As soon as you are invincible, walk through them. Pause the game and press Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B. Unpause and you will have 1 extra life. It is only visible to you. Make sure one person has at minimum 9 items and a max of 15(just use antidotes as they are cheap). At the title screen, press Up, Circle, Down, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Up, Circle, Down, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle. Does not work if they fall down a pit. First hit select and go to "Control Setup". Go to the equip screen and highlight the armor you want to keep equipped. Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints. When you start, press pause. Up Down Down Down Left Right Up C C C C C C Up Down Down Down Left Right then hold A + Start. This will allow you to dupe any item in the game, even the Nei items. You can almost always have the Special Zone entrance open (the giant ring next to the sign at the end of level Acts 1 and 2) by not losing your rings. After defeating the king, select Nial's route by marrying Lena. First, you go to the area that has the music you want, like the weapons shop for instance. Hold A + B + C + Down/Left and then press Start, Hold A and press Select after a Game Over, Hold A + C + Up/Right and then press Start. Then start your game in any level.

A very fun glitch for 2 players. To unlock this classic arcade shooter, go play sonic the hedgehog and collect one chaos emerald. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 3 - Columns 3, 30. As know that you lose a considerable amount of health when creating the plane. Now press and hold Down/Left + B. Successfully complete a level without using photons for a photon bonus. Select the game options, including normal game mode, and exit the options menu. Set the difficulty to ''Hard''. Surprise the enemy 2. Contributed By: Shellshock, zack6pack, and WillyFourEyes. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime. Make sure everyone else has their appropriate Legendary weapon equipped (Orakio Sword, Miun Claw, Siren Shot, Laya Bow, Lune Slicer).4. To find Ecco Jr's secret levels, go to the title screen. Enable the "Level select" and "Debug mode" codes.

SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 4 - ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron, 52. Press Up or Down to select a starting round. Complete Blue Lask Woods in under 20 seconds. Still holding a, let go of the other two, pick 'exit,' and press b and c once more. Works only with the PAL version of the game. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 2 - Galaxy Force 2, 21. Next, hold A and Start. You need to do itfast enough so that you see only a little change in the attack,defense, and/or agility from changing equipment. You can also move the object in the air, etc. Depending on how long it takes you to fight Jeb as a werebeast the game will award you appropriately. When the ''Round 1'' screen appears, release all the buttons.

The game will play in slow motion as long as you hold down the B button. At the title screen, hold A + B + C + Down/Left and press Start. Now you can give the armor to another character! Every time you finish the special stage press reset and go back to the special stage. Go to the Options menu from the title screen, and then while there go to Sound Select and play sound number 7E. If you did it correctly, the screen "resume play and give up" will appear. Shoot the SEGA logo 24 times, jump and hit the sega logo with Vectorman's Head 12 times, and the letters S E G and A will start falling. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 3 - DecapAttack, 31. Hold A and choose a Stage. How? Playstation 3 Trophies - Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, 65. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 3 - Sonic & Knuckles 2-22, 33-3. Get fifty rings and turn into Super Sonic. Press Down, Up, Right, and A + Left at the Character Selection Screen for 99 seconds of time. This collection includes Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles when they're both locked on together, but it does not include either of the separate games. Repeat this a few times and Dural should then appear as a selectable character. The Sub Parts, Laya Pendant, Twins Ruby, and Mystery Star that Aron come with are "fakes" that do not work, so Aron will need to collect the real ones as Nial would have.

These are the well known codes. At the options menu, set the "Shurikens" selection to 0. Choose BMG selection on the options menu, then, press B to select the following songs in order. Press Start and hold X. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 3 - Sword of Vermilion, 36. Get the last emerald on Emerald Hill get 50 rings and jump to be super sonic. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 5 - Golden Axe 3, 57. This Guide contains Codes & Secrets for SEGA Genesis Classics. All rights reserved. (don't forget to continue holding A the entire time) Once you have selected your character a number should appear on screen allowing you to select your level. Successfully complete a level without throwing any shurikens to receive a 30,000 point bonus. Begin a game in two player vs. mode and hit as many item boxes as possible until you get the speed shoes. - While hold down C button: down, right SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 4 - Shining in the Darkness, 50. 17.

Select Aron's route by marrying Alair. To start with 4 Lives, 500 coins, & 2 of all items, during the intro sequence, when you see the chests hold Down + Right + A until the music stops at the title screen. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 5 - Dynamite Headdy, 56. © Valve Corporation. Begin the game with hard difficulty.

Sep 14, 2007 Mortal Kombat. Speak to the second from the left old man, who says "Nei is the word of ultimate power".5. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Win a round in Virtual Fighter 2 by ring out. A menu will be brought up with health, lives, level select, and weapon options. Playstation 3 Trophies - Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 70. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 4 - Gunstar Heroes, 48. You will enter the next Special Stage level, and have a chance to earn the 2nd Emerald. Highlight your level, then hold Square + Start. Here you'll find SEGA GENESIS cheats, files, cheat codes, FAQs, walkthroughs and more. As soon as the cinema is over and you can move, go into your menu and use an escapipe.4. While the opening screen scrolls, simultaneously hold down a, b, c and start. At the title screen, press Up(3), Down(3), Up. Go to Mystoke and get the Laya pendant. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Hold Square + Start when begin, and hold the buttons until game the starts. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 3 - Flicky, 33-1. Now, then go to another place and let go of B, then press Start. Once Ecco is facing you, press A, B, C, B, C, A, C, A, and B. Then hold down B button and try to do anything with Sonic. Turn Ecco left or right and pause the game while Ecco is facing towards the screen. Tails' name will be changed to "Miles". Pause the game and press X, Square, Left(2), or X, Square, Left, Down, or Left, Up, Square, Up. First hit select, go to "Control Setup" and make sure the game is in ABC Mode. As Tails destroys enemies in this position, press C more until the score for destroying an enemy increases from 100 to 8000 to a 1up. When you get to the main game, press Start then press Square to return to the title screen. If you hold the D-PAD DOWN button, Sonic will crouch. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 2 - Golden Axe 2, 22. Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints. On Crystal Springs, normally you would need to find a song to break the rocks to complete the level. Check your status screens. Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints. SEGA Genesis Classics Pack - Crack Down, 4. If you do lose your rings, when you pass a checkpoint, intentionally die, then continue through the level without losing any rings. Then you don't press reset. Release A, but keep B and C pressed. Press Start to resume the game as a Fire Ant. This will last for however many rings you had when you hit the television; start when you have at least 100 rings. Just jump into the semi-hidden bed of spikes on the right and land in the cannon.

Note: Moving at twice normal velocity can often get you stuck in a wall.

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