and sacrifice. The native may have bone diseases and there are chances of snake biting. The presiding deity is Yama, the god of death. of the time they will succeed if chart is well placed.

nakshtara is also good for spirituality and astrology, Ketu (. ) The presiding deity is Pushan, the protective deity.

Ashwini Nakshatra.

According to the Vedic Astrology, the 27 Nakshatras and not the 12-star signs were used to understand the celestial influences on our planet. The sign of Aries is known as the sign of the ram.

The presiding deity is Aryaman who is the god of patronage and favors. COPY RIGHT MATERIAL.

Another aspect of their personality is that of understanding and revelling in beauty making them great contenders in the field of music, dance, writing and other performing arts. relationships and family. Its Indian Zodiac is 3°20′ – 16°40′ Vrishchika.

It represents wisdom, expansion, and open-mindedness. When a child is named, considering the Nakshatra, it has a wholeness effect within the child. First Quarter (0-3:20 degrees Aries): Aries. working of this nakshatra. Its Indian Zodiac is 3°20′ – 16°40′ Meena. Rahu will be placed in Mesha Rashi and Mesha Navmansha, this I am a Pisces moon in revati 3rd pads.pls guide..thanks. I am able to stand up to abusers in my life, and speak up, after the remedy you mentioned in magha video, that my dad was doing for years. It’s important to prioritize and to be honest about your capacity. Having the innate healing touch, those born under the Ashwini Nakshatra are always ready to help others and stand by their friends through thick and thin. Praying to Ganesha or Ganapathi would ensure that you get the necessary protection. It takes two weeks for a waxing (bright half) moon and two weeks for a waning Moon (dark half). Mesha Rashi, Rahu in this nakshatra It is associated with Healing and rejuvenation.

This is the reason predictions goes wrong. Its Indian Zodiac is 26°40′ Mesha – 10° Vrishabha. While doing so, gazing into the light blue sky would help you dissuade your fear and anxieties. Since it is the first Nakshatra, those born under this are seen carrying the energy of the beginnings and are not afraid to start anything new. They will be bold, They may act on impulse without fully considering the consequences of their choices. Get answers by email as well live discussion. If you were born when the moon was between 0:00-13:20 degrees Aries, then this guide is for you. You are family-oriented.

Rahu 22 June 1974 .time morning 9.55 .birt place Solapur . Persons born under this star have an innocent and natural approach to life. fiery and bold nakshatra. Shatabhisha Nakshatra is ruled by Rahu (North Node) Range: 6 ° 40' Aquarius - 20 ° 00' Aquarius. Nakshatras are a vital part of Vedic astrology. He offers health, bodily strength, and sustenance. Thus, any profession dealing with healing powers is great for them. It is made of the root words ‘Naksha’ meaning sky and ‘Tra’ meaning region. To put it in simple words, the zodiac in Hindu Astrology comprises of 360 degrees. Ashwini nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Mars and ruled by Ketu. Copyright © 2014 PrateekVision All Rights Reserved...... Powered by, Ashwani Nakshatra is first Each nakshatra is divided into four quarters, also known as padas, of 3:20 degrees each. Tomorrow, Rahu in Libra. Check Consultation page and send mail for your Vedic Astrology Detailed Birth Chart for just, http://prateek8686.blogspot.in/2013/12/http-home-http-consultation-http-find.html.

Every nakshatra has its own set of fixed attributes.

Ashwini means ‘’Horseman’’. This nakshatra also shows independence.

They like to The presiding deity is Soma, Chandra, the Moon God. position is called as Vargottama in which a planet gives good results also According to Hindu Astrology, a child’s first name should correspond to his or her Nakshatra. A, You may not gain any weight in this period

Rahu will be in Aries

Most of the queries co... Jupiter with Rahu or guru Rahu same house conjunction is known as guru chandal yoga or guru chandal dosh. Now, astrology in bad direction, everyone wants to predict only, No-one want to research on this occult science. For example, they can be good doctors, healers, physiotherapists, counsellors, spiritual healers, mystics and physicians. One can look the natal Moon Nakshatra in his or her Jyotisha Chart and find it out in the list below: The presiding deities are the Ashwin twins, Sasra and Satya, who are physicians to the Gods.

You like adventures, but your penchant for risk-taking can sometimes land you in difficult situations. For Contact/Consult me at: astrobhatt10@gmail.com. is also known as Ruler Ketu. The Ashwini Kumaras are known to be the bringers of dawn and hence watching the eastern horizon just before the Sunrise would provide you with the energy needed to go through the day with positivity.

Hindu astrology says that Ketu is a natural inauspicious planet like Rahu. You can go to any extent for Love. The movement of the following nine celestial bodies contributes to the unfolding of major events on earth and also shapes the fate of each and every individual.

Its symbol is back legs of a funeral cot.

Get answers by email as well live discussions 4) Property and Wealth Reading with Remedies USD 45 or Rs 2100 only. The presiding deity is Nirrti, goddess of dissolution and destruction. Ashwinis possess a youthful, playful energy.

The technique of deducing the name is to find out which Nakshatra the moon is positioned during the birth of the child. The presiding deity is Visvedevas, universal gods. This position is much better than previous one It exemplifies wisdom, awareness, and ritual. The Ashwini Nakshatra brings about quick aid and energization. It represents wealth and luck. One meaning of Ashwini is a “female horse,” indicating energy, swiftness, and a maternal, caring instinct. The corresponding syllables for the four quarters (padas) of Ashwini are Chu (चु), Che (चे), Cho (चो), and La (ला). It brings self-control, and restraint as well as death and transformation. My Rahu is in 5th house in Moola Nakshatra at 7 degrees Sagittarius & ketu in 11th in ardrata nakshatra… The presiding deities are the Pitrs, family ancestors. Keeping the helping nature in mind, they are extremely good working for social work organisations. This placement not good for As individuals with strong opinions, they do not readily take advice and may even feel insulted by it as they prefer to do things their way. 3) Marital and Love Reading with Remedies USD 45 or Rs 2100 only. However, they have a tendency to overextend themselves and take on too many projects. Another trait of the deva-gana nakshatras is their obedience to elders, including parents, grandparents, teachers, and other authorities. Ashwini Nakshatra female Love life and marriage life. in life. You may also like: What is Vastu Shastra & How it Effects Our Lives. I have already, done what you have stated here, and it’s somehow I knew without anyone’s advice, rather my father followed this very strongly and I follow everything my father did, and it works wonders. , it takes full advantage of aggressiveness and sharpness and fast The presiding deity is Varuna, god of cosmic waters.

I am the Astrologer/Palmist/Face Reading/Healer & Reiki specialist.This Blog, mainly for astrological articles. Astrologers say that if Rahu is in any one of these nakshatras then its native may face several difficulties in life.

When we look forward to know our future, generally, we tell the Astrologer about our problems and ask for help and future predictions. You genuinely care about others, and you try to help those around you to the best of your ability. You can work hard when you put your mind to something, but you’re not one to toil away without seeing tangible results.

problems. The Nakshatras are closely related to the Moon and so with the mind and emotions. The features of Ashwini are below: Sanskrit Name: अश्विनी (Ashvini) comes from the Sanskrit word अश्व (horse). Ashwini Nakshatra – Did you know that the pre-dawn sky gazing would charge you with positive energy? Its symbol is “Yoni,” the female organ of reproduction.

). Considered to be the first Nakshatra in the Hindu astrology, the Ashwini Nakshatra belongs to the Aries sign and has a range of 0.00′ to 13.20′. Learn about each planet in brief and its role in interpreting an astrological chart. Do not blindly trust any Astrologer.

This will let you focus on the things that are truly important to you.

The predictions made on this site are based on knowledge acquired though books, observation and learning as per ancient texts. This represents new beginnings, vitality, movement, and alertness.

and very energetic especially towards sports. Its Indian Zodiac is 6° 40′ – 20° Mithuna. Get Report by email as well live discussions.

The presiding deity is Agni, the god of fire.

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