This unique ecosystem is characterized by a lush canopy that derives most of its water from clouds pushed by tradewinds up against the slopes of the cordillera. i definitely know that road to the mountain -- it's bumpy alright, but much better in a back of a pickup. Cerro Las Minas is the highest mountain in Honduras. .botonesAbajo .btn-1 { Because the rugged terrain has made the land difficult to traverse and equally difficult to cultivate, this area has not been highly developed. One of the biggest hazards of this adventure is swollen creeks after a heavy rain storm.

What an adventure you're on! color: inherit; Cerro Las Minas is located in the rugged and relatively isolated Lempira Department in the western part of the country. What are the flag colors?

Celaque is part of a National Park and Biosphere Reserve, and its easiest access if via the City of Gracias. Because of the many coffee farms, there are plenty of roads that will help you get close to the summit. For one, the most important national holiday in Honduras, Easter Week was spent in a total lockdown! He found himself gawking at the displaycase which housed all kinds of pastries and cakes.

An early […], In Honduras, there is a saying, which does indeed cause some humor amongst Hondurans – that is: “el Honduras de aqui y el Honduras de alla.”  The Honduras over here and the Honduras over there. With a mountain range reaching heights of more than 9,000 feet and once arable farmland that has turned arid, much of Honduras is defined by its geography. Wiki User Answered . } These results were found in high elevations, remote and uninhabited areas of the park and in areas where the environment under examination was previously established. However, with further examination, these results are less impressive. Cerro El Pital is in the middle of a cloud forest that has an average annual temperature of 10 °C (50 °F). Massive flooding caused by Mitch tore away topsoil, uprooted trees and moved cubic miles of sand into the area. background: green; Between the years 1987-1998 it was found that the area of open forested land decreased while mature forests became the largest forest class in the park. Happy travels in Honduras! I am happy to announce that as far as we have learned from a trusted source, that Honduras borders will reopen this week! There have been several expeditions to the summit of Pico Bonito. The truth is that the system was reasonably efficient if you live in a city where there are immigration offices. Even if you do not plan to climb them, enjoy their beauty and majestic forests! Best of all, because of our tropical location and relatively low peaks, you will not need to carry cold weather gear. A very enjoyable read! ... Mount Everest is higher than Mount KeaMount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. At almost 2500 feet above sea level, the Copan Ruins are evidence of a large Mayan kingdom of around 20,000 inhabitants and estimated to cover nearly 100 square miles. Attribution: R. Haussmann, Cesar Hidalgo, What is the highest point in Honduras? Pico Bonito in the Caribbean Coast is also in the top 5. Their goals are to create awareness through periodical reports, create alliances with other ecological organizations, attract ecologists, biologists and other scientists interested in park conservation and to prove that the citizens of the area will benefit from the conservation of the park’s resources.

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