Melina used this move after her return in 2010, most notably to win her second Diva's championship at SummerSlam 2010. Despite its name, it actually comes from Mexican lucha libre, not Japanese puroresu. Find more ways to say backwards and forwards, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's … his paintings around small London galleries. The wrestler would eventually either land standing or seated on the apron or the outside of the ring. backward and forward as a form of. The wrestler then falls forward onto their back or into a sitting position, driving the opponent face-first.

The move varies from the hurricanrana as when the opponent lands - he/she would land on their head as opposed to their back.[10]. A variation of the Michinoku Driver II in which the wrestler stands behind the opponent, applies an inverted facelock, lifts them upside down, and then drops down to a sitting position, driving the opponent down to the mat between the wrestler's legs upper back first.

Decem means ‘ten’, but December isn’t the tenth month. This move was made popular by wrestler Low Ki who calls it the Ki Krusher. Also known as a reverse powerbomb or a fallaway powerbomb. The wrestler falls to the ground, placing one foot at the front of the opponent's ankle and the other in the back of the calf. There are multiple variations of the handstand headscissors takedown. Some neckbreakers also slam the back of the opponent's head into the mat, but the attacker is back-to-back with the attack's receiver. The wrestler throws the opponent off their shoulders and falls in the direction that the opponent's head is facing, driving the opponent's head or back into the mat. Sustained---- A slow, smooth flowing movement with a balance of movement throughout the entire series.

This happens all too frequently, even at the NHL level. I often want to take a swing at someone to relieve my feelings. The wrestler faces the opponent from the side, slightly behind, then tucks their head under the opponent's near armpit and grabs hold of the opponent's near leg, bending it fully. This move was innovated by Mikey Whipwreck and popularized by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Always keep the swing under control. A cross legged version is used by CIMA, who calls it the Perfect Driver. The wrestler holds the opponent's wrist while putting their head underneath the opponent's chest, grabs the inside of one of the opponents legs, then lifts the opponent up onto their shoulders while falling backwards. The move was also used by Vampiro with the name Nail in the Coffin. The wrestler first drapes an opponent over their shoulders in a fireman's carry position. The wrestler performs the fireman's carry from a standing position, then tosses the opponent off their shoulders as they drop down to their knees, causing the opponent to land on their back. Our new online dictionaries for schools provide a safe and appropriate environment for children. Also called the Alabama Slam.

Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! In a cut-throat variation of this driver, instead of holding the body of the opponent, a wrestler holds the far arm of the opponent across the opponent's own throat and maintains it by holding the opponent's wrist before performing the inverted Death Valley driver. A wrist-clutch variation of this driver exists which sees the wrestler lift the opponent on to their shoulders, and while the opponent is on their shoulders, he/she uses the hand hooking the opponent's leg to reach upwards and clutch the wrist of the arm opposite the hooked leg. Similar to the double knee facebreaker, but with only one knee. In this move, the attacker places their opponent in a full nelson hold and uses it to lift them off the ground. Follow these tips to keep your gains while avoiding further pain. This causes the wrestler to switch to his opposite arm before taking his opponent down to the mat while simultaneously landing in a seated position. Forward and backward leg swings are a dynamic warm-up for the lower body that improves hip mobility and prepares the body for physical activity.

[5] Examples of attacks from the airborne opponent include executing a dropkick on the standing opponent. The wrestler places the opponent in a front facelock and hooks one of the opponent's legs with their free arm.

A facebuster, also known as a faceplant, is any move in which the wrestler forces their opponent's face down to the mat which does not involve a headlock or facelock. In two years' time there is a presidential election, and the voters could swing again. This move originated from the Kinnikuman manga, originally known as the Kinniku Buster (kinniku being Japanese for "muscle"), with the move ending with the opponent crashing down on their neck against the attacking wrestler's shoulder. While maintaining the wrist-clutch, they then perform the driver. "Slow back," however, does not mean that the swing should be so slow that the air is not made to circulate or so deliberate that the forward swing begins with a jerk, but only that the club should not be swung up over the shoulder before it has time to sweep out along the ground. The wrestler may land in a kneeling or squatting position. This is considered an extremely dangerous move, as the opponent's body cannot roll with the natural momentum of the move to absorb the impact. There is also a jumping variation of the Russian legsweep, which is similar in execution to that of the leaping reverse STO and different modified versions of the move. A slight variation of the forward Russian legsweep, the wrestler approaches the opponent from behind and places them in a full nelson before hooking their leg.

You will notice that in these situations they often carry the hockey stick in just their top hand, even when carrying the puck. A version that involves the wrestler placing one knee against the base of a bent over opponent's neck, then dropping to force the opponent down to the mat, landing on the opponent's upper body. Marty Jannetty performed a version of the move where he applied a wristlock to the opponent first, which became known as the Rocker Dropper. Switch sides and repeat until set is … Watch great NHL players on a breakaway. The wrestler stands slightly to the side of their opponent, grabs the opponent by the nape in a single or double collar tie, and throws them forward, causing the opponent to flip over onto their back. They then scoop the opponent's near leg with their other arm and lift the opponent up, flip the opponent upside down, and then either kneel or sit down, driving the opponent down to the mat on their neck. Language experts are in broad agreement that English has one of the richest vocabularies of any language. The Inverted Death Valley Driver was innovated by Kotetsu Yamamoto in the 1970s but popularized by Kenta Kobashi as the Burning Hammer. Thank you for signing up. Was briefly used as a signature by Tyson Kidd. in its development from about 1935 to 1945, characterized by A powerbomb is a move in which an opponent is lifted into the air and then slammed down back-first to the mat. A variation between the regular Death Valley driver and the inverted one. The wrestler lifts their opponent up over their head with arms fully extended, then drops the opponent down face-first in front or back. A rib breaker is a version of a gutbuster that involves the wrestler scooping the opponent up by reaching between the legs of the opponent with one arm and reaching around their back from the same side with their other arm. Johnny Gargano uses a variation called Lawn Dart, where he throws the opponent face first onto the second turnbuckle. Another variation of this move involves using a pumphandle lift where the wrestler sets the opponent up for a pumphandle hold and then lifts them into the execution of the move. This move is popularized by Ted DiBiase Jr., who named it the Dream Street. Other users include Pentagon Jr., JTG, Seth Rollins, Masato Yoshino and Finn Bálor, with JTG calling it Da Shout Out. When used as a hold, the wrestler often yanks the arm for added effect. This moves shows the wrestler grab an opponent like a fallaway slam but instead of just throwing them backwards the wrestler while, hanging onto the opponent, does a backflip slamming the opponent back first into the mat while landing on top of them chest first. Also described as a hangman's facebreaker or an over the shoulder facebreaker, this facebreaker is performed when an attacking wrestler, who is standing in a back to back position with an opponent, reaches back to pull the opponent's head over their shoulder before (while keeping a hold of the opponent's head) spinning round to twist the opponent's head over as they drop down to one knee forcing the opponent face-first into the wrestlers exposed knee in one quick fluid motion. When the opponent is in range, the wrestler hooks the opponent's near arm with both hands and falls backwards forcing the wrestler's own momentum to cause them to flip forwards over the head of the wrestler and on to their back.

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