Here is the Vimeo on Demand Poster, before blur for a public post. Free people on a small boat by a small island... Noemi is so sexy swimming in the green-blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. The nudity by itself should not be reprehensible, it is something inferential to the human being. Congratulations! !, when we are sailing, the sky takes on a special importance, we like the sunny days and the starry nights, to be able to rest on deck away from thunderclouds and storms, become our SKY and in every beautiful night we'll remember you! One step forward. Thanks for sharing your adventures...fair winds and following seas my friends.

They argued that it is in the section that is public and anyone can see it. Apparently there are people who have designated themselves "Nudity Police' and have nothing better to do than go online to try to find pictures of the naked human body and file complaints! DescriptionNoemi has tried several times to climb the dinghy from the water, this is difficult when you do not touch your feet on the ground. We wanted to share this little story of our banner, to reflect and put in contradiction the arguments that want to punish nudity in social networks. The next Monday we will publish in advance in Patreon for all our Patrons the version for YouTube of this new movie "PARADISE" which is our episode number 28. A verification code will be sent to you. If some religions say that showing the human body is sin, nobody pays attention. I will sleep earlier tonight just so tomorrow will seem to arrive faster. You have produced another entertaining and enjoyable video. Vimeo proxy, SubjectEp 33, All we need is Freedom. Regards. Thank you so so much.. tomorrow Friday all our Patrons of SKY level or higher will receive the VIP CODE to attend the premiere! What a bizarre world we find ourselves in. We want to be able to expand the crew of our sailboat. Within a week we will premiere the Movie on Vimeo on Demand, and all our SKY level Patrons and above will receive a VIP code to attend the premiere.

And the video was nice also! Perhaps we could create a camp in nature where the boys were naked and instead of shooting learn about nature and love. We want to make better videos and visit spectacular sites. Next Friday we will publish an advance of our new movie Vimeo on Demand for all our clients. We’ve crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific, and are now raising our boy Lenny on our boat as well. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you.

lícula va de la nostra passió per la mar, de tota la bellesa que ens envolta i de viure el moment. ( Uncensored Trailer ).

If you're supporting LA VIDA A VELA, Noemi & Josep on Patreon at one of the below tiers, or know someone who is, head on over to our post importer to help fellow users out! In this exclusive version for Patreon, , we include some extra scenes after the credits, which we cannot publish on YouTube due to its restrictive rules against nudity. Recent Posts. Fair seas and following winds. It's a pleasure to share our life with you! Well, anyone over 18 years, since they themselves were responsible for rating my page as "Just for adults". Please keep fighting for love and freedom. Thanks friend and welcome aboard !! Best way to start the New Year!!! We want to live more adventures and more intense. The only thing better than seeing twin mounts off the bow is seeing twin peaks. This is the main motivation making vídeos.. We try to adapt our YouTube videos to their stupid norms because if we do not do it YouTube can delete the video ( This already happened with our episode 14 ) or can put an age restriction ( This happened with 6 of our youtube episodes), or a restriction for advertising. Some of the items I noticed, that I wanted to share are: 1) Stetson is a big hat manufacturer in the U.S. and they make the American Cowboy hat (which I have a couple) and it was fascinating to see the European brand posted in on of the shops. Hahaha, Thanks Cal, sure Noemi and cockpit windows will be present in coming videos! I agree with you, but I am not very objective hahaha, I agree with the others, a beautiful view and a magnificent picture. Napoleons's ice cream cone at 5:55 should be the colours of the French flag. , Thanks Jim, Thanks for so nice comment! Barcelona Tourism; Barcelona Hotels; Bed and Breakfast Barcelona; Barcelona Holiday Rentals; Flights to Barcelona; Barcelona Restaurants; Barcelona Attractions Corsica 10, Fall in love with me baby! You can see that on any magazine rack and in the majority of advertisements! This just happened again with the episode 29 that despite not showing explicit nudity and having blurred the breasts of Noemi, has been qualified for over 18 years! Besos y abrazos, i cant see. We are also finishing the episode for youtube.

Several of our Patrons have asked us to see our first episodes without censorship. Thanks Jim!!! ( Uncensored Trailer )" by LA VIDA A VELA - Noemi & Josep on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and... URL Va del vent, del sol i del mar. We are sorry to have to censor our videos, in order to be able to publish them on YouTube.

You produce the most fantastic videos. The TRUTH about Buying a CATAMARAN. I wanted to say thank you! Just an information : I bought all your video on demand Thanks for your answer and Congratulations ! Copyright © Think Sail, Think Social, Think soSAILize! and Noemi will discover it in a succession of beautiful images. Navegamos por el sur de Mallorca, fondeado en la gran bahía de Santa Ponça y visitamos el pueblo. URL Very beautiful! Congratulations, she is nearly as beautiful as Noemi. Ep 27 "Forever Free" The company Aleader Water Shoes, sent us two pairs of their Water Shoes and we tested them Climbing Roccapina Tower and also in the water, the result is spectacular in every way, we highly recommend them! Thank you Noemi and Josep, love you both for showing us a wonderful life. Still we continue receiving complaints, because there are people that without seeing the breasts and Noemi, it annoys the simple fact of knowing that she is nude! Thank you for another wonderful video. Another wonderful work of art. The proposal number 1 has obtained 5 votes (We will use it for the video thumbnail), The proposal number 2 obtained only 3 votes (This is the one that bet Noemi that would be the winner ... hahaha), Ep 34 Skinny dipping poster 3.jpg (415.5KiB).

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