Screenplay by Stephen Kandel. Screenplay by James V. Kern. Dave Johns Wife, Intelius does not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. Screenplay by Oscar Brodney.

Scanners Head Explosion Actor, (1951, Realart, 73 m.) Produced and directed by Edward Levin. of the land where the rainbow ends. (1947, MGM, 105 m.) Directed by Roy Rowland. Force of Evil. Screenplay by Isobel Lennart and John B. Harding. By age 8, her maternal grandmother, whom she called “Gunga” and who had been postmistress at Marysvale for 33 years, regularly treated the child to (silent) movies which left the youngster enthralled. Hupp was posthumously inducted into the University of Southern California (USC) Athletic Hall of Fame in 2007. The Bounty Hunter. (1948, MGM, 107 m.) Directed by Richard Thorpe. Use an advanced search Advanced Search, Please wait, report contains A LOT of information. Marie recalls being on salary for three weeks for this film: “Then there were script changes, and my part was written out of the picture.”. 20. Sheila White Obituary, Marie’s parents drove her to Hollywood in 1940. Two Dollar Bettor (Realart, ‘51) was low budget too but worthwhile as law abiding family man John Litel finds himself victmized by conniving crooks Marie Windsor and Steve Brodie.

Halla Bol Cast, John Wayne (who produced) was the hero, Vera Ralston was the heroine, and Marie Windsor was the chief heavy in a ham-fisted flick that made a lot of noise but little sense. There was no art teacher when Marie was in high school, but the principal, favorably impressed with her work, gave her two books on art and told her if she learned to draw and paint well, he’d give her scholastic credit for her work. Click "Allow" to receive push notifications and receive the most up-to-date information. Bedtime Story. Screenplay by Don Tait and Dick Nelson. 57. (1949, Republic, 100 m.) Direction and screenplay by George Waggner. Produced by Joe Pasternak. Miss Windsor very adroitly (and silently) played the princess in The Lady or the Tiger (MGM, ‘42), a nine-minute short based on the classic Frank R. Stockton story. If you notice a problem with the translation, please send a message to and include a link to the page and details about the problem. Produced by Ronald M. Cohen. Belter Scottish Slang,

49. (1955, Universal-International, 79 m.) Directed by Charles Lamont. With William Elliott, Walter Brennan, Marie Windsor, Henry Morgan, Rhys Williams, Jim Davis, Leif Ericson, William Ching, Nacho Galindo. You may not use any information obtained from Intelius for any purpose covered by the FCRA. She recalls a particularly unhappy incident during the production of Island: “We were back from Florida locations and had to do ‘pick up’ shots at the studio. With Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Bobby Stone, Stan Clements, Roger Pryor, Gale Storm, Joe Kirk, Marie Windsor. Of that time, Marie told me: “For many years my inherited arthritis had given me problems. Produced by Al Zimbalist and Jack Robin. (The actress also guest starred in more than 200 other tv shows, including The Rogues, Batman, Perry Mason, Red Skelton Hour, Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, Stories of the Century (as Belle Starr), The Whistler, Ford Theatre, Cheyenne, Meet McGraw, Pursuit, Markham, The Californians, Rawhide, The Alaskans, Bracken’s World (Marie, playing a script supervisor, made semi-regular appearances), Charlie’s Angels (three guest appearances), Simon and Simon (three guest appearances), Alias Smith and Jones, Fantasy Island, The Lloyd Bridges Show (not to be confused with Bridges’ earlier tv series, Sea Hunt), and three guest slots for Murder, She Wrote. Lessons didn’t end at school. 25. 60.

At one point, my husband Jack called our doctor, who quickly consulted my neurologist. All photos uploaded successfully, click on the Done button to see the photos in the gallery. I was given exercises while in bed to strengthen the muscles in my legs and back - because I didn’t have enough strength to stay in a sitting position. (1952, Lippert Pictures, 74 m.) Directed by William Berke. She also won The Los Angeles Theatre Critics’ Best Actress Award for a play she starred in called The Bar Off Melrose. Your letter arrived on my birthday, and God bless you, my dear!

41. Outpost in Morocco. Doll then had a final chance to run, but her better instincts got in her way and, heeding the “Sky Pilot’s” words, she turned instead to God for help. - but in my earlier years, I couldn’t afford to do this.”, Marie says she always worried about front office reaction to her work and then about audience reactions: “I really don’t know of any serious actor who ever felt otherwise.

After a few basic questions, several doctors asked me to move my foot, pointing it up toward the ceiling. But her next, Hellfire (Republic, ‘49, Trucolor), opposite William Elliott, was something else altogether; “Bill Elliott saw the test I’d made as well as the George Raft film,” Marie remembers, “and when he learned I was a horsewoman, he fought with the studio to use me instead of one of their contract players. (1953, Warners, 110 m.) Directed by Michael Curtiz. But I treasure the very sweet and apologetic note I later received from Miss Cornell.”. Richard Rodney Hupp. Screenplay by Frank Ryan.

16. With Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Binnie Barnes, Paul Kelly, Robert Smith, Dorothy Lovett, Franklin Pangborn, Corinna Mura, Marie Windsor, The King’s Men, Six Hits and a Miss. Screenplay by Maurice Geraghty. And while I may have been ‘born’ with my ability too, I had to work very had to develop it. Produced by B. P. Fine. The Jungle. (1942, R.K.O., 67 m.) Directed by Frank Ryan and William Hamilton.

Ari Shaffir Reaction, The Perfect Woman. It’s a lot of nonsense about a gang of female toughs who rule a western town, and not even top-billed Marie Windsor could make it work. Screenplay by Herman Boxer. Screenplay by Catherine Turney. Richard A. Hupp Garland, UT 82 Years Old Locations Include: Garland, UT Linda Hupp Mark Hupp Michael Hupp Open Report Verified Name Match Richard Casper Hupp … (1957, Columbia, 71 m.) Directed by Oliver Drake. “In the midst of all this, I got pneumonia, followed by an infection they couldn’t seem to locate. Back in Marysvale, the local Chamber of Commerce “unofficially” gave Marie that year’s “Miss Utah” title which enabled her to enter (and ultimately win) The Jesse Laskey Radio Talent Show at Salt Lake City.

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