AH is directly related to the amount of lead inside and thus to battery weight. This Class C RV Was Renovated With A Built-In Musi... 10 Important Things To Keep In Mind For Safe Trave... Filtered Campground Searches on Your Phone.

Technical Service said that the Plus also has a water level indicator. While Trojan has their own HydroLink watering system, the total kit (including the squeeze bulb and tubing) costs over $200. Noteven, thanks for the explanation. And drip electrolyte when you take them off...The flip style look like they stay on the battery by the hinge. Twinboat: Thanks! The water level indicator? Still working okay but don't want a failure on the road.

I also prefer the positive physical "lock". We got this for flexibility. As for the dimensions. They purchased the batteries on pallets and got a great price break.

  Your previous content has been restored. This battery stuff is new to me. Yes, I'm WAY out West of you in Washington State, although I'm originally from Florida and hope to return there when I retire. And fall in dark recesses or the dirt when you drop them. We put AGMs in and I only wish we had done it sooner. It’s a beautiful day in a string of beautiful days, certain not to last, and I thought I’d better duck into the powershed and give my batteries a bit of maintenance while I can be outside and still feel my fingers. http://www.trojanbattery.com/tech-support/faq/. They make watering very easy and painless. We do have the non-plus version of the t-125 batteries AND we have the non-manifold version of the pro-fill kit, and we have the hand pump which was sold separately. The universal option is nice... if you actually needed it in that size battery group... which RV'ers don't. So we just have the cell valves and we cut the provided hose to fit between each cell valve. Technology: Internet, TV, Satellite, Cell Phones, etc. Can You Still Go RVing Without Camping Reservation... Will The Hummer EV Be The New Favorite For RVers? Is Your RV Water Tank In Danger Of Falling Out? The Pro-Fill system works great with our 4 6v house batteries, no fuss no muss however have an AGM 12v chassis battery..☺️.

I can get the Flow-Rite Pro-Fill complete system for less than $100. Makes easy work of keeping the batteries filled. LindaH, July 12, 2018 in General RV Information. For me, a water system option and positive physical locks trumps a water level indicator... which would be the only tangible "pro" I could come up with for my usage. While Trojan has their own HydroLink watering system, the total kit (including the squeeze bulb and tubing) costs over $200.

My local battery store in Long Beach, the big one on Long Beach blvd, they sell a ton of batts, suggested US over Trojan. The T-125 just upped the amp-hours/capacity a little. I'm with Linda. Try These Tricks. We purchased Trojan T-125. . The main reason is they are used in golf carts and I can get them locally for around $120 each. Eight months on the road this year with them and quite a bit of that dry camping, they are working fine. Totally worth it. The HydroLink caps snap into place a lot better than the other brands. The Costco 6 volt deep cycle battery is a general purpose battery with automotive battery type plate separators. × I've been using the Trojan T-105 batteries for several years. Trojan T-105 vs T-125 vs T-145 Batteries So I'm looking into replacing my two chassis batteries (Both golf cart deep cycle flooded batteries) in my 1997 Class A RexAir rig. As noteven said, the T-105 has screw-on caps while the Plus has flip top caps. . They tend to warp, plastic hinges tend to break and they are not as easily replaceable as a bayonet style. Started Monday at 05:29 PM, https://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/datasheets/T105_Trojan_Data_Sheets.pdf, https://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/datasheets/T105Plus_Trojan_Data_Sheets.pdf. Paste as plain text instead, × Regarding the caps, I use the Trojan HydroLink watering system. We got a really good deal at a local golf cart company for the T-125 same cost as we could get anywhere else for the T-105. Not having to get down on the knees, getting out the portable flood light to see into the bay, cleaning the terminals, etc. I dunno. Best of all it's totally FREE! I really have to go out of the way to buy USB. They probably cost more, though. Mehhhh.

I appreciate everyone's concern about our batteries, but unless you're willing to cough up the difference between what we'd pay on the Trojans and what AGMs cost, we're going to stick with the Trojans.

Display as a link instead, × Do you need advice on what products to buy? But I did go through the process of deciding what to buy for our coach earlier this year. Clear editor. But as the body ages, one starts to appreciate things that don't require a lot of work. Hi Linda - bayonet caps will be “normal” conventional caps that install with a part turn. I think we ended up purchasing the Pro-fill system from camping world because they had the best price.   Pasted as rich text. If it tests out, I would imagine the new formulation will be making it's way to the other battery production lines. Amazon has them available and I'm waiting until Monday to see if they're on sale. I don't like flip tops in general... especially on my ketchup bottle. He gets in fresh batteries in the spring so I know what I buy hasn't been sitting on the shelf for a year. Pro-fill catalog Link - page 33-34 discuss the various valves.

Just make sure you are comparing price based on the same amp-hours (AH). Or maybe you can give others some advice? The more capacity you have the less you discharge them per use. page 32 describes the part number code scheme so you know what you are getting online (sometimes the pictures do not match what they are selling). That's what I thought a few years ago. Here's the updated list: Yes, When we 1st bought the rig we would hear this noise coming from the converter and it turned out to be the fan. It's been a two years since we made the purchase but when we did we called the flow-rite company to make sure we got the correct match (battery (plus/non-plus) and pro-fill watering system) We also got the EAPT (3) posts because we already had connectors and wiring for those posts from our previous battery bank. So I'm looking into replacing my two chassis batteries (Both golf cart deep cycle flooded batteries) in my 1997 Class A RexAir rig. T-105 has the Embedded Universal Terminal (EUT) available; the Plus doesn't, The T-105 is slightly larger in width and height than the Plus, The T-105 has the HydroLink Watering System available; the Plus doesn't. I have not played with their flip tops yet. That being said, does anyone have an answer to my question? Dyno Battery - Premium Quality Battery Manufacturing - Made in the USA, Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1.

Slow Filling Fresh Water Tank? Trojan kinda know their stuff though so I wouldn't doubt it might be an improvement, however, it doesn't directly relate to ah capacity or plate longevity... rather to charge/discharging. Going through the same process myself and currently have Interstate GC2's that are seven or eight years old.

All have performed well. I think the plus version had fill tubes that were a little narrow for the pro-fill valves. Need help moving trailer.

You can post now and register later. To me that says they went with a fraction less case material in the new molds for the plus series production. Apologize for the too late reply.

The Best Free & Cheap Camping Near Las Veg... 4 Natural Air Fresheners To Make Your RV Smell Gre... Get Inspired By This New Book On Living Off-The-Gr... Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.8 Beta 1, Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on iRV2. Upload or insert images from URL. While there are some slight differences between the two, as noted in my OP, the main difference are the caps. If the watering system is purchased the system does not come with a hand pump fill tube so that has to be purchased in addition to the valves. The basic model is the T105 @25 AH, but they also have a T605 @ 210 AH . I think we've decided on the T-105 mainly because we can get a watering system for it, if we decide later on to get one. iRV2.com RV Community - Are you about to start a new improvement on your RV or need some help with some maintenance?

There is always that bit of "juice" (electrolyte) on the underside of the tops... takes a good deal of pressure to "release" them and whatever in on the underside tends to get "flung" out onto whatever when the top pops. You may also check with the flow-rite folks to get the right kit for the T-105. I do have an email into Flow-Rite making sure that this is the correct kit for the T-105. ×   You cannot paste images directly. It's time to replace my Interstates. Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.8 Beta 1, Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on iRV2. Interstate, are US Battery products with a different label.

TreyandSusan, this is the Pro-Fill system I'm looking at: https://flow-rite.com/battery-watering/marine-rv/pro-fill-rv/kits. So I looked into replacing the fan and it was more than I wanted to attempt so then I started looking into replacing the old converter with a newer one that did 4 stage charging. There is no magic - a certain amount of lead is needed to produce a given number of amps. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ocean. Rick and Michele Examples include slightly taller versions and slightly greater lead content, yielding more AH while retaining the same footprint (length & width) of the GC2. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest so you have limited access to our community. I have no idea what either of these cap styles are or whether one might be better than the other. I'm a Trojan fan, but if you are buying plain 6v GC2 flooded cells, I would buy based on battery specs and price rather than brand name. I may call Trojen tomorrow to see if there are other differences. The T-105 has "bayonet caps" and the Plus has "SureVent Flip Top" caps.

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