Now enjoy your down time This is kind of random, but do you think high school cross country coaches should have their runners do weigh ins? Congrats again!

Thank you! Congrats!! I can’t believe you worked so hard for that 2:59 and then a year later you crushed that! I’m not a coach but I was a high school and college athlete and I work with high school athletes. Can’t wait to see what you do next! You did so amazing! So happy you got another PR — a massive accomplishment! You worked hard and it paid off. Oh man, this made me tear up. I’ve been looking forward to reading this post! Right about here I saw my dad, brother and his crew and Andrew… Andrew started running on the other side of the cones next to me and I absolutely loved that. I loved reading all of your training recaps and to see how your hard work paid off is amazing. thanks for sharing it with us! My next goal is to sub-3, and it’s from readings blogs like this that I actually think I can do it :) Dream big!!! If I ask myself if I am doing what I need to do in the mile, right now… I feel so much better and like I can do it! I’m just getting back into running after taking a much needed break. A 16 MINUTE PR!!! But you probably knew what I meant anyway, because everyone is telling you that now! SGR reserves the right to change registration times as they see fit without notice. SEMI MARATHON DE NUITS SAINT GEORGES I’m just riding around on a 20 year old Diamondback “comfort” bike that has been collecting dust in my garage. Getting SO EMOTIONAL reading your post.

a. I’m doing a full post tomorrow on my exact nutrition and thoughts on my carb depletion so I’ll skip that on today’s post. SGR also offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities for area businesses and volunteer opportunities for all who are interested. I ran an outdoor adventure race on Saturday… involving obstacles, running through timber/creeks/uphills/downhills and that was… something. I hope 3 minutes under is enough to get me into my first Boston, but I’ll have to wait a year to find out… Fingers crossed! If your taper feels awful, welcome to my taper club. I said prayers for you on Saturday! Does St. George Races oversee the St. George Marathon? Please look for a future email from our charity partners. Feed will not update. The Sun Marathon - 26.2 - 13.1 - 10K - 5K is on Saturday January 30, 2021.

Is your couch Lowell Hawkes? Of course there are race days where things don’t happen the way we want them to but if the choice is up to me on whether or not to hit my goal or slow down, I love being stubborn about what I want with running. AHHH thank you for bringing me on your run with you:) .

What do you think? Registration at packet pickup and the day of hte event is normally eligable.

Many congratulations to you! PS the guy in the blue tank top told us he was going for a 2:52-2:55 in the first few miles but we told him to sub 2:50 with us (it’s amazing how helpful it is to work with a group) and he did! Have you had it checked? Attention, prenez vos précautions.

It was so inspiring to follow along. I love reading your race recaps! Congratulations!!! I started following your blogs following that! Do you know why it happens?

You are so deserving of this. Enjoy your rest and your cuddles with your sweet kiddos… <3. Mary. Congrats on such an incredible race. I too feel like I’ve been so invested in your journey, and I appreciate you allowing us a glimpse in to your life and training. elite registration expo registration fun run walk n' roll mayors walk registration registration policies registration . They cheer so so loud for you and really give you a boost. I wanted that 2:49 so bad and knowing I was so close to that point really helped me to keep moving during those miles. Loved reading this post! The views are unreal and Andrew and I always say that if we could move there, we would:). Congrats on your pr, you deserve every second of it! We all chatted a lot on the bus and then when we saw the flags at the start… I was so happy. I wonder how many miles Emilee and I ran together since we met in April… probably a lot. *The taper is nuts. Marathon runners who did not register before our cap was reached or by the deadline of June 30th, can donate funds to one of the charities and be eligible to receive a guaranteed entry registration code into the 2020 St. George Marathon (you will still need to pay the registration fee). I’ve been reading your blog since skinny runner featured you. Unfortunately, based on continuing conversations with local authorities, including medical, health and safety leaders, it is in the best interest of the athletes and our local community to forgo the 44th St George Marathon in 2020. wide awake. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Well done! I had chills reading this post and even teared up a few times – and I’m not even a runner. Runner's World magazine and have both listed the St. George Marathon as one of the best nationally. The Utah Grand Slam is a collection of marathons around the state of Utah, and is managed by the Wasatch Running Center since 2004.

Really focusing on the positive over and over again, lifting up others with that positivity (which makes it even more true for yourself) and opening yourself up to working with a team with big goals which takes a certain amount of vulnerability and trust. The information is intended to be educational and give readers a glimpse into the projects, people and programs moving St. George forward. Now, a few questions: So so so happy for you!

When registering online with a discount code, you must register on to use the code. Yay Janae!!! But I am going to enjoy the increased mileage – it’s been so long so I will pretend I be running those distances for the 1st time :). I turned them in on Friday at the expo and as soon as we were about 100m away from the table with our bottles, one of the volunteers would radio in our numbers so the people at the table could have our bottles ready to pass to us.

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