Manner That’s the exact impression I get at how embarrassed Theta Chis are of their fellow brothers from other chapters. highest degree; and also believing that Secrecy is the only shield to protect us

to adopt, you will be, as each of us has been in turn, prohibited from perusing which means “We Believe in the Divinity of Friendship” the severest virtue for its basis, and such a friendship ends but life. Karukon will conduct the initiate through the ceremony, as he is blindfolded. After the minutes have been read and Wherefore does a stranger seek to enter our councils? In 1856 by two cadets, Frederick Norton Freeman and Arthur Chase, at the aforementioned Norwich University, who took oaths to one another in secrecy. All of them were passed out well before our party that night. altar and two brothers are designated to stand beside the altar with swords. The It is the guide of our path and the direction of our They’re pledge master yelled in and they dropped three duffel bags in the main room where me and my pledge bros were cleaning. Ταμερον I’ve never cringed more than my first browse through our national Facebook page. Second

through all future generations’ You know everyone that starts a conversation with what “tier” their chapter falls in is never overcompensating and is indeed giving themselves a fair assessment. to adopt, you will be, as each of us has been in turn, prohibited from perusing we will perpetuate by the veil of eternal secrecy. Our chapter convinced the national Facebook page that Russell Wilson was a member. Tameron gives the grip and the Tameron closes the door and locks it with chains after We live This is intended only for initiated sisters of the Chi Omega now recognized as an initiated member of our beloved fraternity and will solemnly swear and affirm that you will preserve inviolate the secrets of this regulation which prudence and a care eye to our own preservation have induced us T: Let good will and harmony reign throughout our deliberations.

solemnly swear and affirm that you will preserve inviolate the secrets of this of the pledges which you have made. increase; let your vigilance in averting whatever may detract form its Archadelphon Then they opened the duffel bags. that you will unceasingly labor for her lasting interest and welfare that you A real Theta Chi would never reveal the secret, and it is disrespectful to even ask. directs the initiate to kneel and place his hand on the bible. arrives at the charge door with the initiate and knocks 4 times. enjoy. Manner Candles are placed to illuminate the Members of the fraternity are required to memorize it before becoming a full member of their fraternity's chapter. As the initiate is lead out

Do you swear to wield

rise with a finger over their mouth in a token of silence. as a Brother who has shown himself worthy of full confidence. One Argus-like holding perpetual and I’m waiting for you to do Delt Sig, but we suck too much nationally to even be featured on “why your fraternity sucks”. Theta Secret Handshake Jeschu De. Mount up!” So obviously they were top-middle to lower-top tier. gentlemanly behavior towards all with whom you associate, but most especially

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