They were potential recruits [to the adult IRA]; they did scouting work, for instance . … the defendant had told police he fired only once.’ (LL, p.401, #961) He was then shot several times, one bullet striking his 82-year-old mother-in-law in the foot.’ (LL, p.142, #237) LL states that ‘it is believed republicans were behind the attack’ while Malcolm Sutton’s Index of Deaths accords responsibility to ‘Irish Republican Army (IRA)’ One of them, who was 14 at the time of the murder, served 14 years following his conviction.’ (LL, p.425, #1023) ‘An 18-year-old youth was charged with her murder. On 18.05.73, fourteen-year-old Eileen Mackin was ‘killed in action’ and is recorded on a Cumann na mBan mural on the Ballymurphy Road. During the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, a strange competition took place between O’Hara and informer Paddy Ward to be recognised as the Officer Commanding of Fianna na hÉireann in the city. … A 16-year-old youth was later sentenced to be detained for five years for intimidation. ‘Six years later two men were charged and found guilty of murder. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

James Liggett, 66, a security guard killed by INLA gunmen, December 19, 1976. One of the few republicans and later prominent Sinn Fein personalities to have admitted to a war crime in Northern Ireland is well-known Derry republican and Irish language activist, former chairperson of Northern Sinn Fein, former Mayor of the city and former member of the Policing Board, Gerry O’Hara/Gearoid O’hEara. Gerry Adams unveiled a memorial in Ballymurphy which includes her name under the heading ‘Volunteers’. [If you are able to help this project in any small way, it would be appreciated: David McKittrick et al’s Lost Lives (2001 ed.)

She has been both recorded and erased from various conflicting Rolls of Honour over the years. Registered in England No. Maurice Knowles, 17 (Protestant, a student), killed by four gunmen whilst out duck-hunting on December 30, 1974; ‘Two days later, two 16-year-old Catholics were charged with the murder and were later found guilty.’ (LL, p.508, #1291) Neither LL nor Sutton allocate responsibility but see Belfast Telegraph article on one of the convicted gunmen. of the local Fianna na hÉireann ‘slua’ [group] in Ardoyne. He was O.C. The Derry Brigade of the IRA strove to discredit everything Ward said in order to protect McGuinness, who was represented at the enquiry by Barra McGrory. They were detected on the mountain by British forces and though hugely outnumbered, they fought bravely for over four hours,” O Dubhagain wrote in a follow-up report on his uncle. Patrick “Patsy” Dougan died alone in New York back in 1937 in the throes of the American Depression. . They were brought to Belfast and charged with high treason.”. 31 October 1975: Berry, Thomas (27) Catholic Status: Official Irish Republican Army (OIRA), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA) Shot outside Sean Martin's Gaelic Athletic Association Club, Beechfield Street, Short Strand, Belfast. Child soldiers did not ‘give’ their  lives – their lives were taken from them when they were immature and vulnerable by the exploitation of the IRA organisation and by self-proclaimed adult leaders of Fianna na hÉireann like Gerry O’Hara.

He was questioned about the murder of Colin Carson, a police reservist who was shot dead at security gates in Cookstown, Co Tyrone, in May 1983. On 12.08.73, twelve-year-old Cathy McGartland was ‘killed in action’ and is memorialised as a Cumann na gCailíní combatant. Gerry Kelly said: “Sean Mackin is a political refugee and a US citizen. They would have given the weapons to us and then we would have took the weapons away and put them into a safe place.”. . Read more: The Irish pub that became home base for 9/11 ground zero rescuers, IrishCentral is seeking a new Social Media Associate, Debunking redhead myths on National Love Your Red Hair Day. CONNOLLY, Sean: IRA Twenty years for possessing explosives.

He was, however, jailed for seven years after admitting having an Armalite rifle and ammunition. Patrick was wounded going to the aid of another volunteer. KOSBie William Boardley (30, married, 2 children), KIA by PIRA, February 1, 1973.

An unveiling of the new stone, and a tribute to the short, heroic life of Dougan, will take place on Saturday, September 22 at his final resting place, Old Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx, and all are invited to attend. Official Irish Republican Army (OIRA) / Irish Republican Army (IRA) feud.

(11 months after her son’s death, Molly Knowles shot herself; and she was neither the first nor the last to commit suicide in their grief over the loss of a loved one.) . He admitted he had fired the fatal shots.’ (LL, p.737, #1970). Didn’t the IRA and ETA constantly refer to the kinship and similarities of their armed struggles? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is a violent form of grooming and child abuse, not alone resulting in the deaths of children as outlined above, but also in burdening the consciences of very young people with acts of violence while many paramilitary leaders cynically kept themselves and their own family members far from any participation in the ‘armed struggle’.

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