Prawn Parcels . $13. A selection of mini desserts served on slates. Mandarin Chicken . Too pretty to be eaten! Qty * Add to cart . Basmati rice, boneless chicken sautéed in herbs & spices, Fresh vegetables sautéed in herb with basmati rice, King Prawns sautéed in herb with basmati rice, Yogurt with cumin seeds &pieces of cucumber, Yogurt with bhundi (small yellow balls) made from gram flour and fried, Yogurt with fresh pieces of tomatoes & cucumbers, Yogurt with chopped cucumber, onions and tomatos, Shot glass of Rabri Falooda (V) They come highly recommended and we just want to say a massive THANK YOU! Unit 7a Beavers Industrial Park, Brent Road, Southall UB2 5FB. *Surcharge for this item, Slowly braised succulent baby chops served with spicy mashed potatoes * Surcharge for this product, Deep fried chicken with honey glaze and sesame seed garnish, Classic keema recipe stuffed into mini pastry pots, Lightly spiced fresh fish dipped in batter or without & spiced chips, in cones, Small morsels of boneless chicken battered and fried, Satay spiced chicken on a stick , served with peanut dip, Wild Catch Tiger prawns with subtle hint of garlic & chilli

Wed. 11:00 am - 10:00 pm. soya chunk cooked in home made creamy sauce. two samosas topped with chickpea curry,sweet and spicy chutneys, two crisp and browned stuffed potato patties topped with a spicy North Indian chickpea curry, best of both of the above one tikki and one samosa, a spicy chickpeas curry served with leavened fried bread, mashed vegetable spiced curry served with soft bread rolls, puffed deep fried Indian bread served with potato gravy, opt for Chana instead of aloo +1, mouth watering stuffed naan bread cooked in tandoor, served with chana masala & pickles, crisps topped with chickpeas and potatoes,and drizzled with chutneys and curd, soft stuffed lentil fritters drenched in creamy curd, Raj means Royal and this chaat will make you feel like royalty. Eton Mess Cheesecake

*Surcharge for this item, Tilapia fish fried in a lightly spiced golden super crispy batter, Kenyan style fish coated in lemon, spices and pickles, Fish marinated in delicious spices, then deep fried, Cured cheese coated with spices, herbs and gram flour, deep fried, Chilli sauce, Deep fried cassava woked with chilli and garlic, Crispy coated mushrooms dipped in garlic sauce and deep fried, Battered mushrooms infused with a Classic indo Chinese sauce, Cauliflower florets in tempura batter coated with a classic indo Chinese sauce, Deep fried cassava with honey glaze and sesame seed garnish, Finely chopped, green beans , onion , peppers , cabbage , carrots woked and spiced with rice.

Please visit our retail stores in Vancouver and Surrey, BC! Design & Developed by : Literally a prefect service from start to end. Black lentils cooked with cream & butter 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Minced mustard leaves mixed with coriander, fresh ginger, and spices. Crispy and crunchy, black lentils cooked with onion,tomatoes and spices finished with butter and cream, yellow lentil stew cooked with Kesari special recipe, a rich, aromatic & delicious tasting dish made with paneer, onions, yogurt, spices & nuts with a Kesari special recipe, Paneer curry simmered in ginger, garlic & fresh ground spices, Kesari special shredded paneer with onion,garlic,ginger,tomatoes and authentic spices, smooth creamy dish made with fresh spinach leaves and paneer, smooth creamy dish made with fresh spinach leaves and corn, Kofta [fried dumpling balls] tossed and served in creamy malai gravy, sautéed potatoes, cauliflower and fresh fenugreek leaves as a dry curry, grated cauliflower cooked with green peas, tomato and mild spices, creamy and perfectly spiced Indian curry recipe with tender chicken, chicken curry simmered in ginger, garlic & fresh ground spices, Assortment of fresh seasonal vegetables sizzled in Kesari special spices, chickpeas stewed in authentic Indian spices, fresh okra made with Kesari special recipe, marinated in a special sauce, skewers of boneless chicken baked in a tandoor [oven made of clay], freshpaneer marinated in a special sauce and spices and baked in tandoor (clay oven baked), skewers of succulent kebabs made from minced meat, masalas and seasoning, grilled golden in a tandoor ◉, mix of open-roasted, grilled and tandoor cooked marinated veggies/chicken served with sauce and chutney.

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