Click Link below. ), (Cut back to the cats looking in the barrel). As a result, we're left to assume the Magistrate and Tai-Tai realized one of their daughters was missing and were able to find her. * MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Dongwa after insulting. Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat is a Chinese-Canadian-American animated television series based on the children's book of the same name by Amy Tan which aired on PBS Kids, produced by Canada-based animation studio CinéGroupe and Sesame Workshop. Sagwa learns to have fun with Ming-Yu, while Huang-Do learns to get along with Leyh's two sons. Multidmedia’s Zinc was used to package this …, Playground Discovery by AT KidSystems featured a loveable robot named Cosmo. [4] The series was cancelled in 2002, ending on October 5 of that year, but continued to air in reruns on PBS Kids until February 1, 2009, and as of 2019 is still aired on several networks worldwide. Sagwa helps him escape by stealing the key off Tai-Tai while she slept. See for more details.

Sagwa and her family live in the palace of an [[NoNameGiven unnamed magistrate]] and serve as his scribes, being able to write with their tails. 9:52 pm on September 13, 2015.

Tai-Tai also falls into this trope when she's not being a Jerkass. Premier League games not selected for broadcast in October will be available to fans on a pay-per-view basis. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fu-Fu and Sagwa compete for her attention. General (Zoom over from the cats and Cha-Siu looking to the left to Jet-Jet crying. I was just going back through the archives and digging up screenshots of old portfolio sites and CD’s. We then cut to Jet-Jet chasing Cha-Siu).

Virtual community featuring a directory, manuals, and registration services. In 2018, TFO's MiniMation YouTube channel began uploading episodes from the French version. He uses Sheegwa to get what turns out to be a clay cookie. With Fu-Fu's help, Sing Bad gets the whole song. Jet-Jet: I lost both my parents in a carting accident when I was only a 6-week old kitten. !It’s sad how there’s no more Sagwa games anymore. Bootleg SpongeBob SquarePants (Anime TV Series). We did get it down to a science at 360KID for these click and explore games with characters that guide you through the experience. Jet-Jet's father: Now Jet-Jet, please go slowly, or else you will get run over by... (Cut to a horse-drawn cart racing towards the three cats, followed by a cut to Jet-Jet and his parents with shocked expressions), (Cut to Jet-Jet running away as screaming and crashing noises are heard), Jet-Jet: Mama? The show is also intentionally cross-cultural, with the theme song in both English and Chinese. Sagwa resides in a palace of a magistrate in China in what is assumed to be modern-day Fujian province (possibly during the late Qing dynasty, as shown by the characters' clothes), as part of a royal family of cats who have the ability to write with their tails. He gets all twelve animals to race to determine who is the fastest, resulting in the rat reaching first place. Blastanova aims to combine music and games. Her sleeve dogs are perched on the window), Tai-Tai: Today will be a beautiful day for the sleeve dogs to go for a walk, and-. get your greeny phantom shit out of my lawn, Square Network (Latin America)/Programming, Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat (season 2),,_the_Chinese_Siamese_Cat_(season_2)/Episode_3a:_Jet-Jet_the_Softie?oldid=330576. (Title and episode production credits appears. (Title and episode production credits appears. Sagwa Wiki. Once the moon cakes are prepared, both families have a happy reunion in the moonlight. Both clubs work together during a dangerous mountain climb and form a new club.

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