Pairs are typically monogamous. Shortly after hatching, the young leave the nest. North Region Office 457 CR 26Mailing Address:Box 100Enid, MS 38927(662) 563-6222. Mountain Quail have been introduced in a variety of areas along the Puget Trough, the eastern Cascades, the Wenatchee Mountains, and in southwestern Washington as far east as Vancouver. Licensed quail producers must keep permanent records of each sale or gift in a suitable, permanently bound book.

In summer, the quail require a source of water, which may limit their nesting range. If you find the information on BirdWeb useful, please consider supporting Seattle Audubon. Anyone that raises quail for use on their own shooting preserves must purchase a breeder's license in addition to the shooting preserve operating license (see. Once this habitat is degraded, they may be quite isolated and unable to move to more suitable habitat. They use the dense thickets resulting from fires or clearcuts, and they are seldom found far from this cover. When you find evidence of birds, walk the edge of the road in short bursts, stopping often near patches of roadside cover. One strategy is to drive or hike back roads, looking for tracks, droppings and dusting holes that indicate there may be birds nearby. They are found in shrubby areas, farmlands, residential areas, and city parks. Females lay 9-10 eggs, which both parents incubate.

Mountain Quail use a variety of foraging techniques.

Mountain Quail are the most elusive quail in Washington. These quail are used on private and public hunting preserves, for wildlife release, and for commercial meat sale purposes. In the dry areas of the Mountain Quail's range, such as southeastern Washington, water appears to be a limiting factor. A few Northern Bobwhites can be found in the Puget Trough in grassy habitats, especially in the prairies of southern Puget Sound, where they are established locally. They return in the spring singly or in pairs. A population in Walla Walla County appears to have been extirpated as well, as there have been no reports since 1993. Omnivores, quail eat mostly vegetative matter in winter, and switch to invertebrates in the summer. Flooding of riparian areas by dams along the Snake River may have helped wipe them out in southeastern Washington.

This is the only quail in Washington that is uniformly streaked in brown. They often weave other materials into an arch over the nest, resulting in a well-hidden entrance.

If you find the information on BirdWeb useful, please consider supporting Seattle Audubon.

In western Washington, they can be found in the Puget Trough south to the Willamette Valley, in the San Juan Islands, and on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim. This enables quail to have large clutches of young. A light-colored throat and eyebrow band are distinctive marks. They are secretive birds that stay close to dense cover, usually associated with streams. For more information on obtaining a commercial quail breeder's license, contact the appropriate MDWFP Regional Office (see below). They are fast runners and spend much of their time on the ground. As they often stay amid dense cover, they are more often heard than seen. Males and females appear similar, but males have less streaking on their breasts, and their eyebrows and throat bands are white instead of tan. While raising quail has a lot of parallels to that of raising chickens , there are … This group, the "chicken-like" birds, consists of medium to large terrestrial birds. Males and females appear similar, and both have a long, straight feather plume rising from atop their heads. The male and the female choose a nest site on the ground in dense brush, and both help build a shallow depression lined with grass and leaves. Mountain Quail nest on the ground in dense cover, usually sheltered by a shrub, log, or clump of grass. County Extension Service offices ( also may have or can help access information on raising quail. A commercial quail breeder's license is not required for persons that raise no more than 100 quail per year for their own use and consumption. In winter, they eat mostly seeds, while in summer when raising young, they eat mostly insects. The young are precocial, able to walk about and feed themselves almost immediately after hatching. The package or wrapper may contain one or more birds. A commercial quail breeder's license is not required for persons that raise no more than 100 quail per year for their own use and consumption. The Department of Poultry Science has Extension resources that can be accessed from their website. Thus it is important to conserve habitat near reliable water sources. A commercial quail breeder's license issued by the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (hereafter, Commission) is required of anyone raising quail for sale and more than 100 quail per year for any reason. The record of the transfer of ownership must be kept current and available at all times for inspection. Most inhabit early-successional brushy areas. Mountain Quail regularly migrate short distances on foot, usually descending to lower elevations for the winter, staying below the snow line.

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